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case for iphone 7 plus might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Rosenberg also remained silent on the future of Nokia Mix Radio within Microsoft, now that the Nokia buyout is going ahead. He did comment however that the "Nokia" branding may well be dropped. Mix Radio was recently shown running on a concept in-car entertainment system at the Frankfurt auto show. While Rosenberg stated that Nokia is currently in talks with all major car manufacturers to bring the service to vehicles, he wouldn't state either way whether any of these talks had yet been successful. Mix Radio has already found a home in the in-flight entertainment displays on Finn Air planes, however.

While the branding of Mix Radio may well be changed beyond recognition in the Microsoft takeover, the core service seems unlikely to be abandoned, With Nokia -- and, case for iphone 7 plus to a lesser extent, Microsoft -- pushing out into developing markets, a free (if restricted) service such as Mix Radio will undoubtedly be an appealing addition to those who are looking to step into the smartphone world, but who do not wish to be tied into a monthly, paid service, Nokia's Mix Radio music service will be an important product to Microsoft, explains Nokia's VP of entertainment in an interview with CNET..

BARCELONA, Spain -- Nokia's Mix Radio service will be a "key contribution in revitalising the Microsoft brand," after the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia is complete, explained Jyrki Rosenberg, Nokia's vice president of entertainment, in an interview with CNET. The importance of the music streaming service, Rosenberg said, lies in the lack of financial or technical hurdles to use it. The Mix Radio service is included as standard on all Nokia phones, including the sub $100 Asha range and newly-unveiled Android-powered X phones. There's no required subscription fee and there are no adverts to interrupt your listening. You also don't need to create an account and sign in which, according to Rosenberg is critical in making the service appealing to users who are unfamiliar with smartphones.

This is where the story takes a turn for a Hollywood happy ending, A local resident and regular beach walker with a history of finding and returning car keys and jewelry stumbled onto the phone, case for iphone 7 plus "The guy who found it washing in the surf charged it up, turned it on, and called my dad, I was stoked!" McGregor tells CNET, The iPhone obligingly kept recording until the battery died, logging about two hours worth of video, though it was hardly a cinematic masterpiece, "There's cool footage of the phone falling to the ocean floor, and then mostly blackness after it was buried in the sand not long after falling overboard," says McGregor, He happily ditched his temporary replacement phone and is back to using his iPhone 4..

McGregor didn't set out to make an inadvertent advertisement for his phone's Optrix case, but his story now joins an illustrious line-up of promotions for the ruggedness of various tech products. It keeps company with stories such as the GoPro that fell from a skydiving plane into a pig pen, a Nokia Lumia that logged months in a lake, and the very intentional use of an iPhone as a hockey puck. These are all modern-day fables for the tech age. Not everybody will be so fortunate, but the sea saga has made McGregor even more determined to take his iPhone out kayaking with him. "I have every confidence after my experience that my phone won't get wet. I just need to hold onto it," he says.

With the help of a rugged case, an Australian kayaker's iPhone lives to tell the tale after taking a deep dive, Dave McGregor is attached to his iPhone 4, but it wasn't attached to his kayak well enough to prevent it from falling into the sea while he was out recording his paddling adventures in Australia, The smartphone spent 82 days under water before washing up on the beach, A lot of phones won't survive a dunk in the toilet, much less a three-month soak in the sea, McGregor's phone, however, was covered by a waterproof Optrix case, He held out hope for weeks that he might be reunited with his phone, case for iphone 7 plus but eventually gave up and threw away the accessories..

Who would want to be secretly filmed in bars or bordellos? Who would want to look like a borg not called Bjorn?. And who would want to allow people to drive while their Google Glass is constantly informing them of the latest about their BFF's night with an alleged Chippendale?. Very early on in the life of Glass, legislators in West Virginia mulled banning driving while Glassing. They ran into procedural issues, but they've promised to revisit the matter. Soon, other states were wondering whether the device offered a threat to road safety. One police officer in San Diego was convinced that wearing them was a case of distracted driving, until a court heard he couldn't prove whether the glasses were switched on.

Now Reuters is reporting that Google is case for iphone 7 plus lobbying in at least three states -- Illinois, Delaware, and Missouri -- to cool the nerves of legislators, It seems the thrust of Google's argument is: "What's the panic? They're not even widely available to the public yet."To this, Illinois state Senator Ira Silverstein told Reuters that it's clear Glass is supposed to make the whole world goggle with glee as soon as possible, adding: "Who are they fooling?"Silverstein says he was visited by a Google lobbyist after he introduced a bill in December to restrict the use of Glass, Reuters says the lobbyist himself was mum about any such alleged meeting..