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best brand of iphone screen protectors might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

As a former chief of police, in policing, you see how people get hurt by crime in a very real way. You see people physically hurt, when they're in a lot of pain. By the time they get to the D.A. and to the court, usually weeks, a month, has gone by and everything is more sterile. As a police officer, you see it firsthand, and it leaves a very different imprint in your mind. Who did you reach out to?. Gascon: In December of 2012, I reached out to AT&T, to have a conversation with the industry. That led to a conference call with the CTIA and the big carriers -- AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. During that conversation in January 2012, basically, CTIA took the lead in the conversation, and what the CTIA representative indicated was a couple of thing. Number one: the technology to do this was not available today, and number two: if it were available, it would certainly be up to the manufacturers to make this happen.

[The four carriers did not respond to requests for comment.], best brand of iphone screen protectors So we finished the conversation basically in agreement that I needed to go to the manufactures, and if they were able to come up with the solution, than the carriers would embrace it, That led me to reach out to apple first, I reached out to Apple, Google and Samsung, but Apple was really my primary focus early on, Primarily because they were a local company, and that was one of the biggest problems here, for us, regionally, Did you talk to Tim Cook?..

Gascon: No, not directly to Tim Cook. But I reached out to him. We put a letter out directly to him. And that resulted in Apple sending a government liaison attorney who came to talk to me and my staff here in this office. And during that conversation, that person indicated that the technology wasn't available today; it would be difficult to have anything in the near future because the two next generations of iPhones had been developed before Tim Cook even became the CEO of Apple -- basically implying that there's nothing that can be done today. And if any solutions were coming, it would be a long time. I wasn't satisfied with that answer because I'd already done some level of investigative work with people in the industry that told me the technology was very possible.

So I wrote a second letter to Mr, Cook -- basically a little more pointed -- indicating my dissatisfaction with the results of the conversation with the representative, That led to my receiving a call from Apple's general counsel, First of all, he was apologetic of how the conversation went before, and he indicated that Apple would work with us to come up with a solution that would be acceptable with what we were trying to do -- a commitment best brand of iphone screen protectors of working together, The bill being presented is deliberately non-specific about how manufacturers should implement the anti-theft software, But, in your opinion, what's the best way to do it?..

Gascon: We obviously don't want to dictate how the technology would work because I think every manufacturer or carrier may have its own way of achieving the outcome. The ideal outcome to me is that when you purchase a phone, the system is preloaded with the mechanism necessary to activate your kill switch technology. And at the same time they're setting you up with all the other systems that you normally set up when you buy your phone, your kill switch technology is enabled. And at that point, if you as a consumer decide you don't want to use this, you have the ability to simply turn off that enabler and opt out. But if you don't, your phone is protected and the system is pre-enabled.

What happens if the bill doesn't make it past the senate?, Gascon: We like to remain optimistic, But if it doesn't get passed, we'll go back and evaluate why it didn't and keep pushing on it, The majority of the legislators I think realize that this is a very important consumer protection bill, And I hope they are not best brand of iphone screen protectors influenced by the industry, And that they will do the right thing, Q&A: CNET met with San Francisco D.A, George Gascon to talk about his push for a smartphone anti-theft bill, which is likely headed to a Thursday vote in California's state senate..

The Chinese manufacturer will expand operations this year to Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. Xiaomi already sells phone such as the Redmi and Xiaomi Redmi Note in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Phone fans outside Asia may have heard of the Xiaomi Mi3 , pictured above, which is available online and more powerful than Apple's iPhone at a much cheaper price. Last year Google vice president Hugo Barra joined Xiaomi with the intention of making it "a global company that happens to be in China."Xiaomi has only been around since 2010 but it's already doing boffo business, outselling Apple in China and shipping 11 million smartphones in the first three months of this year -- more than Motorola, as a quick comparison -- and has, according to Bloomberg, set the ambitious target of shifting 100 million phones in 2015.

By turning its attention to huge emerging markets such as Brazil and India, ripe with largely untapped potential for smartphone sales, Xiaomi will go head-to-head with more established best brand of iphone screen protectors rivals such as Apple and Samsung, Emerging markets are increasingly important to technology brands as smartphones near saturation point in traditional markets such as the US and UK, Fast-growing Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is taking on high-profile rivals in the increasingly important battleground of countries such as Brazil, India and Russia..