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iphone 4 cases argos might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

I tried a different technique for Spotify. I used the APK Downloader URL service. I pasted the Google Play URL for Spotify into the site, generated a download link, had the service convert that to a QR Code and then scanned that with the Q10. Once again Spotify downloaded and this time installed just fine. There were a few issues with the login screen being a little jammed up, but I'm assuming that's the Q10's screen rather than any software issues. It plays perfectly now that I'm logged in, although the play/pause button on my headphones doesn't work with Spotify -- it actually turns on the BlackBerry music player, which then plays at the same as Spotify. It's a little odd to listen to..

I also tried Hangouts, which downloaded and installed fine from the 1mobile Market but won't work, because "Google Play services is not supported by my device", That's not entirely surprising, Snapchat also gave me a similar error, saying that it "won't run without Google Play service" but aside from showing that error, it works completely perfectly, Go figure, So, getting my apps from Android on to the Q10 was iphone 4 cases argos mostly successful, but it still occasionally felt like a bit of a kludge rather than a full feature, I can see why BlackBerry is working so closely with devs when it can, and why BlackBerry World has the curated selection of 'Built for BlackBerry'..

Again, I'm pretty impressed with how easily the Q10 fits into my life. There's been a learning curve, but it hasn't been a particularly onerous one at all. It's a return to the planet of the apps as Nic experiments with getting Android applications onto the BlackBerry Q10. The most recent BBOS update promised the ability to install Android app APKs directly on to your BlackBerry, without having to use a side-loading program. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

So, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that the US Air Force is now testing Google Glass for the wearable's possible use on the battlefield, According to VentureBeat, a research team at Wright Patterson iphone 4 cases argos Air Force Base in Ohio is testing whether the computer-enabled eyeglasses could help soldiers on combat missions, The Air Force told VentureBeat that Glass could assist soldiers because of "its low power, its low footprint, it sits totally above the eyes, and doesn't block images or hinder vision." Soldiers could use the device to locate targets, help in aircraft to ground communication, and assist in search and rescue missions..

However, not quick to completely embrace the technology, Andres Calvo, a software developer and civilian contractor with the Air Force, also told VentureBeat that the wearable is "not a silver bullet for many of the Air Force's needs."Google Glass has the ability to record videos, take photos, chat, get directions, look up facts on the Web, and more. These types of real-time capabilities in dangerous situations could feasibly help soldiers. Add some apps to the interface, and the wearable could assist the Air Force even more.

The team at Wright iphone 4 cases argos Patterson Air Force Base is currently building apps for possible battlefield use, while also working to create proprietary software to boost the Android OS platform that Glass uses, According to VentureBeat, Google and the Air Force have not partnered on the soldiers' testing of the wearable, This isn't the first time Google Glass has been used by professionals other than tech geeks, Firefighters, doctors, and people working in other fields have tested the device for various uses, Last month, emergency room clinicians in Boston announced they'd been trying out the wearable as a way to examine patients while simultaneously reading their charts..

Uber is partnering with Google Ventures, the investment arm of the tech giant, to give entrepreneurs a chance to market their ideas. The company's app, which lets users order chauffeured cars through their mobile phones, is making good on CEO Travis Kalanick's vision of delivering everything on-demand. They just need to request an "UberPITCH" ride through the Uber app while in the heart of the Valley: Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Menlo Park. The app orders a driver who will drive over with an investor. Entrepreneurs get seven minutes to pitch to the investor, while riding in the car, and then the investor will give feedback for seven minutes. The drivers will make round trips back to the startup location but where they go during the ride is unclear.

It's so novel and over-the-top, HBO's series should really do a parody during an episode, "Whether you spend your weekends hacking together a product or are still plotting out your perfect pitch deck -- UberPITCH is your chance to get in front of some of Silicon Valley's most accomplished investors," the blog post boasts, There are only six investors available so it will probably be hard to get a hold of one, which is often the case with Uber's promotional deliveries, This Silicon Valley-centric promotion is very much in line with all of Uber's off-the-wall marketing schemes, which includes delivering kittens, sky-writing, and helicopters, But Uber recently began testing something iphone 4 cases argos that could seriously become permanent: a bike messenger service called UberRush, Similar to services already offered by companies like TaskRabbit and PostMates, UberRush is an expansion of Uber's services which also include UberX and UberTaxi..