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iphone a screen protector might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Take a closer look at the new camera features on the M8 with Dan Graziano as your guide. Arguably one of the most notable features on the M8 is the addition of a microSD slot. Of course, you're going to want to make the most out of your expandable storage, and one of the areas it will benefit you the most is when it comes to storing photos and videos. The first time you launch the Camera app after installing a memory card, you might see a prompt asking if you want to begin storing photos and videos on the card. But if you either dismiss the prompt at first, or don't see one at all, you can manually enable SD Card storage.

Launch the Camera app, tap on the menu icon (the three dots), followed iphone a screen protector by the Settings cog, Scroll down through the options until you find Storage, Tap on it and select SD Card, Going forward all photos and videos you capture will be saved to your memory card, Another new feature aimed at those who want to get serious with photography on the M8 allows users to save custom camera settings for quick access in the future, By customizing exposure, ISO, white balance, and more, you can enhance the photos captured by your phone, Instead of constantly having to remember what settings you used to capture a brilliant low light shot, you can save the settings and access it with just a few taps the next time you need it..

Start by adjusting the capture settings and getting them just where you want. After everything is set, tap on the menu icon followed by the Settings cog. Scroll to the bottom of the settings list, and select Save Camera. You'll then be prompted to name your camera settings. To access your new camera settings, tap on the same button you use to switch camera modes (from photo to video or Zoe, for example) and scroll down until you find the new camera mode you created. One of the hidden features in the camera app makes it possible to turn your favorite shot(s) into a Facebook cover photo.

When viewing a photo you'd like to turn into your Facebook cover, tap on the Edit button followed by Tools, then Crop, Scroll to the right through the list of preset crop ratios until you get to the Facebook Cover option, Reposition and resize as needed, save, and then upload to Facebook, Zoe iphone a screen protector was first introduced with the original HTC One last year, making it possible to take creative shots with the camera, Did you know you can also use it to create an animated image (GIF) on the M8?, After recording a Zoe, view the Zoe file and tap on Edit and scroll through the icons until you find the one labeled GIF Creator, Tap on it and select the exact segment you want to animate, then save it to your device..

Upgrading from another device to the new One? Graziano walks you through the steps of transferring data between an older Android, or even an iPhone, to your shiny new device. What would a new device be in 2014 if it didn't include gestures to quickly access or activate certain features? (10 points if you said iPhone.). The HTC One M8 includes new gestures and our very own Graziano has been kind enough to walk you through them in a video you can find here. HTC’s latest flagship device is full of new features and capabilities. We walk you through how to make use of the best of them.

Last month iphone a screen protector HTC launched its latest flagship device, the HTC One M8, The new device features a revamped display, faster processor, more RAM, a wide-angle selfie cam, and two cameras on the back of the device to make depth-of-field pictures a reality on a mobile device, With all of the new hardware, and of course new software, the HTC One M8 brings a lot of new features to the palm of your hand, While we can't cover everything, we feel it's important to highlight some of them -- 15 to be exact, So, without further delay, here are tips and tricks for your shiny new HTC One M8..

Your Android device contains a lot of personal information about you -- maybe even more than anything else you own. How about those work documents that you grabbed from an email, or the photos you saved from that text? These types of files should be relocated to cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. If you're not sure what's lurking in your storage areas -- internal or SD -- a file manager app can be used to explore your data. Some Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy series, have a file manager app built-in. It's nothing fancy, but it can get the job done.

Not a fan of your stock file manager? Then try ES File Explorer, This app can integrate with cloud solutions such as: Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, and many others, Files can even be sent directly to your Windows desktop, if you like, As bonus, check out How to get the most free online storage, This is an easy area to regain some storage, Each image, depending on your camera specs, can take approximately 3 MB of space, Several of the cloud services will back up your entire Gallery as you add photos, Unless you need the originals at your disposal, it's time to delete some of them, If you don't have an automatic backup in place, you can also just connect your USB cable and move photos to your computer, or you can iphone a screen protector send the ones you want to keep to a cloud service individually..