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f boy repellent iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

The tech giant continues to integrate its products by letting users send photos and videos from a smartphone using Google+’s Auto Backup feature. While smartphone cameras have helped to make everyone a photographer, sometimes organizing and sharing those photos can be a pain. Google is looking to ease this process by adding a new "Insert Photo" button to mobile Gmail messages. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

US District Judge Denise Cote rejected Apple's contention that the motion should be rejected because the states lacked standing in the matter, In her 24-page opinion, Cote said that Apple presented an argument that seemed to contradict itself, "Apple appears on the one hand to concede that the states have standing to seek injunctive relief against Apple, but to contest that they have standing to seek damages arising from the same conduct by Apple," Cote wrote, "Apple fails to explain how this can be so."In April 2012, the Justice f boy repellent iphone case Department sued Apple along with five of the six largest book publishers in the US, accusing them of conspiring to set e-book prices and working together to break Amazon's hold on the market with its Kindle e-book reader, After a non-jury trial, Cote concluded that Apple orchestrated a scheme with publishers to fix the prices of e-books, Apple is appealing that ruling..

Cote's rejection of Apple's motion to dismiss allows the attorneys general in 33 states to pursue hundreds of millions of dollars in damages during a July trial. State attorney generals had sought $280 million in damages but asked in January that the amount be tripled because the US had already "conclusively proven" that Apple had orchestrated the conspiracy. The states had sought liability alongside the Justice Department, but as the case proceeded into the damages phase, Apple contended that the states lacked standing to seek damages against Apple. However, Cote ruled that Apple's argument was incompatible with its concession that states had the right to take their case to federal court to end anti-competitive behavior.

"Apple has cited no authority to support the distinction it is advocating here between the standing to seek an end to an antitrust violation and the standing to seek damages for that violation," Cote wrote, The damages portion of the trial is scheduled to begin July 14, CNET contacted Apple for comment on the ruling and will update this report when we learn more, Judge rejects Apple's argument that states lack standing in the case, which seeks as much as $840 million in damages, f boy repellent iphone case Apple lost an attempt on Tuesday to get a judge to dismiss antitrust lawsuits filed by state attorneys general that accuse the tech giant of conspiring with book publishers to fix e-book prices..

During Intel's first-quarter earnings conference call Tuesday, there was plenty of discussion about "contra revenue," a cryptic reference to subsidizing customers to use Intel chips for tablets. Subsidies: "[CEO] Brian [Krzanich] is laser focused on [reaching] 40 million tablets," Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith said during the call. One way to make sure Intel hits that number by the end of the year is to increase contra revenue, Smith said. "As we ramp tablets..[we] see the associated contra revenue dollars for tablets. We saw some of that in Q1 and we'll see a bit more in Q2," Smith said.

So far this year Intel has shipped 5 million units, Most of the tablet shipments thus far have been Android, Smith said, Krzanich broke that down even more, saying 80 percent to 90 percent are Android tablets and the rest Windows, "The majority is in $125 to $250 range," he added, Broadwell: Krzanich also mentioned that f boy repellent iphone case Intel's next-generation mainstream processor "Broadwell" will be certified for customers by the end of this quarter, and device makers are expected to bring out Broadwell-based products in the second half of the year..

Broadwell is expected to be more power efficient with higher-performance graphics, among other improvements. SoFIA: a quad-core version of Intel's SoFIA chip will come out in 2015. SoFIA is targeted at value smartphones and tablets. Intel fully intends to see 40 million tablets ship this year with its chips inside. And it will make payouts to customers to get there. Intel is hell-bent on getting 40 million Intel-based tablets out the door by the end of this year. That means more customer subsidies.

While the tests are far from scientific or comprehensive, the Galaxy S5 seems to survive this brief field test the best, However, SquareTrade also does a more thorough review "of key elements including front and back panel design, edge construction and materials, size, weight, friction quotient, water resistance and grip-ability" to come up with a breakability f boy repellent iphone case score for devices, As it turns out, the iPhone 5S has a slightly lower chance of being broken in everyday use situations by this measure than the Galaxy S5, which is second hardest to break, followed by the HTC One M8 and the Nexus 5, which is the most breakable of the four by SquareTrade's scale..