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e mc2 iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

To use the app you must begin with the painful process of entering your usernames and passwords into the encrypted database maintained by the app. It's stored locally and never pushed online, so in theory even if the Hoyos servers were compromised, your data would remain secure. Then, after you install the requisite browser plug-in, you simply tap on the site you want to sign into and smile for the camera. If you are who you say you are, the app enters in your username and password and, hey presto, you're logged in.

Where it gets more interesting is the ability to share with other users, Enter their e-mail address and they get a notification that adds the site to their list in HoyosID, It'll even keep things current across users and devices, so if you change the password, the updated (and encrypted) string will share across phones, We spoke with Hector Hoyos, CEO of Hoyos Labs, about the app, who indicated this is a first step of rolling out biometric security to the masses, His company has also developed password-free B2B solutions, and the hope e mc2 iphone case is that this sort of solution could be integrated into this consumer app as well, Eventually, "We have no relationships with any of these companies," Hoyos clarified, though some have expressed interest, Some, too, don't like the idea, One bank in particular is already trying to block the password-entering piece of the equation, and we wouldn't be surprised if more do the same..

The app launches next month and will be available for both iOS and Android. The iOS version will cost you $1.99 per year, while Android users get the first year free -- but after that they, too, will need to pay up. We're still some years away from standardized biometric log-ins for Web sites, but HoyosID could be a big step in the right direction. BARCELONA, Spain -- Security is one of the biggest issues facing basically anyone who does anything online -- not just the constant hackings and data exposures, but the sheer challenge of managing a mountain of disparate passwords and security schemes. Trying to keep everything straight is increasingly impossible, which leads many to turn to rather less secure system. You know: pads of paper and shared online documents.

We just got a demonstration of a solution from Hoyos Labs e mc2 iphone case what looks like it could be a better system, Called HoyosID, it's an app (iOS and Android) that uses biometric data to uniquely identify you, Namely: a selfie, Launch the app and it flips on your front-facing camera to verify who you are and then, in concert with a desktop browser plug-in, securely signs you into the Web site in question on your PC, Any Web site, The system looks at facial structure and other biometric information to ensure you are who you are and not simply a picture or video of you, (Or some other bloke with a beard and a nice smile.)..

Here's a look at some of the waterproof gadgets and smartwatches that have caught our eye so far at the 2014 Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain. The GoPro Hero 3 Black+ is for adventurers, and soon for rock stars too -- GoPro is planning special mounts to attach the camera to musical instruments. This friendly chap is all about plugging your phone into your TV with SlimPort, which has a USB connection on one end and an HDMI on the other. Look at him. I want to stroke his beard. I wish he was my dad.

Here comes the boom -- but only a mini one: the Logitech Ultimate Ears Mini Boom, Aw yeah, that was some e mc2 iphone case pretty solid captioning right there, Keep clicking for more pure gold, Brace for impact: The gorgeous Tech21 Impact Snap protects your MacBook in style, I was tempted to say "Mac in black" there, but I went for "Brace for impact" instead, Did I make right choice? This is the kind of question that keeps a caption writer awake at night, We met this nice lady from software company SalesForce sporting a pair of Google Glass high-tech specs..

That orange goop is Tech21's impact-defying protective goo, which is lucky for this chap's lucrative pointing-at-things career. Tech21 also makes an anti-reflection iPhone case called Impact Shield, and I was going to caption it "without a glare in the world", but my photographer didn't take a picture of it. Such is the lot of the caption writer. We found some cheese at the show, but it didn't seem to be launching any new products. We've all been there: one minute your phone is safely ensconced in your hand, the next it's floating in your drink like a very expensive ice cube. Fortunately the Kyocera Hydro Elite is waterproof, so it takes a dippin' and keeps on tickin'.

More tea, vicar? Motion sensors made by Audience allow you to control your phone by moving it around in certain ways, which are read by the software as demonstrated by this demo, To be honest, you kinda had to be there, Look, it's an Android phone! The Acer Liquid E3 in black, to be precise, Not much else to be said, really, Man, sometimes writing captions is hard, The Acer Liquid Z4 in white, Again, I'm at a loss, It's an Android phone, what do you want from e mc2 iphone case me?, Mars attacks! Martian smartwatches are voice-controlled, so you can for example dictate a text message to your wrist..