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iphone case for 8 plus might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Chromecast is Google's little stick that plugs into an HDMI connector on your TV, but requires a power source -- either a USB port or a traditional power outlet. Once connected to your Wi-Fi network, it supports a growing number of video and music apps, including YouTube (of course), Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and SlingPlayer. Unlike other solutions, Chromecast simply redirects video streams from the Internet rather than your local device so you can put away your phone once you start viewing if you're willing to give up controls such as pause and fast-forwarding.

AllCast is an Android app by user-advocate developers ClockworkMod, the same folks who brought us apps to manage Android ROMs, customized versions of the mobile OS, and tether without a tethering plan, Originally known as AirCast (a capitalization away from a brand of joint braces), the app supports a remarkably broad array of devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon's recent Fire TV, and many Wi-Fi-enabled televisions, The app is free to download, but getting anything more than a taste of its capabilities will require the iphone case for 8 plus $5 premium version..

AirPlay and AllShare are established technologies that are optimized for Apple and Samsung products -- making them a good option for people who already own products from those companies. Miracast and AllPlay are broader industry initiatives that are still relatively early in their development and so have limited device support today. The Chromecast is somewhere in the middle. It's an inexpensive way to get some content to your TV. It doesn't work directly with all video services, but the library is growing quickly. Finally, AllCast can help bridge the bridges, but since it's a third-party unauthorized app, be sure to keep it up to date as its updates can fix glitches introduced by manufacturer changes.

As I mentioned, the devices you own and the apps you like to use will largely determine which throwing technology you end up using to get content from your phone to your TV, But at least now you'll be able to tell them all apart, [commentary] They have similar names and do comparable things, but the various tech for getting content from your phone or tablet onto your TV work in very different ways, There are many brands of tablets and smartphones, a iphone case for 8 plus handful of major TV and home audio-video providers, and a smattering of operating system providers, Combine these technologies and you end up with a seemingly endless number of ways to get video, music, and other content from your handheld device to the television, a feature sometimes known as "throwing." As a result, there are now more "throwing" approaches in the market than in the pitching roster of a professional baseball team..

Sometimes it's because you just don't like the look of them. Other times, it's because they're wearing a uniform and striding toward you purposefully. It seems, though, that some police officers are feeling automatically threatened by those who choose to film them on their cell phones. In what is certainly not the first incident of its kind, police in Cutler Bay, Fla., arrested a DJ who was spinning some records at a local store. As CBS 4 reports, Lazaro Estrada was spinning away when the police rolled up to arrest the store owner, Andre Trigiano, on outstanding traffic charges.

Estrada thought the way the police acted toward the store owner was slightly outstanding too, So he began to film events on his iPhone, On the footage iphone case for 8 plus obtained by CBS 4, Estrada seems to be far away from the proceedings, He is filming from inside the store, He had been told to back away, "I backed off into the building and I stayed behind the glass doors, Obviously, all I had was my phone in my hands in clear sight, And he only told me once, I did what he told me," Estrada told CBS 4, He added: "The video speaks for itself."He was, however, arrested for obstruction of justice, In the arrest report, Officer Michael Valdez said of Estrada: "I was threatened by his presence."Goodness, I can think of several people whose presence undermines my comfort, I've never thought of having any of them arrested, Perhaps I might try it..

"Police are afraid of the citizenry with cameras," said Estrada's lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo. There seems to be some evidence of this from all over America. There was the case last year, when police in San Diego seemed to call a Samsung Galaxy a "In Bakersfield, Calif., also last year, police were accused of taking a cell phone and erasing the evidence it contained of their behavior. On Long Island, N.Y., a police officer stepped into a private driveway in an apparent attempt to stop someone washing his car on his own property. This, happily, was filmed a cell phone for all to see.

In the case of Estrada, he can be heard telling the police officer: "I can record all I want."The arrest report accuses him of not complying with police orders to back away, So he wasn't just charged with obstruction of justice, but with resisting arrest without violence, However, the video shows that the officer performing the arrest isn't sure at first what he's going to arrest him for, The Miami-Dade police department told CBS 4: "The arrest report speaks for itself, and Mr, Estrada is entitled to his day in court."So now we have a video and an arrest report that both speak for themselves, but don't seem to be speaking entirely the same iphone case for 8 plus language..