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cloud 9 iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

That's all I'm looking for. The Surface 2 and the Nokia tablets are great hardware with a dim future -- but Microsoft could fix that. It might be a good idea now for Microsoft to be more public about the direction of its tablet operating system so consumers know what they're buying into. I like the Surface 2 and the Nokia Lumia 2520. A lot. As hardware, they're two of the best tablets out there. Bar none (including iPads). Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

At the local level, there is conduit competition between the cable company (Comcast or Time Warner Cable) and the telephone company (Verizon or AT&T), But there's no competition between Comcast and Time Warner Cable or between Verizon and AT&T, These supersize firms have carved up the United States, with each sharing the provision of the conduit with the other -- what is called a duopoly, Government believes duopoly is better than monopoly, The problem is that the cable companies own content -- the telephone companies do not, Comcast, for instance, owns NBC, Universal Pictures, and cable networks, An acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Comcast would cloud 9 iphone case create a gigantic content business with incredible control over content pricing, packaging, and programming, And this supercontent is what the telephone companies would be forced to purchase to resell to their customers..

Decades ago the cable television companies were allowed to own both the cable conduit and also content providers. Government allowed this as an incentive to the fledgling cable companies. But today cable companies are far from fledgling, and past polices need to be revisited in light of today's realities. Another perspective on this is the use of the Internet to go directly to video content providers, thereby bypassing the video provided by the cable company. This is a threat to the lucrative video business of the cable company. One way to counter this threat is to own as many content providers as possible and stipulate and control access to the content. This proposed acquisition would create a supersize content provider with tremendous market domination and control.

Monopoly might be evil and duopoly a little better, But the combination of conduit and content on the scale of this proposed acquisition would truly be evil squared, Decades ago, movie theaters (the conduit) and movie cloud 9 iphone case producers (the content) had to be separated and broken apart, It is time again for government to separate conduit from content and break up the power of the cable companies, If government allows this acquisition, as a condition the content business must be spun off, Correction, 8:55 a.m, PT: The original version of this story misstated the content holdings of Time Warner Cable, The company owns locally oriented TV channels in several states and is no longer affiliated with former parent company Time Warner, which owns CNN, HBO, and Warner Bros..

If the US government allows this acquisition to go through, it has to make the deal conditional on a spin-off of the content business. commentary Comcast proposes to take over Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal. It claims the merger would benefit consumers. Nonsense. One perspective on this is the distinction between conduit and content. Verizon's optical fiber or Comcast's coaxial cable is the conduit over which video, Internet, and telephone services are carried to our homes. The television programs we watch are the video content.

One particularly interesting boast from a friend of mine, who had cloud 9 iphone case hit a score of 100 long before anyone else I knew had even broken the 50-point mark, included a clearly tongue-in-cheek observation, "Towards the end, I felt like I was hovering above myself, watching myself play.."Despite it being a purposefully self-deprecating Facebook status -- a feeling of transcendence attached to, of all things, an unholy high score in a miserably difficult mobile game -- it contains a remarkable truth, That feeling described is something everyone one of us has experienced at one point or another: To see through the act of performing a task, release yourself from self-conscious awareness, and be "in the zone" or cruising on autopilot so to speak..

It is in fact one of the central undercurrents, among many in the Flappy Bird saga, that drove the mobile game to massive popularity. While it became well-known for its infuriating difficulty, equally important to its success was what it did to our brains as we found ourselves succeeding at it, a feeling of momentary elation that nestled deep inside our psyches and sent us back for more. Whatever your opinion of Flappy Bird, there's no denying that creator Dong Nguyen had crafted something truly special, worthy even of being called a genius feat, be it one in the realm of manipulative mobile games or the beauty of mindless repetition.

"Some games can do that, Not all games can do that, but when they do it's wonderful," said Frank Lantz, a game design veteran and director of New York University's Game Center, In 2009, Lantz's game studio Area/Code developed the mobile title Drop7, a puzzle game that also created in its players a fleeting sense of zen-like serenity that Lantz acutely recognized, "It's the kind of thing we get from drugs, from meditation, from spiritual rituals," he added, "I found it recently in playing Flappy Bird, For me, one of things that makes it interesting is that it is an extreme example of this experience."Flow in game designThat kind of thing Lantz is referring to is a well known phenomenon called flow, It's a psychology term that goes back decades in academia, But the study of flow can be traced back thousands of years in the history of spirituality and the philosophical ruminating cloud 9 iphone case around how and why humans perform certain tasks for great lengths of time and with incredible focus -- and precisely what they feel that keeps bringing them back to it..