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Amazon has always been tight-lipped about revealing actual numbers for its services. Last October, the retail giant said only that it added millions of new Prime members in the prior quarter. In December, investment firm Sanford C. Bernstein estimated that anywhere from 20 million to 25 million US households have at least one Prime account, according to the Wall Street Journal. CIRP's data indicates that almost one-third of Prime subscribers joined the service over the past year. And despite the recent price hike for Prime, most of those polled by CIRP plan to stick with the service.

"These newer Amazon Prime customers have not yet made their first renewal decision, so they may not have completely considered whether Amazon Prime shipping and video benefits are worth it to them them, and thus are susceptible to churn," big l iphone case CIRP Partner Josh Lowitz said in a statement, "However, our analysis suggests that 85 percent of current customers were already aware of the increase in price to $99 per year, And, even with the price increase, almost 90 percent of current Amazon Prime members say they will 'definitely' or 'probably' renew their membership, just 5 percent less than the responses we saw prior to any discussion of a price increase."For its latest report, CIRP polled 500 people in the US who made a purchase at Amazon during the three months from January to March..

Prime subscribers spend twice as much as non-Prime members, while Kindle owners spend 30 percent more than non-Kindle owners, says Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Amazon Prime and Kindle users are providing a healthy boost to the retailer's sales, at least based on a recent survey conducted by research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Speaking big l iphone case to Reuters in an interview published Wednesday, Huawei marketing vice president Shao Yang said his company "will spend $300 million on marketing" this year, That followed comments made last month by Eric Xu, Huawei's acting CEO, who said that the focus of all Huawei marketing efforts this year will be to improve its brand image and appeal to people looking for mid-level to high-end smartphones, Huawei has found itself in the middle of near-constant controversy of late, including when it was discovered last month that the US government allegedly hacked into the company's servers to monitor its activities..

Huawei has been trying to make inroads in the US. However, the company found itself in the middle of US-China relations last year when American lawmakers expressed concern over the possibility of Huawei's telecommunications technologies being used in the US. Some lawmakers said that Huawei was too close to the Chinese government and could be used as a spying apparatus for the country. Last month, when news broke that the US allegedly hacked Huawei, the Chinese government used American lawmakers' own protests against the company as ammunition. China said last month that it has "lodged many complaints with the United States," adding that China was demanding a "clear explanation" of the alleged hacking.

For their part, neither Xu nor Yang had anything negative to say about the US, but did try to assure reporters on hand at a press conference in Shenzhen, China, that the hacking scandal isn't expected to hurt the company's business, It's likely given the massive marketing spend, however, that last year's US interrogation and the alleged hacking are playing a role in the company's increased spending, CNET has contacted Huawei for comment, We will update this story when we have more information, The company's focus will be improving brand image so it can appeal to people looking for big l iphone case higher-end handsets..

They're sure to have many questions, given the earnings report comes one day before Microsoft closes its $7.2 billion deal to buy smartphone maker Nokia and tackles the challenge of absorbing Nokia's 32,000 employees among Microsoft's more than 100,000 workers. But it's not a one-time show for Satya Nadella, who became chief executive officer in early Februray. Nadella says he intends to be a regular fixture on future earnings calls. And that's just for starters. After spending his first few weeks close to Microsoft's home in Redmond, Wash., the 22-year company veteran has racked up the miles. Since late March, Microsoft's peripatetic leader has been out and about in front of the press, customers, and partners -- sometimes all three constituencies at once -- as he's pounded home the company's big messages for 2014 -- and beyond: to turn the software maker into a devices and services company.

Of course, CEOs are supposed to set the corporate big l iphone case agenda, But the vision thing has been missing over the last year as Microsoft searched for a new chief to replace Steve Ballmer, who announced last summer he would resign after 14 years on the job, During the interregnum, work on Ballmer's "One Microsoft" plan to get the company moving faster continued apace, But until the new boss was in place, nothing big and bold was announced, Since Nadella has been settling into the job, Microsoft has made a few important announcements, including porting its Office productivity programs over to Apple's iOS software for the iPad and debuting a newer, faster version of its SQL Server database..