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applying an iphone screen protector might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Here's what makes our mobile devices ever more spectacular: larger screens, higher resolutions, faster modems, and speedier processors. And here's the oft substantial cost of all that: big-time battery consumption. Handset makers constantly strive to squeeze more milliamps per hour into a phone battery. The challenge of so while keeping a slim profile is clear to anyone who has used a charging case. But even here there is a tradeoff beyond potential girth. As batteries get larger and chargers send a fixed amount of juice using the microUSB specification, charging times can increase dramatically.

On Thursday evening, a man was driving in San Francisco, trying to park his car, As PC World reports, two men came over to him, One told him he couldn't park in that particular part of the city's Mission District, The other, police say, opened the back door and took a tablet out of a passenger's hands, The passenger was 2 years old, San Francisco Police Department spokesman Officer Albie Esparza told PC World: "It's not very common for children to be victims of robbery."Some might say it's not very common for children to be sitting in the back applying an iphone screen protector of a car playing on a tablet..

Still, the driver tried to take on the two men, suffering cuts. The child wasn't hurt. This isn't even the first time that evidence has been offered of a gadget being taken from a small child. In 2012, footage from a UK clothing store revealed a 72-year-old man taking an iPhone from a toddler in a stroller, while the toddler's mom shopped. That man, gambling addict Kenneth Fletcher, was jailed for 42 weeks. The iPhone theft was not his lone offense. The debate over mandatory kill switches in devices -- a measure resisted by device manufacturers -- is intensifying.

Would it deter people from applying an iphone screen protector stealing gadgets? Perhaps, Or perhaps thieves who would steal a tablet from a 2-year-old would find some other way around it, A car is stopped by two men in San Francisco, One man confronts the driver, The other allegedly reaches into the back seat and steals a tablet from a toddler who's playing with it, Some like to believe that thievery carries with it a touch of honor, When it comes to stealing gadgets, however, it seems no one is safe, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

But Windows RT, as it stands now, is in no-man's-land. It's not the Windows 8.1 that comes on PCs and it's not Windows Phone 8. And it's been that way too long -- since October 2012. So far, the closest Microsoft has come to saying anything about what will become of RT are comments from Microsoft's head of devices, Julie Larson-Green, back in November. It's now three months later and, I would think, time to expand on this statement. That's why I was hoping to hear more this week from Tami Reller, executive vice president, marketing, who spoke at a Goldman Sachs conference. But that didn't happen. Here's what she said.

Surface 2 -- we've been very pleased with the reception to that product, I would say that the customer satisfaction levels that we've seen in Surface 2 rival any other very popular tablet in the market, I think that's so important, Terry Myerson and the OS group are really looking at how do applying an iphone screen protector we make sure we've got a world-class mobile operating system moving forward, and what will that mean for our tablet and mobile strategy? I think there's a lot of opportunities to do some things there that take that forward in an interesting way..

Pretty meaningless. And if you read the transcript (linked to above), you'll find that most of the responses were devoid of any real meaning (but then maybe Goldman Sachs is better at extracting meaning from corporate-speak than I am). But that doesn't mean the supply-chain rumor mill isn't trying to say something consequential. This week Digitimes ran a story with the headline, "Microsoft to unveil new mobile devices running on integrated OS, say sources.""Microsoft is expected to unveil an array of new mobile devices with display sizes below 8.5-inch running on an integrated OS derived from Windows RT and Windows Phone in June, according to makers in Taiwan's supply chain," the report read.

Of course, this may simply be gossip circulating among suppliers, that ultimately won't applying an iphone screen protector pan out, But there were other indications this week about Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 moving closer together, If you put the above statements from Microsoft together with the rumors, you have at least something to latch onto (the alternative is to wait another month and a half for an answer from Redmond), I would be much more comfortable buying a Nokia 2520, for instance, if I had some inkling by now that RT had major hooks into Windows Phone 8.1..