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iphone case hypebeast might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Tizen has been one way Samsung is attempting that. The Korean electronics giant has been working on the open-source software for months. Samsung has viewed Tizen as an alternative to Android and a way to lessen its dependence on Google. However, development has faced some hiccups, such as Japanese carrier partner NTT DoCoMo calling off its plans to offer a Tizen phone by the end of March. Samsung initially planned to launch a high-end, Tizen-powered handset by September of 2013, but it delayed the release by several months to the fourth quarter. Then in November, Samsung said it would introduce a Tizen smartphone in February. The company has been relatively quiet about Tizen of late, and questions have emerged about whether the company would continue pushing the operating system or form even closer ties with Google and Android.

For Samsung, introducing Tizen on its smartwatch could be a smart move, It could allow users to get familiar with Tizen, as well iphone case hypebeast as give Samsung more control over the software, And the software running on the first Gear is hardly recognizable as Android; its tile structure almost looks like the Windows Phone operating system, Other popular wearables makers, such as Pebble, use their own software on their devices and have had no trouble getting the gadgets to work with Android products, And while Tizen's lack of certain apps may be noticeable on smartphones, that may not be the case on a companion device like a smartwatch, Galaxy Gear users already have a limited number of apps they can use as Samsung has closely controlled and curated what apps can appear on the first version of the smartwatch, Apps are made specifically for the Gear and have to be downloaded from Samsung's app store, Users likely wouldn't notice the difference between a Tizen-powered or Android-powered smartwatch..

CNET will bring you all the updates from Barcelona. Update at 3:55 p.m. PT with Samsung declining to comment. The Korean electronics giant will use the wearable device to push its own software and services instead of those from Google. A new version of Samsung's Gear smartwatch will run the company's Tizen software instead of Google's Android operating system, people familiar with the matter said. Samsung will unveil the device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, the people said. Samsung also has been working on a Tizen-based smartphone to introduce at the show, as well as other Tizen devices for the first half of the year, people familiar with the products said.

Taking the same approach that he took with DashClock, Nurik has made Muzei Live Wallpaper free and open to developers to integrate with various services, After installing Muzei, you'll have the option to select a service from which the app will pull random images, The default option is featured art, updated once a day, You can also select a photo album on your device, and increase the frequency of your wallpaper changing, if you so desire, Perhaps the best part about the app, beyond its price tag, is the fact that it's API for third-party developers, Meaning, if someone wanted to create a Muzei plug-in to bring iphone case hypebeast Instagram photos into the service, it's possible, In fact, it's already been done..

Searching the Play Store for "Muzei" will reveal a lengthy list of plug-ins. A sample list of the more notable services includes Dropbox, Reddit, Flickr, 500px,and Tumblr. Once installed, you can select your preferred service as the source for your home screen image and customize any further settings included in the plug-in. Have random, beautiful home screen images set on your Android device from a number of services, thanks to Muzei Live Wallpaper. Muzei Live Wallpaper is a free app from developer Roman Nurik. His name may sound familiar, as he is also the developer of the popular DashClock widget.

The smartwatch craze is heading to toy stores, VTech's Kidizoom Smart Watch takes photos and video, has multiple watch faces and plays games with it's 1.4-inch touch screen, Although this doesn't go online or connect wirelessly with other tablets and phones, it does have plenty of fun factor for playing spy games, It's coming this fall for $50, Tamagotchi has returned, this time as Tamagotchi Friends, (And watch the video to learn the proper pronunciation of Tamagotchi, according to Bandai, Apparently many of us have been saying it wrong since iphone case hypebeast this toy became a hit in the '90s!) The next generation of digital pet connects with others to go on play dates, These arrive in North America later this year for $20..

In previous Toy Fair shows, Mattel went big on tablets and apps. There were several toys for Fisher-Price, Barbie and Hot Wheels that worked with iPads and iPhones. That wasn't the case this year. Instead of working with iPhones, Mattel's new toys come with play phones. Dora the Explorer grew out her hair and now lives in the city under the brand "Dora and Friends." Her floating magical friend Map has evolved into a map app on her plastic smartphone. Talking Dora and Smartphone is $40 and comes out in August, in time for her new Nickelodeon cartoon.

Dora's not the only doll with a smartphone by her side, Entrepreneur Barbie comes with a mini plastic tablet and smartphone, perhaps so she can shake up Silicon Valley with her disruptive fashion app, Classic toys always get a new spin from tech, This year, the Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield keeps track of your hits with Smart iphone case hypebeast Darts using RFID chips, The accessory attaches to the tactical rail of a Nerf blaster and records points when players hit the shield, It arrives in August for $25 and comes with 10 Smart Darts, But we'll have to wait until the holiday to see if it's a real hit..