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iphone case glass might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

These free apps from the Google Play store can bring some of the most talked about Galaxy S5 features to your Android device. There has been a lot of talk about Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S5 is filled with new and exciting features, which have helped make it one of the hottest products available today. Whether you're not eligible for an upgrade or simply aren't interested in the Galaxy S5, there is still a way to get some of Samsung's coolest features on your current Android device.

"From the rudimentary but effective Apollo iphone case glass Guidance and Navigation System that landed the first humans on the lunar landscape to the 500,000 lines of code used to put the Mars Curiosity Rover on the surface of the Red Planet, software has always been at the core of NASA's mission successes," Technology Transfer Program Executive Daniel Lockney says in the catalog introduction, The codes are all free, but have varying levels of access restrictions, Some are open to all US citizens, while others are restricted to use by other federal agencies, Some are available to people outside the US, and some are open-source..

This means that depending on your security clearance, you could have access to project information on everything from global positioning systems to cryogenics. The catalog is broken down into 15 broad categories, including system testing; propulsion; electronics and electrical power; environmental science; design and integration tools; crew and life support; and autonomous systems. "As you review the products featured in the software catalog, perhaps you will find that NASA has developed a solution that is applicable to one of your own design challenges and decide to acquire or license it," Lockney said.

"If so, you will be helping us fulfill our mission of bringing NASA technology down to Earth."You can request access to specific software from different NASA centers with the provided contact information, The NASA Software Catalog is continually updated; visit the NASA Technology Transfer Portal for the latest updates and revisions, Science fans and space junkies alike iphone case glass can now access code for a range of NASA projects, Who knows? It could help you accomplish your next mission, You don't have to be an astronaut to access NASA software, The agency recently released to the public an online software catalog of over 1,000 code descriptions related to guidance systems, robotics, aeronautics, climate simulators, biological sensors, design tools, and more..

David Reibstein, chaired professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, on Friday refuted Apple expert John Hauser's testimony from earlier this month. Hauser, the Kirin professor of marketing at the MIT Sloan School of Management, conducted a conjoint study that determined Apple's patented features made Samsung's devices more appealing. However, Reibstein said Hauser's study was flawed because it didn't take into account major factors such as phone brand, it generated data that couldn't be relied upon, and it led to invalid results.

"There were several [factors that drove consumers' phone purchasing decisions]," Reibstein said, "None of them included the ., patented features that are the focal point in this case."Almost two years after Apple and Samsung faced off in a messy patent dispute, the smartphone and tablet rivals have returned to the same San Jose, Calif., courtroom to argue once again over patents before Federal Judge Lucy Koh, Apple is arguing that Samsung infringed on five of its patents for the iPhone, its biggest moneymaker, and that iphone case glass Apple is due $2 billion for that infringement, Samsung wants about $7 million from Apple for infringing two of its software patents..

While the companies are asking for damages, the case is about more than money. What's really at stake is the market for mobile devices. Apple now gets two-thirds of it sales from the iPhone and iPad, South Korea-based Samsung is the world's largest maker of smartphones, and both want to keep dominating the market. So far, Apple is ahead when it comes to litigation in the US. Samsung has been ordered to pay the company about $930 million in damages. Most Samsung features that Apple says infringe are items that are a part of Android, Google's mobile operating system that powers Samsung's devices. All patents except one, called "slide to unlock," are built into Android. Apple has argued the patent-infringement trial has nothing to do with Android. However, Samsung argues that Apple's suit is an and that Google had invented certain features before Apple patented them.

Apple expert Hauser surveyed hundreds of Samsung device users -- 507 for phones and 459 for tablets -- to measure the percentage of consumers who would buy devices with certain features, He then used those results to determine how much people would pay for Apple's patented features, Hauser is key to Apple's argument that it deserves about $2 billion in damages for Samsung's alleged infringement, Reibstein on Friday, however, said Hauser's study is "not useful for estimating market outcomes because major features are omitted." Hauser didn't ask survey participants about how important branding, operating system, battery life, and other features are for buying decisions, Reibstein said, Samsung iphone case glass has argued that brand and operating system are two of the most important factors consumers consider before purchasing a device..