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iphone 6s plus case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

I knew more about Alex than most of our other colleagues' did. I had his home address, date of birth, the date of his wedding anniversary, and his child's date of birth -- all of which may have served as security answers to his various real-world accounts. I also had his personal and work e-mail address, his cell phone number, his employment status and history, and even a good guess at his immigration status. We agreed that this was a good time to stop. The information I had would have, as it turns out, been enough to socially engineer my way through to the Verizon customer call center. Whether or not the operator would have divulged his Social Security number to someone they thought was in fact him, we will never know. But if that were the case, there would have been a strong possibility that I could have, with that 9-digit number, accessed his bank account.

But all that from a workplace wager and iphone 6s plus case a single, innocuous tweet? It wasn't bad for just shy of two days of work, Because the information I collected on Alex was so sensitive, it was inputted and stored on a locked-down computer, It was disconnected from the network and required a complex alphanumeric password to unlock it, That data was encrypted in a document that was also protected with a different, strong alphanumeric password, The information was subsequently obliterated with an erase tool once it was no longer needed..

Alex is not a chief executive, a rock star or a celebrity, or a government employee with access to state secrets. This was an authorized "vendetta." This was personal. I wanted to break into his life and crack it open to see what I could find. It's atypical from a black hat hacker who might scrape out personal information from a hack or data breach in order to siphon off money. In that respect, it wasn't the average intelligence gathering exercise. But it threw him off his privacy pedestal. And the results certainly put chills up and down my spine.

This story originally appeared as iphone 6s plus case "How this one innocuous tweet could hack a bank account" on ZDNet, One tweet was enough to start a chain reaction of information-gathering that could have rivaled the work of a government intelligence agency, And with data, a hacker could have ended up ruining one man's life, I knew remarkably little about him when we first met, Alex is not his real name -- it's a pseudonym to protect his identity, But everything else about him is very real, He travels to our New York newsroom and our San Francisco office from his home near Charlotte, N.C., where he lives with his family..

We've been hearing about Apple's in-dash play for some time now, but this week it finally became a proper reality. With a new name at that. What was "iOS in the Car" this week became CarPlay, unveiled with little fanfare in an early morning announcement ahead of the Geneva Motor Show. That's because multiple manufacturers on that show's floor would be showcasing the tech, including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. CarPlay is a means for an iPhone (5 and newer) to power a touchscreen on a new car's dashboard. The interface is iOS-like, but vastly simplified compared to what's seen on phone or tablet. Functionality is limited too, really just letting you access maps and audio, though Siri can read messages to you and take dictation for responses. Also limited is support for third-party apps, with just Spotify, Beats, iHeartRadio, and a few others making the grade for now.

Nearly all the major manufacturers have pledged their support, many releasing cars this year and the rest to follow next, Still no announcements about aftermarket upgrades to existing cars, so if you really want in on this then you may want to start saving for a down-payment, That said, CarPlay is far from the only game in town, MirrorLink and Google's Automotive Link are also set to make waves this year, and if you click on that iphone 6s plus case very link right there you can find out what to expect from all three..

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that's been all over the news for the past year or so, was created by an individual calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto. He claimed to be a 37-year-old Japanese man but, at the time, few believed that was his real name. Newsweek, however, did, with journalist Leah McGrath Goodman this week making the claim that a 64-year-old man named Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, who lives in California, is indeed the reclusive Bitcoin creator. However, as I write this, those claims are looking somewhat dubious. Nakamoto has denied being the creator of Bitcoin, speaking to the AP and saying "No no no I was never involved," and that he was misunderstood by the Newsweek journalist. As we go to press it's unclear where the truth lies, but if indeed this all boils down to a mistake it'll prove to be a somewhat inglorious start to Newsweek's highly trumpeted print relaunch.

How would you rate BlackBerry's chances for success at this point? The company's CEO John Chen himself weighed in at Mobile World Congress, telling the Financial Times that the company has a "50-50 chance" of pulling through, That's not exactly encouraging, but then neither is another number shown in a supposed internal memo from T-Mobile, Published by TmoNews, the internal report shows that many BlackBerry owners took advantage of T-Mobile's $200 incentive to upgrade to a new phone, However, of those, 94 percent chose to switch iphone 6s plus case to Android or iOS -- despite T-Mo marking an additional $50 off BlackBerry devices, It might just be time to adjust those stakes, John..