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iphone 4 cases for girl might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Around that time, LG's R&D department had come up with multiple mock-ups of proposed devices, and it fell to Woo to decide which to use. After perusing the different prototypes, he stopped at the one model that featured the power and volume controls on the back. Woo was drawn to the device. Out of all of the different prototypes, it was the only one that was significantly different. Another side benefit: That particular designed featured the thinnest possible bezel, allowing the company to pack in a larger display.

After months of work, LG decided to hold focus group tests for the device early last year, particularly to gauge the reaction to the back button, The early response wasn't great, "It was really bad," he said, with a slight chuckle, I was surprised by the revelation, Having covered the industry for a while, I know how much sway those iphone 4 cases for girl focus groups tend to have, And feedback that negative that early on would have surely killed off the idea at other handset vendors, When I asked him about his surprising decision to ignore the results, he offered up a simple response..

"That's what I do."In a follow-up email response, Woo added that he tried to understand the early skepticism over the rear buttons. Initially, people saw the mock-up as different for the sake of being different. They also didn't have a chance to really use the phone, instead only answering hypothetical questions about having the controls in the rear. Woo knew he needed something else. Birth of KnockOn That something turned out to be an alternative way to wake up the phone. One of the members of his team brought up the idea of tapping the screen. Woo saw an opportunity and seized it: The G2 would have a feature LG called KnockOn.

It's actually a brilliantly simple and intuitive idea for the phone, You tap the screen twice to wake it up, and tap it twice again to put it back to sleep, A month before the launch of the G2 in August, LG ran another focus group with both the back-button controls and KnockOn, and gave consumers an actual device to play with, "That time, the result was pretty positive," Woo said, Woo knew he wanted the back button to stand out more, so that other people would know it was an iphone 4 cases for girl LG phone, So he added a glowing power button in the center that would subtly change colors if you were on the phone, so there was no mistaking what you device you were using when you held it up to your ear..

Still, it continues to have its share of critics. "LG's rear button placement is different, but not better," said Strategy Analytics' Avi Greengart. But KnockOn was successful enough that it will continue to be a hallmark feature in LG's higher-end devices. With the G Pro 2, LG introduced Knock Code, which lets people set up a specific tapping sequence on the screen to unlock the phone. Woo, who professed his admiration for Apple, and said his style of dress was based partly on his idea of what an Apple executive would wear, said he considered mimicking Apple's decision to put a fingerprint sensor on its phone, something that Samsung had just introduced during its massive Galaxy S5 launch the evening before. But he argued that Knock Code was not only similarly effective, but could eventually filter down to mid-tier and lower-end devices where a pricey fingerprint sensor wasn't an option.

Interestingly, LG said it owns the rights to the terms "KnockOn", as well as "KnockOff." Understandably, the company hasn't really used the latter term too often, Optimus no more With the G2, iphone 4 cases for girl LG shook up the naming convention for its flagship smartphone, The prior marquee phone, the Optimus G, still utilized the Optimus family name that the company had spent years establishing, starting with the entry-level Optimus One back in late 2010, I expressed my concerns to LG back then about the decision to use the name, Apparently, LG was not aware of a certain Transformer that shared a similar sounding moniker..

Beyond that minor coincidence, LG's family of Optimus phones were primarily made up of mass-market phones. As such, LG felt the brand was too deeply associated with affordability. "The Optimus name didn't have a premium enough feel," said an LG representative. About six months before the launch of the G2, LG's marketing team decided that the phone represented a big enough step-up from the Optimus G to warrant a name change. It was a chance to establish a new identity that could challenge the iPhone, Galaxy S, and HTC One franchises.

While LG succeeded in created a unified iphone 4 cases for girl brand, the G2 still hasn't resonated with consumers relative to the other big players, A Kantar survey found that the primary reason consumers bought an LG phone remained cost, an indication that the company has yet to shake that bargain brand reputation, "Despite the fact that the G2 has clearly helped sales and helped LG as a vendor seen more as a smartphone player, it has not helped the LG brand to be perceived as cutting edge or a market leader brand," said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Kantar..