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iphone 6 cases kmart might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

That's for the 8.4-inch, available from online shops Very and Clove. It's expected to be delivered around 21 March. For your money you get a 1,600x2,560 screen and 16GB of storage, with cutting-edge Android KitKat software. The TabPro comes in a range of sizes, including a 10.1-inch and 12.2-inch version as well as the 8-incher. The TabPro was unveiled alongside the almost-identical Samsung Galaxy NotePro at CES last month. There's only one size for the NotePro -- 12-inches -- and it comes with an S Pen stylus, like its phablet namesake the Galaxy Note 3.

The NotePro ain't cheap: it costs £649, for which you get a 1,600x2,560 screen and octa-core processor consisting of four 1.9GHz for heavy lifting and four 1.3GHz cores for everyday work, iphone 6 cases kmart The Samsung Galaxy TabPro is up for order here in the UK for £349, Ready to go Pro? The Samsung Galaxy TabPro is up for order here in the UK, Samsung's latest 8-incher is on sale now for £349, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Then we cry. Please imagine, for example, the current feelings of a Chicago student who went on WGN-TV on Monday to demonstrate an app called Expunge.io. This useful tool helps you to remove your juvenile record from the all the places where people might find it, if your state allows for the possibility. Clearly this is a very helpful idea. Yet the student who was describing the app was heard over footage of a phone that may or may not have been her own. And on that phone was something that hadn't been expunged: a bookmark to a certain video on PornHub.

WGN has now removed the footage, but it was iphone 6 cases kmart already captured on Mediaite, as well as many other sites, The initial eagle eyes, drawn perhaps inexorably to the word "porn" on the screen (any screen), was someone on Reddit with the handle "GIANTclouds."It's unclear whose phone was being used, although Mediaite reports it belonged to a production staff member at WGN, I hope the app is very successful and that the owner of the phone is very happy, A Chicago student is demonstrating an app that helps you expunge your juvenile record, The eagle-eyed spot an interesting item on the phone screen..

The rumor was widely reported in blogs that follow Apple. A bezel-free design -- which some publications depict as an edge-to-edge display -- would presumably require the fingerprint scanner to be incorporated into the display. On the iPhone 5S, fingerprint scanning is done via the home button. This is by no means a first for this rumor. Speculation about an iPhone with an edge-to-edge display has been around for years. The problem is, the real next-gen iPhone, aka iPhone 6, isn't due for a long time.

So, Apple could very well be testing a bezel-free design, but what the company ultimately decides is unknown, And note that there have also been reports of a planned iPhone 6 with glass that is curved at the edges, The Korea Herald also claims that Samsung's Galaxy S5 iphone 6 cases kmart will come with the side bezels removed, citing new touch panel technology that would allow this, Apple is testing an iPhone 6 with a bezel-free design, the latest in a long line of rumors about an iPhone that puts more features behind the glass..

Not your ordinary drones, these futuristic machines will be designed to carry up to 3,000 pounds, have their own power system, fuel, digital flight controls, and remote command-and-control interfaces. As envisioned by DARPA, troops will be able to control these unmanned aerial vehicles with mobile apps on their smartphones or tablets. The aircraft, still just concepts at this time, are being created within DARPA's Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System (ARES) program and are currently in their third and final design phase. Lockheed Martin Skunk Works is the lead designer and in charge of systems integration for the third phase of the program.

Getting supplies to soldiers on the front line can be a major challenge, According to the Department of Defense, combat outposts need roughly 100,000 pounds of material per week, If soldiers are located high in the mountains or deep in a jungle, trucking in supplies is often out of the question, Helicopters can do the job, but demand for drop-offs often exceeds helicopter availability, "Many missions require dedicated vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) assets, but most ground units don't have their own helicopters," DARPA program manager Ashish Bagai said in a statement, "Our goal is to provide flexible, terrain-independent transportation that avoids ground-based threats, in turn supporting expedited, cost-effective operations and improving the likelihood of mission success."The iphone 6 cases kmart Pentagon has already experimented with a pair of unmanned K-Max K-1200 helicopters, sporting a traditional helicopter design and rather modest capabilities, on short-range cargo resupply missions to forward operating bases in Afghanistan..