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iphone case easy to hold might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

For the past one to two years, another team had worked on idea of utilizing the second lens to capture depth, allowing for Lytro-like shifting of focus after the shots were taken. After some trials and tests to see how consumers would use it and to ensure it wouldn't come off as a gimmick, the company opted to incorporate it. Fortunately, Croyle had reserved space in the back of his design, just in case. HTC was clearly sprinting toward the finish line, with some of the more interesting features emerging late in the game. The unique flip cover, with holes that allow for the screen to display basic bits like time and weather in large, colorful graphics, came out out of Croyle's team in December. CEO Peter Chou saw it during a meeting, and liked it so much he insisted on getting it into production. Croyle warned of shortages for the cover, noting the company is already having trouble meeting the early orders.

Three to four months ago, Chou tapped the engineering team to create an "Extreme Power Saving" mode that promises to keep your phone running for an additional 15 hours despite having only 5 percent battery life, It's a feature developed so late that it's still in carrier testing in the US and won't be available at launch, Croyle credits Chou's hands-on direction, and teases he refers to him more as the chief design officer than CEO, "That's the benefit of Peter," he said, "Having somebody who has the respect of the entire organization and can get them to pivot on a single idea."Chou has recently taken a more active role in the product side of HTC, leaving iphone case easy to hold much of the day-to-day business and marketing responsibilities to Chairwoman Cher Wang..

Croyle hinted that we would see the fruits of Wang's increased focus on the marketing strategy. HTC's ability to properly promote its products and get its name out to consumers remains its biggest weakness. Even when HTC opted to make a splash by signing Robert Downey, Jr. to as a pitchman, the campaign fizzled and derided as confusing and ineffective. It remains to be seen how Wang will do things different, but it whatever it is, it will have to be bigger and smarter. "It's not a product problem," said Ross Rubin, an analyst at Reticle Research. "The marketing has continued to be challenging."Croyle early on pitched a common DNA with the One, retaining the large "forehead and chin" on the front of the phone, which houses the front-facing Boomsound speakers. Chou was on board early.

Croyle compared his decision to the strategy that premium automakers employ with similar design element year after year, Think the gull-wing doors found in Lamborghinis or the kidney grille on the front of every BMW, The iphone case easy to hold mass-market Desire smartphones also share a consistent visual appearance as the One and M8, even if they lack the premium materials, Croyle added that the lower-end phones would do the same, Croyle said the additional product portfolio -- which he hopes will lead to more shelf space in stores -- will help give confidence to consumers looking at HTC that this is more than a one-trick pony..

Still, its marketing position is so weak that it has some wondering whether going with a broad set of carriers makes sense. Roger Entner, a consultant for Recon Analytics, believes HTC would should have signed an exclusive deal with a single major US carrier and bargained for a larger promotional push and store shelf space. "You're better off making one of your excited about your product that try to be everyone's darling," he said. As it stands, none of the carriers are particularly interested in aggressively promoting a smartphone that is widely available. In fact, most of the carriers nowadays seem more interested in talking about their networks than about phones in general.

HTC, for its part, believes the One has already done its job of building momentum for the M8 and its eventual comeback, "If I think about where we would be without the HTC One, it would be a pretty disastrous story," Croyle said, "It actually is our best selling product of all time."Entner, meanwhile, gave the One the slightly oxymoronic characterization of "financially underwhelming success."For a while, the HTC One was its sole product, only later being joined by the One Mini and One Max, This year, iphone case easy to hold HTC is fleshing out its portfolio for more products, which could help reverse its flagging revenue, Still on tap are budget smartphones better able to tap into the growth of the emerging markets..

HTC is also hoping to erase some of the hiccups of last year. Croyle said there wouldn't be the same inventory issues that halted the momentum of the One a year ago. It also has the major carriers, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, signed up for the launch (Verizon waited months before carrying the One). But it is launching against the juggernaut that is the Samsung Galaxy S5. And with Nokia getting scooped up by Microsoft, HTC is one of the last major pure smartphone makers in the market, with the rest of the major players all steeped in other businesses, whether it is networking equipment, computers and tablets, or mobile device components.

Despite HTC's optimism, one can't help but to have doubts about its prospects given the overwhelming competition it faces, "The fat lady is clearing her throat," Entner said, When asked if the M8 represented HTC's do-or-die moment, Croyle offered a neutral, but ultimately unsatisfying, answer, "I take every phone as a make-it-or-break-it phone," he said, "Maybe I'm too old, but I have a more even approach, We have to push every single product to make sure it's the best."That's a great philosophy to have, But good intentions can often iphone case easy to hold be swept away by multi-million-dollar ad campaigns and institutionalized hype of larger competitors, HTC faces some tough odds in avoiding that fate..