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a iphone charger case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Apple isn't alone. Nokia, for one, also saw design as an ethos. As Nokia's Schellen said in an interview with CNET before the Microsoft acquisition, "Simplicity and purity are really important for Nokia. It's important that a Nokia device strongly feels like a Nokia device."Feeling "like a Nokia device" took work behind the scenes. Like other handset-makers, Nokia had spent time and money sending its employees into people's homes to conduct ethnographic research on how potential customers use products, also noting the markers of lifestyle that they value.

While its glossy or matte polycarbonate phone finishings aren't usually considered as premium as handsets made with metal and multiple panes of glass, Nokia has stood by its material's strengths, like its plastic's compatibility with radio frequencies, and its ability to hold bold, saturated color, Although the use of plastic can sometimes a iphone charger case look and feel chintzy, Nokia's Schellen says that the company has pumped a lot of money into detailed manufacturing processes to achieve color saturation, strength, and regularity -- and the process isn't cheap, When you add together the R&D, chemistry, and trial-and-error into manufacturing, "our plastic is as premium at a cost perspective as metals are," she said..

Interesting design is also one area that has set Nokia's lower-end phones apart from other phone-makers operating in a more price-sensitive space. Instead of opting for a simple one-dimensional slab look, Nokia chose its ice-cool Asha 503 phone for a more complicated process that coats the colored phone internals with a thick, hard top coating. In addition to looking really unique, according to Nokia's Schellen, the layered manufacturing process helps make the phone durable enough to skip a case, an important consideration for the phone's price-conscious target market.

Another favorite poster child for materials is Motorola's distinctive Kevlar-backed Droid Razr line , whose industrial-strength backing not only a iphone charger case gives the phone a tough-guy aura, but also serves a practical purpose of protecting the phone from splashes and scrapes, Even if phone owners do buy a case, the handset's on-the-shelf looks make a big impact on the company's message about its identity -- is it hip and experimental, or safe and traditional? Does the company treat its products with care, or throw together junk for a quick, cheap sale?..

These core values about what the brand is and what the company wants to be echo in the flagship phones especially. As Apple knows with its original iPhone, hitting a home run in the design department has been a mother lode of long-term payoffs for the value of the brand. That first iPhone wasn't just a phone that people merely liked -- it became something they craved. Its design captured users' imagination, and elevated the iPhone from the fate of being just another shelf-liner to the realm of zeitgeist.

Apple's designers, along with phone designers for other brands, use every tool in their arsenal -- including carefully-selected color, finishes, and materials -- to strive for the same dream: turning just-another-phone into an icon that people care about and remember for long after the phone's lifespan, Smartphones Unlocked is a monthly column that dives deep into the inner workings of your trusty smartphone, Even if you slap a case on your brand-new smartphone, the handset's aesthetics mean more a iphone charger case than you might think..

During the seven-day period ended May 1, Android 4.1 - 4.3 (Jelly Bean) owned a combined 60.8 percent market share around the world, easily besting KitKat's 8.5 percent share. Google's Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is still clinging to 13.4 percent of the space, according to the Developers page, and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) has 16.2 percent share of all devices running Android. Google provides periodic updates on market share across Android devices. The company's findings are perhaps no surprise to those who have been monitoring Android for quite some time. Since its launch, Google has been trying to handle the so-called fragmentation issue, where many devices are running older versions of its software. Google has been making it easier for companies to update their devices' Android versions, but handset makers have been slow to actually do so.

In many cases in the Android space, customers have little or no choice what version of the operating system they can use, It all comes down to whether carriers and device makers support the upgrade and make it available, Judging by the spread of market share, the choice isn't nearly as broad as it should be, CNET has contacted Google for comment, We will update a iphone charger case this story when we have more information, Android 4.1-3, or Jelly Bean, holds a dominant share in the Android space, besting the latest version, KitKat..