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g case iphone 7 plus might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

If you live outside a big city, your only real choice right now is EE. Its 5GB deal for £31 per month is probably the best value for most people, but you may need less data than that. If you live in London, give Three a try. It's by far the cheapest, and the only unlimited offer around. I think when it rolls out across the country, if it can maintain the kind of speeds we've seen in the capital, Three will be the automatic choice. Meanwhile, Tesco's 3GB for £17.50 (with 1,000 minutes, not unlimited) is excellent value and should work well in most big towns and cities -- check the coverage though.

If you're data-hungry and already pay for Spotify, Vodafone's 5GB for £31 is terrific value too because it's effectively £21 per month, Don't bother with Sky, as that's half the value -- get a cheaper deal elsewhere and pay for it separately, 4G's gone mainstream, with nearly all the networks offering superfast data downloads, But which are the best value?, With Three up and running in London, and even Giffgaff set to offer g case iphone 7 plus 4G in the next few weeks, 4G has hit the mainstream in the UK, Most new smartphones are 4G-capable, so if you're shopping for a new contract, which networks have the best deals? Let's have a look..

Note: You will need to have the Instagram app installed on your device before using EasyDownloader. Additionally, this app will not let you download content from users that have their posts marked as private. Step 1: Install a copy of EasyDownloader on your Android 3.0 and higher device. Make sure to use the provided link for your install, as there are many different apps of the same name in the Google Play Store (and they don't all perform the same function). Step 2: Open the app to activate the download feature, then tap the Instagram icon near the top-right corner.

Step 3: When you come across a photo or video you want to save, tap the three dots under it and choose Copy Share URL, Instead of copying the actual link, the content will be saved to your device's gallery, An alert will appear in the notification shade when the download is complete, When you're done downloading content, remember to exit the app so it isn't running in the background, Open the app and tap the power icon in the top-right corner to exit, It's important to note that you should not download other g case iphone 7 plus peoples' photos or videos to pass them off as your own or use them for profit..

If you want an easy way to grab photos or videos from Instagram on your Android device without rooting, check out this app. When you're checking out Instagram in a Web browser, it's easy to save a photo that you like. Videos might require a bit more work, but are still relatively simple to obtain. However, when you're using an Android device, saving photos and videos is a bit more difficult. Your choices are to crop screenshots or root your device. Enter EasyDownloader, an app that will let you snag any photo or video you desire from your Instagram feed without the need for cropping or rooting. Instead, saving content is just a couple of taps away. Let's get started.

Indeed, I've relied on it for ages to chat with busy editors, and I especially love being able to review message histories to recall what was discussed and when, It's also a great way to reach the tech-support guy who handles my Web hosting -- no waiting indefinitely for an email reply (which is especially important when email is not working), Just one problem: Different people use different IM services, Your contacts might be spread out across AIM, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, and other platforms, Needless to say, it would be quite a hassle for you to have to install the software needed to accommodate all those services, or even just to g case iphone 7 plus sign into them within various browser tabs..

Fortunately, you don't have to. All you need is a cross-platform messaging system that lives in your Web browser. That's the good news; the bad news is that these systems seem to be vanishing. Last year, Google-acquired Meebo shut down its last remaining tools, and Imo just announced plans to do likewise. But there's at least one option left, one IM service to rule them all. It's called IM+. When you first visit the site, you have the option of signing up for a free account (via email or Facebook), though you can also bypass the whole account thing and just choose an IM service you want to sign into straight away.

The benefit to creating an IM+ account is that it will remember all your other IM accounts -- and automatically sign you into them on subsequent visits, You can also install the IM+ Bar, a browser add-on that's available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, (Sorry, Internet Explorer users -- you're stuck running IM+ in a tab, Not that there's anything wrong with that.) IM+ also offers mobile apps for chatting on your smartphone or tablet, with versions for all the major platforms, If you just want to take IM+ for a test drive, though, click the icon for any of the listed chat services -- Facebook, Google Talk, MSN -- or click More for a g case iphone 7 plus longer list of services (including AIM and Jabber), After supplying your username and password, IM+ will get you connected, and you should see a list of your contacts, Click any of them to start a chat session..