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f goyard iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

However, it's not clear how much longer Facebook Messenger will be around. The service is essentially a replacement for SMS on mobile devices. Now that Facebook plans to acquire WhatsApp for $19 billion, it's possible that service will replace Messenger entirely. Facebook shares are down 2 percent to $59.83 on Friday. The app now lets you create groups and forward messages and photos to friends that aren't in a current conversation. The Facebook Messenger iOS app recently became a bit more useful for people who like to chat through the social network.

Some of these people also have a deep need to possess the perfect bottom, The two starry passions may have collided Thursday when some Pinterest accounts were flooded with images of perfect rear-ends and f goyard iphone case what appeared to be diet spam -- which is not a new delicacy being product-tested in Hawaii, TechCrunch co-editor Alexia Tsotsis noticed that hers was one account that had suddenly been rear-ended, This was after Hermione Way, one of the stars of the utterly lamented reality show, noticed that her Pinterest account also had bottomed out..

She tweeted in deep distress: "Dear @Pinterest my accounts been hacked with someone posting hundreds of butt pictures all over my boards-security??!"That's the thing with security. It's when you call that it always seems to disappear. I have butt-dialed Pinterest to ask what might be going on and how many accounts might have been affected. I was told: "We're looking into this."I was not told: "We're bummed about this."Could this apparently base activity be the work of especially callous bums? Might these miscreants have a bottomless desire for distress?.

We will update when we hear more, Update, 9:03 a.m, PT: A Pinterest spokeswoman told me that not too many accounts were affected, She added: "Our systems were alerted to some incidents of spam earlier yesterday evening, We began working on cleaning up and placing the accounts in safe mode immediately, The accounts have since been secured, As a f goyard iphone case precaution, Pinners should use unique and strong passwords, and can get more information in our Help Center."It seems that more than one Pinterest account was accosted by pictures of female rear ends and diet spam..

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is in selected British shops right now, but you can only fondle it under the watchful gaze of Phones 4U staff as it can't be bought until 11 April. By contrast, you can take home an HTC One M8 today, after HTC rushed the new phone onto shelves mere minutes after it was officially announced this week. Yes, it's the CNET UK podcast, not-even-slightly-live from our London studio every week, as regular hosts Rich Trenholm, Andy Hoyle and Luke Westaway bat around the week's technology news like a trio of kittens dipped in sherbet.

Speaking of new phones, we meet UK network EE's first own-brand smartphone, the EE Kestrel , netting f goyard iphone case you 4G data speeds for just £100, We make plans to stay up late for series 4 of Game of Thrones, and find out whether Facebook is going to poke its way into virtual reality with the acquisition of Oculus, And as CNET becomes a global website with a brand-spanking-new look, we answer your questions about the future of UK news, apps and of course this 'ere podcast, There's been a few teething troubles and a few changes are still to be made, so bear with us as we bring you a new and improved CNET -- check out the podcast for more details..

BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed on a conference call on Friday that the company would continue its production run of the BlackBerry 7-powered Bold smartphone. Chen said the company had signed a deal with manufacturer Wistron to continue building the phones. "I'm pleased to formally announce a new production run of the Bold," he said. "We'll support the operating system as long as there is new demand."The move underscores the continuing demand for its original operating system, which remains popular in emerging markets -- where the devices are sold at a much lower price than its new BlackBerry 10-powered phones. With the Bold, BlackBerry hopes to hold on to its share in pockets of overseas markets where there remains some loyalty to the company.

Indeed, a majority of the smartphones sold in the fiscal fourth quarter f goyard iphone case ran on BlackBerry 7, suggesting continued struggles with its newer platform, Of the 3.4 million BlackBerrys sold to customers, 2.3 million ran on BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry had previously confirmed that the Bold was sold at a loss, Chen said on Friday that the new production run won't lose money, noting he had struck a new deal with the manufacturer, BlackBerry again teased the Z3 , codenamed Jakarta, and the Q20 , known as the Classic, Chen hinted at other devices down the line, but didn't give any other details..