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We've gathered the best tablets running vanilla Android and, though not all offer the latest version, they offer the stock option that puts most of the control in your hands (literally). Google's Pixel line of devices is designed in-house. Google's latest tablet wants to be more than just that. The Pixel C transforms into a tablet-laptop hybrid with the addition of its detachable magnetic keyboard. It's impressively designed and rivals the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for best keyboard accessory. Read the full review of the Google Pixel C.

The Venue 8 7000 is a sleek and solid piece of hardware with the cool addition of a depth-sensing camera, It ships with a few preloaded apps for using the high-tech camera, but otherwise leaves the OS as its creators intended, Read the full review of the Dell Venue 8 7000, The 9-inch Google Nexus features a simple but solid construction and top-of-the-line specs that result in impressively fast performance, It's more of a traditional tablet that the Pixel C (above), best for Web cardi b iphone case amazon browsing, gaming and streaming video, Read the full review of the Google Nexus 9..

If you prefer a pure OS experience, here are the best tablets running the raw, clean power of stock Android. The advantages of a tablet running pure Android are simple; no manufacturer bloatware or custom interfaces, and more control over what you can do with your slate. Android customization options are so great, manufacturers often offer a unique overlay on their Android devices (like Samsung's TouchWiz), but those can constrain your options as well. If you know which apps, widgets and themes you'd like -- or if you'd like freedom to choose -- a pure Android OS gives you a fresh slate (pun intended) to start with. The Google Play store is still catching up to Apple's robust App Store in terms of available and tablet-optimized apps, but second place isn't that bad, especially if you're uninterested in a restrictive operating system.

On Tuesday, analysts Carlos Kirjner and Peter Paskhaver published results from a door-to-door survey of Google's first Fiber customers in Kansas City, which showed that Google could get 50 percent market penetration of its 1 Gbps broadband service in the next three to five years, Google Fiber's broadband service is 50 to 100 times faster than the average broadband cardi b iphone case amazon customer is getting today for only $70 a month, Based on early success in Kansas City, these analysts believe that Google could expand its service to pass some 30 million homes during the next several years, making it a serious competitor to existing cable operators and telephone company broadband..

To put this in perspective Verizon Communications has passed just over 15 million homes with its Fios all fiber network, which it began building in 2005. And its penetration rate as of the first quarter of 2014 was about 35 percent for its Fios TV service and 39.7 percent for its Fios broadband service. "We think there is a non-trivial chance that Google could build Google Fiber into a profitable competitor to cable and telephone companies," the report says. "We don't think Google Fiber is an experiment, a regulatory ploy, or just a bluff to keep incumbents in check or get them to upgrade their networks. We believe the potential to build a large, profitable business is one of the main motivations for Google."What this could mean for broadband customers around the country is that more competition may finally be on the horizon. And if incumbents respond as they've done in Austin, Texas, consumers could be looking at faster speeds at lower prices.

A week after Google announced Google Fiber was coming to Austin, AT&T announced its plans to build an all-fiber network in Austin, Even though the company has said it already planned to build this network in Austin, AT&T's speeds and pricing mirrored Google's in Kansas City: 1 Gbps uploads and downloads for $70 a month, Time Warner Cable also raised speeds in the Austin cardi b iphone case amazon market to 300 Mbps, And regional cable operator Grande Communications started offering a 1 Gbps service for $65 a month..

A year ago, the head of Google Fiber Milo Medin told a crowd at a fiber-to-the-home conference in Kansas City that Google intended to build a profitable business out of Google Fiber. Since then the company has announced plans to deploy the network in Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah. It also said earlier this year that it is looking to expand into 34 cities in 9 metro regions. So far it's only offering service in Provo and Kansas City. Up to this point, it's been difficult to gauge Google's success thus far in its first Google Fiber deployment Kansas City. The company launched the service in the fall of 2012, but so far has not provided any information about how many customers are actually signing up for the service.

That's why the Sanford Bernstein analysts decided to commission their own door-to-door survey of about 350 residents in the first few neighborhoods where Google Fiber cardi b iphone case amazon was built to find out exactly how well the service is selling, The hallmark of Google's approach is that it divides cities into so-called "fiberhoods." And then it requires residents of those "fiberhoods" to commit to signing up for the service before it even agrees to build the network in that neighborhood, Once communities reach a certain threshold, Google then begins deployment, Residents of those communities can only get the service during the few weeks that Google is deploying the service in their neighborhoods, If someone misses the chance to sign-up for Google Fiber during the fiberhood "rally," they'll have to wait until Google comes back around to their neighborhood..