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Don't get me wrong, while unquestionably louder than its rivals, the sound is still only "good" by phone-speaker standards. In a quiet room, your friends won't struggle to hear it, but it lacks the clarity, bass response and volume you get from a proper set of speakers. Where it really comes in handy, however, is in playing TV shows, movies or podcasts that focus more on speech than on bass-heavy, immersive music soundtracks. Dialogue on shows like "Alan Partridge" and "Adventure Time" was noticeably louder than on its rivals, making them easy to hear over the sounds of my kettle and frying pan in my kitchen, which tend to drown out my favourite shows on other phones.

The HTC One M8 packs a much more powerful audio punch than any of its rivals, or even its predecessor, If you're hoping to ditch your Hi-Fi speakers completely, or are expecting your phone to get a mini festival going in the park, you're going to be out of luck, But for listening to podcasts or 1 dollar iphone cases watching TV shows in a noisy room, it has the volume to help the dialogue really cut through background chatter in ways the iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 can't do, Just don't use it on the bus, Please, We put the HTC One M8's new improved BoomSound speakers up against its rivals, They're impressively loud for a phone..

The large, dual speakers stuck to the face of the HTC One threw out the most volume of any of its rivals -- perfect for watching Netflix on your couch, or annoying every single person on your bus. With tweaked drivers and larger chambers, HTC Reckons the 'BoomSound' speakers in the new M8 are 25 percent louder than before, but how do they stack up against rivals from other manufacturers?. I listened to the differences in sound offered by the One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5S, the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the older HTC One in a quiet room one evening. (Yes, I know how to party.).

But if you're already an owner of the previous One device, you may be wondering what other differences there are between the two handsets, and if it's worth pulling the trigger to purchase the M8, Aside from a bump in hardware, some notable upgrades include expandable storage and an updated Sense OS, For more 1 dollar iphone cases spec information on these phones, check out our comparison chart below, In addition, see how the HTC One M8 compares to other mobile manufacturers' current flagships, Now that HTC's flagship has been unveiled, CNET breaks down the differences between the One M8 and its original One predecessor..

The company's next update for the messenger service introduces a number of elements -- including stickers and sponsored posts -- that are designed to generate revenue. The update will be available to BlackBerry, Android, and iOS users, and is scheduled to launch next week. It's a sign of things to come for BlackBerry, according to David Proulx, senior director of BBM business development for the company. He teased more revenue-generating features and services that would come to BBM as the company increasingly looks to take advantage of its 85 million registered users.

Mobile messaging services are red hot right now off the heels of Facebook's $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, Last week, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group led a financing round of $280 million in messaging app Tango, Interest in these apps goes beyond the core chat functions, potentially allowing for additional services, "There's a broad scope of opportunity," Proulx 1 dollar iphone cases told CNET, He added, however, that the additions wouldn't intrude on the core chatting experience, and that it would remain focused on messaging first..

BlackBerry touts not only the 85 million registered users figure, but also the statistic that 65 percent of its monthly active users are also active on a daily basis, which Proulx said was key to the adoption of these kinds of services. BlackBerry could certainly use the financial support. It posted a third-quarter loss of $4.4 billion, and will likely be in the red for the next few quarters -- at least. The company is scheduled to release its fiscal fourth quarter on March 28. Of course, the revenue from the BBM will be a drop in the bucket, and isn't likely to have a significant impact for a while. But it's a start.

You wouldn't think a company with a reputation for security and its work with larger corporations would be so high on virtual stickers, but that was the leadoff pitch in BlackBerry's BBM monetization strategy, The latest update for BBM brings BBM Shop, which is its platform to sell virtual goods, Proulx insisted that anything sold on BBM Shop would be relevant to the BBM chat experience, helping to augment or enhance it, "It's not going to be a flea market," he said, The first goods found in the BBM Shop will be virtual stickers, BlackBerry has commissioned an artist to create a number of stickers to begin with, but it will also launch with stickers based on the WWE professional 1 dollar iphone cases wrestling property, as well as the UK children's stop-motion animated show "Shaun the Sheep."Proulx acknowledged that stickers have limited popularity in the US, relegated largely to younger users, But he said that they are extremely popular in Asia, and he sees the trend expanding in other markets, The company will work to ensure geographically relevant content for users, he said..