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iphone case ideas might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Mayer has downplayed that expectation as well, giving investors a prudent wait-and-see response: "When we look at the investments we need to make in the business, you'll see the same type of mix we've been making to date," she said on the April conference call. "Some strategic acquisitions, some tuck-in acquisitions, and we really need to see what opportunities arise in terms of the ways we could deploy the cash."Still, Mayer certainly hasn't been shy about spending thus far. She's made almost 40 acquisitions since she took over. They have mostly been small startups, or "tuck-in acquisitions," in her words, including the natural language startup SkyPhrase and the mobile video startup Ptch. The one exception has been Tumblr.

Yahoo declined to comment for this story, Mayer has also been investing in several areas where she hopes the company can gain some sort of traction, She's doubled down on search, going back to the company's roots and developing core search algorithms, She's also made interesting moves on the mobile search front, acquiring the company Aviate in January, The artificial intelligence service works akin to Google Now, automatically feeding a user search results on a smartphone running Google's Android operating system, based on contextual cues like what time of day it is or where you are in a city, The service could serve as a way to tie together Yahoo's several mobile properties, like Sports and Finance, as well as be fertile ground for fresh and creative ad units, The company also reportedly covets Google's position as the default search provider on Apple's iPhone and iphone case ideas iPads and has plans to pitch Apple on giving Yahoo's search product prominence instead..

The company has also made a push in big media under Mayer. She's hired on big name journalists like Katie Couric or former New York Times columnist David Pogue, and she's ordered up premium original TV shows to compete with the programming of Netflix and Amazon. But the challenge Yahoo faces as it seeks to compete in all these areas is that the incumbents are some of the fiercest names in technology: Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and others. And without the security blanket of leaning on Alibaba's might during earnings reports, the pressure is on for Mayer to find something else to fill the void.

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It's unclear at the moment how much the company is seeking to raise or how many shares it wants to offer. Alibaba Group listed $1 billion as a placeholder for the funds it wants to raise, according to Bloomberg. The figure will change as it goes through the review process with regulators. The company is expected to eclipse the amount Facebook raised in its IPO -- $16 billion, currently the most for an Internet public offering. Media reports estimate that the company is seeking between $15 billion and $20 billion, or about a 12 percent stake of the company. If it exceeds the $19.1 billion raised by Visa in 2008, it would mark Alibaba as the largest IPO in US history.

At this point, the Securities and Exchange Commission will review the F-1 filing and release multiple versions of it, so it's unclear when the public will know the actual IPO price, The next version of the document is expected in iphone case ideas the weeks to come, Alibaba did not identify what its ticker symbol would be or which exchange it would be traded on, In the current F-1 -- different from the more common S-1 seen in IPO filings for US-based issuers -- the company provided the first detailed look at its business..

In the US, Alibaba is perhaps best known -- until now -- for Yahoo's minority stake in the company. Given the size of the expected IPO, Alibaba's about to go into the annals on its own. In 2013, Alibaba had 231 million active buyers and 8 million active sellers. Some $248 billion worth of merchandise was sold through its site, according to the F-1. For mobile, the sales totaled $37 billion. The number of monthly active mobile users in December 2013 was 136 million. Alibaba's mobile sales account for 76.2 percent of all mobile sales for merchandise in China.

Despite those figures, Alibaba recognized that having a stagnant mobile business could be a risk, iphone case ideas "While a significant and growing portion of participants access our platforms through mobile devices, this area is relatively new and developing rapidly and we may not be able to continue to increase the level of mobile access to and engagement on our marketplaces," the company wrote in the filing, Alibaba was born in 1999, after co-founder Jack Ma, a former school teacher, settled on the name because he thought people would instantly recognize it from the folk tale "Alibaba and the 40 Thieves." In the 15 years since Alibaba's founding, the company has become a leader in e-commerce with a hyper-growth rate trumping better-known US competitors such as Amazon and eBay, The company's revenue rose 66 percent in its fourth quarter of last year, In contrast, Amazon's revenue rose 22 percent while eBay's climbed 14 percent..