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iphone case holds airpods might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

It has a clean and functional look, and Samsung has added in a few tweaks such as the ability to bring up the camera app in a window floating over the top of the interface -- similar to the Pop Up Play feature on the Galaxy S4. Samsung is yet to officially confirm when Tizen will make an appearance on its phones, only saying that it'll be some time this year. While Tizen might be relatively unknown to the general public, having the biggest name in mobile pushing the software is bound to give Tizen a shot in the arm.

Whether Samsung and Intel's support of Tizen allows it to rise up and give Android a serious bit of competition remains to be seen next year, iphone case holds airpods A year after Samsung first showed Tizen on a phone, CNET looks at where the open-source OS stands now and where it's headed next, Samsung made a splash at last year's Mobile World Congress by showing off the first reference device running not Android, but Tizen OS, an open-source operating system created by Samsung and Intel, among others, A year on at MWC 2014, what has changed for Tizen?..

Tizen was first shown off on Samsung phones at Mobile World Congress 2013. Now that a year has passed, how does the Android-alternative operating system look?. Tizen is highly customisable. Samsung has therefore done its utmost to make it look a lot like its Android TouchWiz interface. There are app icons and live widgets scattered across various homescreen panels. You can resize the widgets too. Samsung's app menu looks almost identical to its Android one. You'll even see familiar faces like S Note.

The rounded icons look a lot like the new icons on the Galaxy S5, There are still plenty of settings to confuse you, The camera app can float above the iphone case holds airpods rest of the interface, You can have different versions of your homescreen so you can customise which widgets show on your screen at which time, The widgets -- named "dynamic boxes" -- can display more information if you swipe down on them, News widgets, for example, can show more of a story without you needing to open an app, This F1 racing game looked good..

There's a Tizen app store. You can find some native apps, but it will also run HTML 5 apps. This is an HTML 5 app -- I couldn't tell it wasn't a native app as it ran very smoothly. I love playing Asphalt 8 on Android and it seemed to run fine on Tizen, too. The image gallery is pulled straight from Samsung's Galaxy phones. ZTE had a Tizen phone too. Its version of Tizen was much more basic. There's no app menu -- app icons are simply scattered on the homescreen. The settings menu is more basic -- but much easier to understand.

Physically, Samsung's phone looks the same as the Galaxy S4, Keep in mind that this isn't the phone that will be released -- iphone case holds airpods it's just a reference model, The home button is identical, There's a camera in the same place on the back too, Intel is working with Tizen to bring the software to in-car entertainment systems, It'll be able to run Google Maps with touch and voice control, Working with manufacturers like Land Rover, Intel intends the software to be able to give detailed information about the car..

Samsung had no fewer than three wearables debut at Mobile World Congress, and the most interesting was the Gear Fit: from its curved AMOLED display to its Fitbit-like wristband design, the Gear Fit falls right in between smartwatches like fitness bands. It's less advanced than the new Gear 2, but it's still feature-packed: there's a heart rate monitor, message notifications, and remote music controls are onboard. It arrives in April. Read our hands-on take on the Gear Fit. The original Samsung Galaxy Gear came out just last fall, but there's already a Gear 2 arriving April 11. The new version is thinner, lighter, has a better dual-core processor, comes with a heart rate monitor, can store and play music offline, acts as an IR TV remote, and comes with a whole new Tizen operating system under the hood instead of being Android-based. But it's not alone: now there's the slimmer Gear Fit and the camera-free Gear 2 Neo, too. Read our hands-on impressions of the Gear 2.

Take the Gear 2, make it a little thinner, a little more plastic, and remove the camera, Now you have the Gear 2 Neo, another variant on Samsung's new Gear 2 watch, It's got the same screen, processor, storage and other specs as the Gear 2, but with what we assume will be a lower price, Read our hands-on with the Gear 2 Neo, Combine a fitness tracker iphone case holds airpods and a smartwatch..sound familiar? Everyone's doing it, Huawei's wearable tech device at MWC has a pop-out module that fits in a band, and can be used to track your activity or to monitor phone calls, But wait, this is also a Bluetooth headset! Stick it in your ear, make a call, then stick it back in your band, Maybe give it a good wipe, too, Read our hands-on impressions..