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Users can choose from a group of coaches for the video-enabled activities, and those activities are gamified with high scores and competitive social sharing elements. "It's like Guitar Hero," Li said, showcasing on an iPad screen the ways in which the pair of Moovs on Hu's wrists were attempting to match those of the on-screen boxing coach, signaling to Hu in a sidebar stream of mismatching colors when he was performing a jab with poor form. Asked why coaching with an artificial intelligence aspect was an integral push for Moov, Hu and Li said it came from personal experience. "There's an energy in working with a coach," said Li, an avid runner who believes in the inspiration, but also reinforcement, a coach can provide. "When I cheat, she yells at me, but it's still fun. I don't have a lot of time to do that now, especially doing a startup, so I wanted a coach with me 24/7," she added.

Hu sees value in coaches from the perspective of not just creating a more engaging experience with software as a human replacement, but in also creating an environment where one can reap the most benefit from a situation in which a real-life, costly coach is not iphone 8 case ebay an option for most people, "The best sport I can do is snowboarding, Why? Because I had a coach from the beginning," explained Hu, "So why not bring a coach to everybody?", The company is hoping to expand the native components of its app into activities like martial arts, golfing, and yoga, but is also releasing an SDK for developers to create their own add-ons to Moov..

At the end of each workout, stats are readily available on performance, calories burned, and data-based comparisons to previous efforts. There's not a Web dashboard yet like you get with Jawbone or Fitbit devices, but the final product that is expected to ship to the first preorder customers will incorporate a robust report system for each of its different workout sectors. Still, the deep-diving capability is there. On an iPad, Hu showed off the different ways the team experimented with perfecting the device's ability to monitor running technique and stats by comparing a Stanford runner with a professional coach and experimenting with different levels of intricate data the Moov can glean from workouts. The team spent its first months with no clear goal in sight, wrapped up in research and development, eventually incorporating biomechanics research from Harvard, sports science research from University of Cape Town, and ergonomics research from Stanford to inform all aspects of Moov.

That kind of data is very raw, Li and Hu admit, but "in the future, it will be more user-friendly," Hu said, "It'll be for advanced users, but for normal users -- it's there if they want to see," he added, "Otherwise, the coach will tell them everything."Where Moov fits in among the new breed of fitness trackers, Like competing devices, Moov is water-resistant, so it can be worn in the shower, and iphone 8 case ebay performs the basic functions like monitoring one's daily sleep and step count independent from any exercising, What it doesn't contain are some of the more standard features of pricier wearables like the recently unveiled Samsung Gear Fit..

Moov does not have a heart-rate monitor -- the company is considering it for future releases -- and no screen with which to transmit information like time of day or steps walked, a feature established wearable-maker Fitbit found imperative when expanding upon its Flex wristband to design the Fitbit Force last year. And a data-displaying screen has been present in the Nike FuelBand since its launch in 2012. Where Moov thinks it can surpass its current competitors is its ability to be better than Fitbit and Jawbone's devices, while also being cheaper than the slew of upcoming, high-quality trackers trying to bring more powerful tech to wearable fitness. Effectively, that means a low-cost device that does more than what we've come to expect from a $100 tracker that will appeal to both the hardcore fitness community and tech-savvy exercise newbies.

After all, the team behind Moov, which is currently less than 10 people, is certainly not the first group to postulate that a fitness tracker could be more than a fancy-looking pedometer, Products pushing the ability to tell us what to do and how to change, instead of just tracking and spitting out useless data, are sprouting up left iphone 8 case ebay and right, The Atlas fitness tracker -- a futuristic-looking wrist-worn device with a protruding perpendicular screen -- is currently up on Indiegogo with more than $500,000 in funding and 11 days to go, having surpassed its $125,000 goal long ago, Amiigo, a company making a device with the power of Moov and Atlas but in as slim a form factor as possible, last year performed very much the same on Indiegogo as Atlas is performing now..

Both are capable of identifying exercises and adjusting the tracking accordingly, monitoring your heart rate, and giving real-time feedback. Amiigo even purports to measure your body temperature, and wants users to use its two sensors simultaneously, one for your wrist and one for your ankle, for even more accuracy. And then there's Flyfit, which launched on Kickstarter earlier this month and forgoes some of the flashier, more expensive elements like heart-rate monitoring and a display, but still aims to give real-time feedback and identify different activities.

Moov is a bit of an outlier here, relying not on Indiegogo or Kickstarter, setting a modest funding goal, and selling at iphone 8 case ebay an initial preorder price far lower than its crowdfunding companions, Atlas hopes to retail its device for $225 and has a current pledge price of $169, while Amiigo's lowest price for one of its units was $89 with a hike to $125 at retail, Flyfit is offering one device now for $99 as a Kickstarter pledge tier with an expected retail price of $139, Furthermore, Moov wants to deliver by July, an incredibly ambitious time frame, though the company claims its suppliers are simply waiting for the call to get going on manufacturing, Atlas, on the other hand, is promising December of this year, and Amiigo, which funded successfully in January of 2013, has run into a series of now-standard manufacturing hurdles that most crowdfunded hardware projects run into, Flyfit is shooting for August..