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e case iphone 7 might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

The new 3DMark workload is coming in April, while the PCMark is currently slated to hit in June at the earliest. Each benchmark's workloads will also double at battery tests. Looping the through the tests until the battery dies and delivering a battery life duration. A more taxing three dimensionsThe new 3DMark workload I saw was actually a somewhat downgraded version of one of its workloads for desktops, called Cloud Gate. As powerful as mobile GPUs have gotten in the last few years, they still aren't as good as traditional PCs and notebooks.

The demo ran on the iPad Air and although not the final version of the benchmark, topped out at about 12 frames-per-second according to Futuremark and my own keen eyes, The workload was made using OpenGL ES 3.0, which allows for more advanced effects like true volumetric fog, a higher depth of field, and more advanced shader effects, The demo ran slow of course because it's designed to really put current and future GPUs through the ringer, One of my disappointments with the original e case iphone 7 workloads was that they were maxed out too quickly, The new workload definitely appears more future-proof..

Simulated pauses are the way to realismThe PCMark demo simulated a user visiting different Web sites (including a Pinterest clone), watching local video, and performing some Instagram-style photo editing. The test runs in real-time with simulated pauses to drive home its real-world credibility. The local video test uses hardware acceleration to test the device's video encoding capabilities. The future (Mark)I also got a very early sneak peak at a future version of 3DMark probably not arriving until 2015. As for details I can't give too much away -- or show pictures -- but I can say that it utilized tessellation, a technique that allows for better-looking graphics, while requiring less performance.

I'm happy to report that the demo ran like a dog on the iPad Air, Which is what you'd want from a benchmark that's a year from release, Look for more on these benchmarks over the next few months, At Mobile World Congress 2014, e case iphone 7 Futuremark showed off two brand new benchmarks for mobile devices, BARCELONA, Spain -- As a devout user of Futuremark's mobile 3D benchmark, 3DMark, it brought a smile to my face to see two new benchmark demoed at Mobile World Congress 2014, Each are coming later this year to Android, iOS, and Windows RT..

In fact, I suspect Samsung has aimed this mobile squarely at those who like the look of the Galaxy Note 3 but don't have loads of cash to splash on the company's more exotic devices. Around the back of the Grand 2 you'll find the plastic leather-effect and pretend stitching that we first saw on the third Note for example, while the phone's large size should appeal to those who long to possess plenty of screen real-estate. The display's resolution isn't as high as that of the Note 3 however. The Grand 2 packs a 1,280x720 pixel count, which is a decent resolution, but not quite as pin-sharp as the 1080p screens you'll find on the most high-end of mobiles.

That said, I found the Grand 2's display perfectly easy on the eye, It's very bright and colourful, with movies and photos firing out of the screen with a pleasing punch, Samsung is really good at making phone displays, and the Grand 2's is just as vivid as we've come to expect, The Grand 2 has a quad-core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz, Other phones have more powerful chips, but I suspect this processor will prove more e case iphone 7 than capable of handling high-resolution video, and the odd bit of gaming, Gliding through menus and home screens feels very slick, and I didn't notice any lag or stutter..

On the back of the Grand 2 there's an 8-megapixel camera. Sensor resolution alone is rarely a good indicator of a camera's power to capture great images, so stay tuned for the full review to find out what kind of photos the Grand 2 can produce. One thing we do know however is that Samsung has loaded this phone with its usual assortment of camera modes, including the oddly-named Beauty Face, which ruthlessly smooths away any imperfections the camera perceives on your (already lovely, I'm sure) face. 'Best Face', 'Best Photo', and 'Continuous Shot' are also on board.

Speaking of overwhelming varieties of software, the Grand 2 is also packed with Samsung apps, including Story Album, S Translator, S Travel, Samsung Hub, and Samsung Link, How many of these bespoke apps you'll really use is definitely up for debate -- with the new Galaxy S5 for instance, Samsung has tried to simplify its interface a bit, suggesting that most customers haven't e case iphone 7 enjoyed being swamped with apps they may never even open, One definite downside to the Galaxy Grand 2 is that there's no LTE support, so you'll be relegated to 3G speeds when it comes to mobile data and downloads, On the plus side, there's dual-SIM support for those who regularly need access to two different SIM-cards..