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iphone case cover might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Then it filters the photos based on keywords, the number of likes, and the comments the photo has received. It takes in only photos that are tagged with brand names. Stoikovitch described this process technically to me as: "filtering out the crap."Once it finds these spectacularly popular items, it displays them for you on Brandicted and tells you where you can buy them. It helps if you've already told Brandicted what your favorite brands are. Currently, it crawls Instagram for photos and Amazon for products.

This, for you, may be the solution to so many of your existential issues, For me, I get stuck on the brand name, Stoikovitch pronounces it "brandickted."When I look at it, I see "brandighted." Yes, as in "indicted."I conclude, therefore, that Brandicted is the perfect indictment of a voyeuristic, materialistic society, It's just a must, isn't it?, "Brandicted" is a service that crawls all the most popular branded items on Instagram and helps iphone case cover you obtain them, Now, This instant, Because your needs are desperate..

Announcing its March-quarter results last week, Apple revealed iPhone sales of 43.7 million units. That number surpassed analyst expectations and showed a 16.8 percent rise over the 37.4 million iPhones sold in the same quarter last year. The healthy iPhone sales put Apple in second place among its smartphone peers in terms of sheer numbers but in last place for most improved sales, according to data out Wednesday from research firm IDC. Market leader Samsung shipped 85 million phones, a 22 percent gain from the same quarter in 2013. In third place, China-based Huawei shipped 13.7 million phones, a gain of 47.3 percent. No. 4 Lenovo saw the highest shipment growth at 63.3 percent, while LG took fifth place with a gain of 19.4 percent.

Over the same time, Apple's global smartphone market share sank to 15.5 percent from 17.1 percent, But Samsung and LG iphone case cover also saw their respective shares dip, while Huawei and Lenovo both earned a bigger slice of the pie, Apple's growth came from robust iPhone demand in Japan as well as several developing markets, But the company still faces strong competition from Android rivals, notably those selling increasingly popular large-screened smartphones, "Apple reached a new first quarter record, breaching the 40 million unit mark," IDC said in its latest report, "The company saw double-digit growth in Japan as well as across multiple developing markets, including Brazil, China, India, and Indonesia, Still, this made for the lowest year-over-year improvement among the leading vendors, What remains to be seen is when -- not if -- Apple's rumored large-screen models will arrive on the market, filling a gap in the company's portfolio that has been exploited by the competition."Apple is expected to unveil at least one larger-screened iPhone in September, Recent reports claim that two new iPhones will debut this year -- one with a 4.7-inch screen, the other with a 5.5-inch screen, If those reports are true, the two bigger iPhones will certainly help Apple win more users and reclaim much of that lost market share, But its rivals won't just stand still, putting more pressure on Apple to keep up with the competition..

Overall, vendors shipped 281.5 million smartphones globally last quarter, up 28.6 percent from the same quarter last year but down 2.8 percent from the previous quarter. However, that small decline is par for the course. "The first quarter of the year typically brings sequential retrenchment from the holiday spending of the previous quarter," Ramon Llamas, research manager with IDC's mobile phone team, said in a statement. "The small difference between the two quarters points to sustained strong demand, driven by emerging markets, low-cost devices, and the proliferation of 4G networks. If this is how we start the year, then we can look forward to another record-breaking quarter at the end of the year."Samsung, Lenovo, and other major players saw much higher growth in shipments, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Starting this summer, the streaming video site will unveil a selection of ad-supported full TV episodes for all mobile users, most notably those who don't have a Hulu Plus subscription, Hulu revealed in a blog posted Wednesday, Currently, full episodes are available free to non-subscribers only on the desktop, while non-paying mobile users can watch only clips of TV shows, "With our re-imagining of mobile viewing, iphone case cover we want you, our viewers, to have more access to the content you love, right at your fingertips," Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said in the blog..

Hopkins also teased a new version of the Hulu Plus iPhone app slated for release this summer and touted the reach of Hulu Plus, which now numbers more than 6 million subscribers -- up from 5 million in December. "Hulu Plus is now accessible on more than 400 million internet-connected devices in the United States, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, and most recently, Amazon's new set-top box, Amazon Fire TV," Hopkins said. "After redesigning our living room devices such as Roku and Wii-U, we saw average-minutes-viewed increase by over 30 percent. And out of our tens of millions of viewers, there are 3,000 unique ways Hulu viewers access content on Hulu and Hulu Plus (for example, I watch on my iPad and Apple TV)."Hopkins' tooting of the Hulu horn comes amid the Hulu Upfront event held Wednesday in New York. Geared toward the site's advertising partners, the 2014 Hulu Upfront gave the company a chance to trot out the stars and creative talent behind its Hulu Originals programming.

Among Hulu's original shows, "Deadbeat" has been granted a second season, while "The Awesomes," "Quick Draw," and "East Los High" have been given firm dates for their second-season debuts, Hulu's teen dance drama "The Next Step" lands in the US on May 28 and reality TV satire "Hotwives of Orlando" will iphone case cover hit Hulu viewers in July, One innovation on the advertising side could appeal to pizza lovers, Hopkins said that Hulu will roll out an "In-Stream Purchase Unit" later this year with Pizza Hut as its partner, This "unit" will allow hungry Hulu viewers to order pizza via a commercial without having to leave Hulu..