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4. Facts and figures, flight status. Ask the three assistants for Genghis Khan's birthday, the height of Mt. Everest, sports scores, or the weather, and you'll get the same answers presented in an easy-to-read format that sets apart the response (above) from more detailed information or Web links (below). They all also convert currency and can tell you the time in another city. Siri provided the most context with both of these, adding visual elements of a clock and a currency graph, respectively. Strangely, Cortana could tell me the time in Mumbai and London, but not Taipei (I got a list of search results instead.) This is likely a function of Cortana's beta status and something that Microsoft will build out.

Depending on what you ask and how you ask it, the results may differ among the assistants, They can be a little finicky on your articulation and exact wording, Siri, for example, didn't understand when I asked "What time is Captain America playing tonight?" I got the MLB schedule for the Mets game instead (on more than once in n out iphone case occasion), When I worded the phrase slightly -- "What are showtimes for Captain America tonight?" -- I was correctly shown movie times, A similar oopsie occurred with Cortana, which displayed the film schedule when I searched for Captain America, but then presented a list of Bing results when I asked about "The Lego Movie."Cortana's claim of flight status worked well when I asked it, "What's the status of United 931?" Google Now kept pace, with the same results posted clearly on a card, but Siri returned my query with a Web search, not with an at-a-glance flight status..

5. Directions. Voice-activated directions worked flawlessly for all three assistants ("Navigate me to Palo Alto."). Looking up addresses (that you don't necessarily want directions for) is also something you can do. When asked, "What is the address for the Exploratorium?", all three returned the correct response..eventually. On my first attempt, which was outdoors, only Siri returned a specific result. The other two proffered up a list of links. There was one other on-demand command that only tripped up Google Now, and that was asking "How long will it take me to get home?" You'll get search results instead of a card response. That said, Google Now cards proactively predict your commute, so that information is available.

6, Reminders and relationships, Siri, Google Now, and Cortana all set simple reminders, like "Remind me to make a dentist appointment on Tuesday," but in n out iphone case Cortana wants to nail down the time, Where Siri will set the reminder without a time commitment, Cortana -- and Google Now -- will prompt you to lock down your schedule, One unique, clever Cortana trick links reminders to contacts, For instance, "The next time Dan and I talk, remind me to ask about the game." If more than one contact fits the description, Cortana will prompt you to pick from a list of contacts, The next time either of you texts or calls, a screen dominated by Cortana's trademark red circle pops up with the reminder, which you can complete or postpone for next time..

Like Siri, Cortana lets you set relationships for people and places as well, which lets you refer to people as "Mom" or "Dad," "my brother," or simply "Amy," rather than speak the person's first and last name to place a call or text, for example. In Cortana, you set these relationships manually through the Inner Circle area that's part of the settings menu that Microsoft calls Cortana's Notebook. With Siri and Google Now, however, you can just speak the relationship simply, like "Aidan is my brother-in-law," and then it is so. Microsoft should mimic this more convenient approach.

7, Music identification and playback, Windows Phone has had Shazam-style music identification rolled into the Bing search app for some time, so its placement in Cortana is inevitable, When music in n out iphone case is playing, launch Cortana, then tap the music note to get it to listen, It works about the same in Google Search app, Siri doesn't have this capability yet; Apple's assistant just listens and does nothing, I do think that Google is a little smarter about the info it returns, making it clear in the results that you can buy the tune from the Google Play Store, Microsoft's Cortana will also hook into the phone's music store, but only after you tap the entry, Neither provides the deep context around the artist, album, or lyrics the way that dedicated apps like SoundHound do..

In addition to recognizing music, Cortana -- and Siri, and Google Now -- can play songs you already own when you simply say "Play Fun" or "Play Some Nights." You can say "Stop music" or "Pause music" to halt the tune. In theory, you should be able to tell Cortana "Stop [the name of the band or song]", but Cortana interpreted that command as a new Web search. So what happens when you ask to see a song you don't own? Siri tells you it isn't in your library, but Google Now and Cortana at least provide links so you can play it yourself online. Google's search result lists the YouTube video first; Cortana serves up

8, Follow-up search commands, There are a few instances when you and Cortana can take turns to whittle down a search, Right now it works when you search for a business or look up the weather, For example, "Show me the weather," followed by "What's it like on Thursday?" -- no need to specify that you're still asking after the climate, Google's voice action and Siri do this as well, What is unique to Cortana being able to follow up on questions related to looking up businesses, Say: "Show me Italian restaurants that are in n out iphone case open in the Financial District tonight" and you'll see a list pulled from Bing's local search, Siri lists off restaurant names, too, but Google Voice returns URLs that are related to "restaurant."Cortana alone remains contextually aware around this search, which lets you continue to request anything from distance (show me the ones within five miles), star ratings, even commands to call a business on the list or find out more about it, For example, you can say: "How long will it take me to get to Barbacco?" and then "How long will it take me to walk?"Siri treats follow-up requests like this as a new query..