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@nickstatt @jbruin Good because flow's what I was going for :D. Threes, beyond its playful illustrations and theme music, is a numbers-based puzzle in which you must merge multiples of three to create the highest multiple: one's and two's become three's, while three's make six's, six's make twelve's, and so on. But because Threes' level of difficulty increases in lockstep with your ability to overcome the present challenge of creating the next highest multiple, it beautifully fulfills the fourth criteria of flow -- achieving a difficulty-to-skill balance -- in a way few other puzzle games have ever accomplished.

"Threes is very, very simple, The task is clear, The feedback is immediate, There's almost no interface in Threes, no complicated movements," said Murphy, "The rest is about, 'Does it strike a balance of difficulty?' It's pretty easy, yet as you play you begin to uncover layers of what you're doing, The 24k iphone case same is true of Angry Birds."By designing a game that is simultaneously simple to grasp and surprisingly deep, Vollmer created an experience that was especially good at putting players in a state of flow, The experience of clearing the board feels like an automatic reflex of your mind and the numbered tiles seem to merge themselves without you needing to think much beyond an innate awareness of your general strategy..

That is until it the game get's really difficult at the higher stages and your flow state tends to break. But helping you achieve flow early on is precisely what brings you back to Threes again and again. "A mindless mindfulness": The role of distraction. Cutting out distraction, as one of Csikszentmihalyi's requirements for achieving flow, plays an especially interesting role in games where its easy to find yourself too aware of your actions in a way that keeps you from succeeding the more you seemingly try harder. After all, part of the reason Flappy Bird was so maddening was the fact that it was so easy to become obsessed with perfecting its simply mechanics, in effect distracting yourself, breaking any chance at finding flow, and tarnishing future efforts as you only get more anxious and flustered.

To keep yourself from falling into this pit, employing thoughtful distraction -- listening to music, talking with friends for instance 24k iphone case -- while playing can actually create what Lantz calls a "mindless mindfulness." "It's almost like we have this frontal cortex that is a nosy boss," he said, "The workers are these subconscious modules, the people actually threading the needle of the task, If you can distract that chatterbox of this nosy bossy, the other modules can perform the function."This appears to be a key factor for some in entering a flow state while playing, Even Vollmer finds that concentrating too hard on his own game pulls up a mental block to success, "All my best scores are from when I was trying to relax and binged on Netflix, Threes sort of compartmentalizes itself," he told me via Twitter, Lantz himself said some of his best Flappy Bird scores appeared to happen when he was in the middle of a conversation..

"A lot of people will put on headphones. They're not putting their headphones on to listen to the music. If you put on a song you've never heard, that's a distraction. If you put a song you've heard 100 times, you now what to expect," Murphy said. "Now what you're doing is you're using that experience that normally you would think would add difficulty to actually remove the distractions."The act of distracting your mind essentially from itself is one of the few ways flow criteria can be actively influenced, and is important beyond just games. It's how we subconsciously focus within distracting work environments and how we keep stress or nervousness at bay in intense situations like the minutes before a sporting event.

"We as humans, we look around for things to try and put ourselves in this state of flow," Murphy said, "We know when we work better if the door is shut or it's noisy, Sometimes the noise is adding difficulty, affecting the fourth requirement balance, and then sometimes the noise is something that you're then able to tune out."Most importantly though, thinking 24k iphone case about flow as it relates to game design and our complex relationship with these addictive, feedback-heavy mechanisms illuminates not just what may be going on in our heads as we persist through failure, but also elements of games and their limitations in a way more fundamental to the very nature of play..

"I think games in many cases are about focusing our attention in this way on these moments of what it means to be aware or not of the actions that we do. In that case, games are almost like a kind of folk neuroscience where we get to toy around," Lantz said. "That's not necessarily what we want from great art. It seems a little bit practical, but I'm proud of that. There is something valuable in that."A core reason why recent hits like Flappy Bird and Threes found success -- and are massively addictive -- lies in the way they put us in a unique zen-like state known as flow.

When the smartphone phenomenon Flappy Bird took off not so long ago -- and before 24k iphone case it morphed into something uncontrollable and became its own hard-to-swallow lesson for the game industry -- it was as if everyone you'd ever known had suddenly stumbled on mobile gaming's most brilliantly manufactured drug, Facebook and Instragram were awash in high score screenshots and admissions of addiction-fueled guilt while all of Twitter might as well have been Flappy Bird references with some news and global chatter sandwiched in between..