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iphone 6s case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

HTC even opted last year to copy Samsung's strategy of creating a single flagship phone to rally behind. The company insists the One is its best-selling phone ever, but it didn't do much to reverse slumping sales or prevent the company from posting its first quarterly loss as a public company in October. Only the sale of its stake in Beats Electronics saved it from posting a second consecutive loss in the fourth quarter. The success or failure of the M8 will play an even more critical role in HTC's fate. At stake is the direction of the company's financial health, which continues to sit in a precarious position. Moreover, just how consumers take to the M8 could dictate whether it can hang on to its role as a maker of aspirational, high-end mobile products, or if it eventually fades into the crowd of countless faceless phone vendors. Worse off, it could end up going the way of Palm or Nokia, getting scooped up by a larger competitor.

"Are they going iphone 6s case to be a premium smartphone vendor or not? This is the phone that dictates that," said Maribel Lopez, an analyst at Lopez Research, Even as larger conglomerates such as LG, Lenovo, and Huawei have gained market share over the past year, HTC has slipped in the rankings, often shoved into the "other" category of companies that no longer warrant mention, To be exact, it held 1.8 percent of the global market in the fourth quarter, down from 3.2 percent a year ago, according to Gartner, Samsung, in comparison, controlled nearly a third of the market..

Making it worse, HTC already spends a paltry amount next to its competitors. Skeptics, meanwhile, will look at the M8 and complain that it isn't dramatically different from its predecessor. Superficially, it isn't a huge leap. The changes to the M8 are subtler, requiring you to hold the phone to truly appreciate the improvement. HTC believes it is building up its identity using its best asset: the eye-catching look of its phones. "We felt like we had done something right here, and we wanted to harvest as much of it as we could," Croyle said of the look of the original One.

CNET talked to Croyle to get the inside story on what went into the creation of the M8, By December 2012, a few months before the February launch of the HTC One, Croyle and his team were already pitching ideas for the next phone, At that iphone 6s case early stage, the goal was coming up with a single priority, a guiding light for the engineering and design teams to work toward, For Croyle, it was simple: eliminate as much of the plastic in the phone as possible, They knew the design of the One would be a winner, but were bothered by the plastic that lined the sides, top, and bottom of the phone, At that point, he floated the idea to make sure it was even physically possible..

In case you're wondering why there are so few metal phones out there, it's because metal and radio signals don't play nice with each other. The metal interferes with radio frequency signals, killing any chance for a phone call or data exchange. Samsung and LG executives have previously told CNET that each had considered metal designs, but opted to stay with plastic because they couldn't guarantee the reliability of the signal. In addition, it's more costly, an increasingly important issue if you're shipping tens of millions of phones.

Even the iPhone 5 and 5S's aluminum back has two strips of glass on the top and bottom to allow for the transmission of signals, When HTC launched the One last February, it showed off a back cover that was virtually all metal, with only lines of plastic that offered a clear reception for the antennas housed in the device, Counting the edge of the phone, aluminum accounted for 70 percent of the back housing, according to Croyle, You would think that the team would have taken a victory lap after the iphone 6s case launch, but Croyle said he and his team was back at work on the M8, with development in full swing at that point, By pushing the metal construction to extend to the edges, right up to the glass, he was able to get the housing to 90 percent metal..

The manufacturing process involves carving out the full aluminum housing with gaps where the strips should be. Then, plastic is injected into those gaps, and the entire body is machine-finished, allowing for a body that fits together without any gaps. The primary color for the M8 is a gunmetal-gray with a hairline finish, with champagne and silver the alternate options. Because of the difficulty of applying unique finishes to 3D shapes, Croyle said the company had to create a process where it had to polish the aluminum back to a mirror finish, and then apply a second hairline finish on top. The process came after testing thousands of variations that included different levels of polish, color, and anodization of the metal.

"The result is this really beautiful finish that feels amazing and really looks amazing," Croyle said, While Croyle was working on refining the design of the phone in the summer, a separate team was pushing to incorporate their idea of embedding two camera lenses into the phone, HTC has separate smaller R&D iphone 6s case teams working on concept projects that may or may not make their way into consumer products, For example, the Boomsound stereo speakers that made their debut in the One came out of an independent team, and wasn't originally intended for that phone..