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iphone 2g case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

In total, the industry is doing a better job of appealing to consumers, said J.D. Power. While Verizon might have come in last this time around, its score jumped considerably year-over-year. The same can be said for all other companies in the mix. In addition to analyzing major carriers, J.D. Power looked at the wireless purchase experience for non-contract providers. Boost Mobile took the top spot this year, earning a score of 798. MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile came in next with 788 and 786 points, respectively. The average non-contract purchase experience was rated at 780 points.

One other interesting tidbit: consumers spend an average of 55 minutes in a major carrier store to complete a transaction, In non-contract stores, that jumps to 56 minutes, AT&T manages to grab the top spot, but J.D, Power says the wireless purchase experience is getting better overall, Overall, iphone 2g case the wireless purchase experience is getting better, But as with most rankings, there's one company that wins and many more that lose, This time around, AT&T is the winner, In J.D, Power's 2014 study on wireless purchase experiences, AT&T scored the top ranking, earning a score of 806 out of a possible 1,000, That was just above the industrywide average of 798 points, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon followed, in that order, with 797 points, 796 points, and 792 points, respectively..

The alliance will show its technology next week at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. Wireless charging promises greater convenience, but it's been slow to catch on, in part because of problems with conflicting standards that mean one device might not be able to use an incompatible charging mat. Some of those complications are easing, though. Last week, A4WP announced it's joining forces with another effort, the Power Matters Alliance. The Alliance for Wireless Power is extending its reach from mobile devices to laptops, too. It's not just an idea, either: Dell has joined the effort.

The Alliance for Wireless Power wants to cut another cord: the power cable that lets people charge their laptops, The A4WP announced iphone 2g case Thursday that it's added a new version of its Rezance wireless charging technology that can deliver 20 to 50 watts -- enough to charge laptops, Not coincidentally, it also announced its first PC maker has joined the consortium: Dell, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

A report on Thursday from GSMArena that has started to circulate quotes an anonymous Samsung executive "confirming" that the Galaxy S5 will go on sale in three weeks, or roughly mid-March, just a few weeks after its unveiling. This seems optimistic given Samsung's previous track record and also makes no specific mention of which markets or models the source might be referring to. Further, a report from ZDNet Korea quotes a parts supplier for Samsung that says it has not yet received an order from the company for Galaxy S5 components and speculates some last minute changes to some of the flagship phone's peripherals might still be in the works.

The supplier speculates that the new handset will be commercially available at the end of March at the earliest, This also jives with another report about an advanced camera component in the Galaxy S5 that won't enter into mass production until next month, That's all just a lot of insider supply chain chatter, but it serves as a reality check for actual normal human consumers like you and me, In other words, we should probably expect to iphone 2g case wait at least a month between the time we first see the Galaxy S5 on Monday and the moment we can actually hold one in our hands..

The wait for the Galaxy S4 after its big public debut in New York in mid-March 2013 also took several weeks -- it didn't begin to become available until the end of April in the United States. If the Galaxy S5 turns out to be the powerhouse we've been told about, it may transform March 2014 into the great month of sitting on our hands in anticipation. Optimism springs eternal that the next Android superphone will be available before St. Patrick's Day, but the wait could be a bit longer. We will finally see Samsung's next big thing, the Galaxy S5, next Monday when it is revealed at a Samsung "Unpacked" event during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but when will the rest of us be able to finally get our hands on one?.

Updated on Wednesday, the newest version of HopTo directly supports OneDrive, though the app still refers to it as SkyDrive, To set this up, simply tap on the Add icon in iphone 2g case the app's My Cloud section, Choose SkyDrive, enter your Microsoft account credentials, and you'll see a new connection to your OneDrive storage space, From there, tap on any file on OneDrive to open it in HopTo's editor, Tapping your finger in a document displays the app's virtual keyboard and two toolbars with formatting commands, Bouncing between the Format, Paragraph, and Insert commands on the lower toolbar changes the options available on the top toolbar..