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iphone case 10 xs might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

It is, however, a great time to pick a system that plays great games, and has plenty of extras. It all depends on what you're looking for. Nintendo's 3DS platform has been around three years, and while many mocked it at first, it's become one of the best game systems around..if you love classic Nintendo games. There's a lot going for the 3DS, but it's still a shadow of what the Nintendo DS was in its heyday, before the iPhone. There are three versions to choose from: the 3D effect-free $129 2DS which doesn't fold up, the $169 3DS, and the $199 3DS XL, which has larger screens. All three systems have the same internal features. The 3D effect is unnecessary. Instead, think of the 3DS/2DS as a great ticket to classic and new Nintendo games.

From its family-friendly content to the best all around kid-safe settings to a solid, take-a-licking build quality, the 3DS is the best bet for kids, Older Nintendo DS games fit in all 3DS/2DS models, so the potential for cheap used games is endless, And it means there are hundreds and hundreds of games to choose from, Nintendo and "online" aren't a great match, but a ton of games exist on the eShop that are worth getting: some are Virtual Console NES games, some are lower-priced download-only experiences like Pushmo, and some were originally released for DSi, Some eShop games only cost a few dollars, but most great 3DS games are anywhere from $10 to $35, Be prepared to pay for quality..and Nintendo doesn't tend to put older games on iphone case 10 xs sale much..

You can buy a 32GB SD card and pop one right in, and store well over a hundred downloaded games. I have, and it makes the 3DS easy to upgrade. Few games have good online multiplayer modes, and while there are Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus apps, plus some very interesting local wireless StreetPass ways of sharing game goodies, the 3DS is the least online-friendly game system. First-person shooters, sports games, and other types of genres well-represented on Xbox , PlayStation and PC aren't on the 3DS much. You can get nearly every great Nintendo franchise, however, and many interesting third-party games..but a subset.

Read our reviews of the Nintendo 3DS XL , 3DS and 2DS , The PlayStation Vita platform is two years old, and a new variation is on its way: the new Vita Slim, or Vita 2000, costs $199, comes with an 8GB memory card and a game, and uses Micro-USB to charge instead of a custom charge adapter, You might want to wait until it's released in North America later this spring, although it's already available in iphone case 10 xs Japan and Europe, Either way, thanks to the PlayStation 4, the Vita has some new life but still feels like it hasn't maximized its potential..

The Vita has a crisp touch-screen OLED display (or LCD on the newer Vita Slim), dual analog sticks, and most of the buttons you'd expect on a regular game controller. It has a front touch screen, and even has an odd touch panel on its back. The Vita is dripping in features, and doesn't lack for potential. The Vita feels almost like a smartphone with grafted-on touch controls, and that's by design. It means that phone-like games play well, but so do more standard games like shooters and racers. The Vita uses either game cards or downloads, and the PlayStation Store's selection is bigger than you think: it has a lot of older PSP games as well as Vita, mobile phone-like mini games, and PlayStation One classics. And some of the very best indie games have made their home on the Vita lately: Limbo, Luftrausers, Fez, Spelunky, and dozens more. Many of these games don't cost more than $10.

Vita games can get expensive -- up to $40 -- iphone case 10 xs but there are some ways of passing on savings, A lot of games are cross-play, and can be downloaded onto the PS3 or PS4 for one purchase price, If you're a PS Plus subscriber, which you should be if you own PlayStation hardware, many games are routinely offered at discounts or even free, The Vita can be a remote second screen for playing PS4 games off the TV, much like the Wii U Game Pad, It actually works pretty well, except in a few cases where the buttons don't match perfectly (the Vita's missing an extra set of DualShock triggers, and clickable analog sticks), There are some PS3 remote functions, too, but they're more limited..

Bad news for those who want to beef up a large on-system game library: Sony's Vita memory cards are expensive, and you need to use them unless you want to keep deleting and re-downloading games. At this moment, a 32GB card costs about $80. You could buy game cards, instead. Read our reviews of the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Vita Slim . There are lots of Android phones and tablets out there, and you can pair a game controller with most of them. The Nvidia Shield tries to go a step further by making a dedicated controller-screen game system with its own way of streaming games from local PCs with Nvidia graphics hardware. It cost $299 before, but it's currently being offered for $199. The Shield plays PC games via streaming, Android games locally, and the two don't really have anything to do with each other. It's an awkward marriage. Maybe that's the marriage you're after..or maybe you're happy just sticking to your Android phone/tablet and playing games on a PC separately.

The Shield has a weird, heavy screen-bonded-to-controller design, but it's a full Android 4.4 handheld running off a Tegra 4 processor, There's 16GB of onboard storage, but it also has a MicroSD card slot, You can install whatever apps you choose via Google Play, That means there are a ton of games: most don't cost much, and many are free, Nvidia's somewhat short list of Shield-ready Android games shows that the pickings iphone case 10 xs are kind of slim, Grand Theft Auto games and Crazy Taxi are some of the best of the bunch..