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iphone case blue might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

This AWS band of spectrum Verizon is using is also supported by T-Mobile and AT&T, which means their devices also use the AWS spectrum for LTE service. And this means the devices for all three carriers are compatible when it comes to LTE. Something else that should help "harmonize" the spectrum bands used for LTE service among carriers are two wireless spectrum auctions that the FCC has in the works. The first is an auction to sell another sliver of AWS spectrum. That is scheduled for September. The good news so far when it comes to this auction is that the FCC rules, which were announced just this week, require that devices using this spectrum be interoperable.

The iphone case blue next big auction on the FCC's docket is the so-called incentive TV broadcast auction, which will auction off excess TV spectrum in the 600MHz frequency band, It's scheduled for the middle of next year, And again every major wireless operator as well as many small rural and regional operators are expected to participate in this auction, Rules for the auction haven't been finalized, but there is a good chance the FCC will also require devices used with this spectrum to be interoperable, If all four major US operators are able to acquire spectrum in these two upcoming auctions, it could mean one or two more spectrum bands that will be commonly used for 4G LTE service by the major carriers, And that will result in more devices supporting the same network technology at the same spectrum frequencies, thus leading to more interoperability among devices..

Another important development on the device interoperability front is that Sprint said last week that it plans to include a band in some of its future 4G LTE devices in a frequency it doesn't even currently use for 4G LTE. Why? The carrier is hoping to partner with smaller operators that do use this frequency band in effort to virtually expand its network footprint. It also happens to be a spectrum band that T-Mobile will soon support, and that AT&T is also slated to support in the next couple of years.

Again, what this means for consumers who want to take their device to other networks is that once major operators are using common spectrum bands for LTE there are no major technical barriers that iphone case blue prevent devices from working on different networks, The final piece to the interoperability puzzle will be the emergence of Voice over LTE technology, which will replace the older CDMA and GSM-based voice networks that wireless operators currently operate today, Once this happens, there will no longer be any technical reason why an AT&T or T-Mobile smartphone won't work on either Verizon's or Sprint's LTE networks, Voice over LTE deployment should begin sometime this year, Of course, it will take a long time before the older voice networks are phased out, But once VoLTE is widely deployed it will level the playing field in terms of interoperability among all US carriers..

Of course, wireless operators may try to thwart device portability. Even though the technology hurdles might be eliminated, the operators could still cripple phones with software locks that restrict their use on competing networks. Still, I am optimistic that the unlocked device market will continue to grow, especially if carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile continue to sell services that offer customers monthly service price cuts if they use phones they've already paid for. And once the technical barriers are no longer an issue, I think more device makers will address this market. Hopefully, we will soon see smartphones hitting the US market priced below the $200 and $300 mark.

The bottom line:Even though device portability is a little easier today than it was in the past, it's still not where it should be or where it needs to be in order to allow consumers to buy any device they want and put it on any US carrier network, But the good news is that the technology is changing the old rules, And that iphone case blue is ultimately a good thing for consumers, Correction 2:00 pm PT: This story was corrected to reflect that the Moto X from Verizon does include support for Band 4, A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the LTE bands that it supports..

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It's not the usual iphone case blue TV spot, Oldman doesn't tout its features or the design of the phone, which was introduced last week, Instead, he dares you to do your own homework, "Go ahead, ask the Internet, I'll wait," he says, right before the laser-like stare-down begins, It's a campaign that walks the fine line between confident and arrogant -- what if people had asked the Internet, and the response wasn't positive?, That's the risk Taiwan-based HTC, which has tumbled out of the top ranks of global smartphone makers (Gartner lumps it into the "other" category), decided to take when it came up with the concept for the commercial six to eight months ago, While market leaders Samsung Electronics and Apple have billions of dollars to throw at advertising, HTC, which can only spend a fraction of its rivals, knew it needed to stand out in the seemingly endless stream of smartphone ads and win over customers from its rivals..