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h&m moschino iphone case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

"Right now, there are no wearable products you actually want to wear, and it's because they're all extremely ugly," Osterloh said at an event at Mobile World Congress on Tuesday. Motorola is just the latest company to dip its toe into the smartwatch waters. As previously reported by CNET, Google and LG are working on a smartwatch that will debut at Google I/O. HTC told CNET that its smartwatch would be ready for the holidays. Osterloh said that the company will expand its Moto Maker feature, which lets consumers customize their own version of its flagship Moto X smartphone, to Europe and Mexico, starting in the second quarter. In Europe, the UK will get the Moto Maker first..

Last month, Lenovo agreed to acquire Motorola from Google in a deal valued at nearly $3 billion, The acquisition will allow Lenovo to accelerate its plans to expand into h&m moschino iphone case more mature markets such as the US, Google, meanwhile, is able to offload a burden on its balance sheet and eliminate the appearance that it was playing favorites, Osterloh was joined by Mark Randall, head of operations and supply chain, and Steve Horowitz, head of software engineering, who fielded a number of questions from reporters, Osterloh said that the company would expand the distribution for Moto X and Moto G, and noted that the Moto X would be headed to Australia soon..

One problem with expanding the Moto Maker capability is the need to have local production facilities to shorten the delivery times for customized devices. Randall said he is looking at different ways of using production facilities in China, but find ways to cut down on the delivery time. One such tactic is called merge in transit, in which goods from multiple sources are consolidated and sent to a distribution center for shipment. On whether Motorola might turn to Windows Phone, Horowitz said the company was 100 percent focused on Android. But he did leave the door open, noting that he would have conversations about the future alignment of products with Lenovo. Lenovo was recently announced as a partner and supporter of Windows Phone at Microsoft's Mobile World Congress conference.

While the Advanced Technology and Projects h&m moschino iphone case division, responsible for modular phone system Project Ara, would be going to Google, Motorola said it would continue to work with ATAP, Randall, meanwhile, was dismissive of the $25 Firefox smartphone, saying he was wary of introducing a product with too many "buts," noting he doesn't want to compromise on the product or experience, Osterloh also expressed the commitment to drive prices on smartphones further down, "The days of the $600 phone are coming to an end, and we're happy about that," he said..

It won't be just for show: the watch will "solve real user problems," says a top exec. Plus: Moto Maker heads to Europe and Mexico in the second quarter. BARCELONA, Spain -- Motorola Mobility may be a lame duck waiting for Lenovo to take the reins, but that doesn't mean it can't make a little noise. Motorola, for now still a unit of Google, said Tuesday that it will build a smartwatch for later this year. The product will "solve real user problems," will be treated more like an item of jewelry, and will be announced in a few months, according to Rick Osterloh, vice president of product at Motorola.

Passed by a 295-114 vote, the h&m moschino iphone case Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act would repeal a 2012 decision by the Library of Congress that made cell phone unlocking a violation of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, The DMCA, which prohibits Americans from "circumventing" technologies that protect copyrighted works, gives the Library of Congress the authority to grant exemptions, Unlocking cell phones allows handsets to be used on a wireless network other than that of the originating carrier, It's a process that wireless carriers are usually willing to accommodate once the customer's wireless contract has been fulfilled, But the process became illegal last year when the Library of Congress opted not to renew a DMCA exemption, which it granted in 2006 and 2010, The change caused a stir in the wireless community and lead to an online petition that garnered some 114,322 signatures before winning the president's support last March..

While emphasizing that the bill would legalize individual unlocking, the bill included a prohibition against bulk unlocking of devices for the purpose of resale, according to a summary of the bill. "This legislation allows any individual who wishes to unlock their cell phone for personal use to seek help from others without violating anti-circumvention provisions and clarifies that this bill does not permit the unlocking of cell phones for the purpose of bulk resale," the summary states. The inclusion of a clause in the bill prohibiting bulk unlocking drew criticism from consumer watchdogs. Consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge withdrew its support, saying that "language recently added to the bill could be interpreted to make future unlocking efforts more difficult."The Electronic Frontier Foundation also dropped its support of the bill, saying that that the new legislation "sends two dangerous signals: (1) that Congress is OK with using copyright as an excuse to inhibit certain business models, even if the business isn't actually infringing anyone's copyright; and (2) that Congress still doesn't understand the collateral damage Section 1201 [of the DMCA] is causing. For example, bulk unlocking not only benefits consumers, it's good for the environment -- unlocking allows re-use, and that means less electronic waste."Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy has already introduced his own unlocking bill, although his support for the bulk unlocking prohibition is uncertain.

The five major US wireless carriers reached a deal late last year with the Federal Communications Commission to unlock customers' handsets, but only after h&m moschino iphone case the terms of their contract had been fulfilled, The deal also states that carriers can charge non-customers a fee for unlocking a phone, Legislation would repeal a Library of Congress decision not to issue a DMCA exemption against phone unlocking but prohibit bulk device unlocking, The US House of Representatives approved a bill Tuesday that would allow cell phone customers to unlock their devices for use on competitors' networks..