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iphone 8 plus case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

The South Korean company released its "Swarovski for Samsung" accessory collection on its online story on Wednesday. The collection is specifically geared toward Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone and its Gear Fit computer-enabled watch. For the Galaxy S5, buyers can snap up crystal-encrusted phone covers in various colors, such as black or a mixture of blue and white. And, the Gear Fit can be dressed up with little charms that come in different colors and styles. For example bar colors include golden shadow and crystal, and dangle styles come in light rose heart, anthracite skull, crystal star, and golden shadow lips (whatever that means).

"With technology and fashion so deeply intertwined, Samsung is more dedicated than ever to supporting self-expression through technological innovation and iphone 8 plus case meaningful partnerships," Samsung's executive vice president of Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division Younghee Lee said in a statement, "Collaborating with Swarovski on this stunning collection of device accessories reflects our commitment to providing people with user-experiences that express their distinct personalities and tastes."News of the crystal collection leaked last month when a promotional video from Samsung's mobile team made it to the Web, The Swarovski Galaxy S5 is the latest in a long line of blinged-out devices going at least as far back as the early iPhone days, In fact, this isn't the first Samsung-Swarovski collaboration -- earlier this year the company debuted crystal cases for the Galaxy Note 3..

The "Swarovski for Samsung" collection is now available on the Samsung online store in Korea and will soon be coming soon to China and the UK. Starting May 22, the accessories will also be available in brick-and-mortar Samsung stores. The company releases a line of crystal-encrusted covers for its flagship smartphone, as well as charms for its Gear Fit watch, which come in styles like anthracite skull, crystal star, and golden shadow lips. Technology and fashion are "deeply intertwined," according to Samsung. So, it makes sense the smartphone-maker would bathe some of it products in Swarovski crystals, right?.

No payment information or credit card numbers were stolen in the breach, but the Paris-based company sent emails to affected customers warning that they may be targeted by phishing scams that attempt to extract more sensitive financial information, such as credit card numbers iphone 8 plus case or passwords, "The data recovered could be used to contact those concerned by email, SMS or by phone, particularly for phishing purposes," the group warned in a statement, The breach, Orange's second in three months, comes at a time of heightened attention on companies' cybersecurity procedures, Companies have been busy reinforcing their defenses in the wake of a massive security breach at US retailer Target and the revelation that the Heartbleed bug left unencrypted information available for the taking from web servers..

The breach was detected April 18, but Orange said customer notification was delayed to allow for investigation and repair of the issue. Orange also reported in February that the personal information of about 800,000 of its customers was stolen in a similar attack in January. Both hacks came not long after Orange CEO Stephane Richard signed a charter in which the company pledged to protect its customers' personal data and respect their privacy. Like retailers, telecoms have also been targeted by hackers for the valuable personal information they hold. Vodafone Group's German unit revealed last September that the personal data of 2 million of its customers had been exposed in a hack.

Europe's fourth-largest telco says no payment info was stolen but warns customers they could be targeted for scams, French telecommunications group Orange iphone 8 plus case said Wednesday that a breach last month resulted in the theft of the personal information of 1.3 million of its customers, including phone numbers, dates of birth, and email addresses, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Do you watch to see how many people talk about it? Do you observe as sales of one or other product zoom or crater? Or do you ask a research firm?. Research firms are always right. Except for those statistically significant occasions when their results prove to be doddering, bumbling groups of inebriated figures. I have just been inebriated, you see, by a startling headline in Business Insider. It reads: "Samsung Made The Most Effective Smartphone Ad Of The Past 4 Years." The URL for this piece is even more compelling: "Samsung's Galaxy 5S ad kills Apple."I searched for the corpse of the iPhone for a few seconds, before reading on.

A company called Ace Metrix has declared that Samsung's latest ad -- the one that happens to mention that the iPhone 5S's camera is but twee hogwash -- is the most effective smartphone ad since Apple's ad for FaceTime in 2010, This Samsung ad, pleasant but by no means revolutionary, achieved an Ace Score of 715, Apple's latest ad for the 5S, which features a song about ace male members, scored a meager 638, These scores are measured along axes such as likability, persuasion, relevance, and total nonsense, (I'm iphone 8 plus case afraid I've got that last one totally wrong, It should have read "information.")..