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iphone case incipio might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Apple hasn't yet given indications regarding how it plans to tackle home automation, or interplanetary travel. But it's safe to say that Apple's approach won't involve manufacturing living spaces or spacecraft. Apple doesn't need to make cars. Its software -- iOS, Siri, Maps, and apps -- needs to be integrated into Tesla's terrestrial and extraterrestrial vehicles. So, about a year ago Tesla's Elon Musk reportedly met with Apple's mergers and acquisitions chief and maybe Tim Cook. What was on the agenda? The report this weekend in the San Francisco Chronicle didn't have any details on what transpired at the meeting. Perhaps Apple wanted to kick Tesla's tires.

Zamborlin told Crave the contact microphone "converts the vibration made by users when they touch objects into an electric signal, The signal is then sent to the analog audio input port of the phone, where the software app analyses it and converts into musical sound on the fly."To get the sounds into and out of the phone, the app will come with a special plug that goes into the phone's headphone jack, This plug has the corded microphone attached to it, as iphone case incipio well as a minijack input for connecting your own speaker or headphones..

The microphone itself is made from a special material that keeps its stickiness even after it gets dirty and is wiped clean with a cloth. One of the more fun features of the app is the ability to capture sound from one item, record it, and then use it to play another item. For example, Zamborlin says that "someone can capture the sound of a glass and save it, and can then play the tree in a park, making it sounding like a glass."The app also lets users assign their own preset sounds to different objects, or to play Mogees in "free mode," which, according to the site, lets you "find new ways to produce different notes and timbres by exploring how to play physical objects (with) different gestures using bare hands or anything you can find around you." Mogees even allows you to upload a favorite song and then reinterpret it by replacing its normal instruments with those created by tapping on objects of your choice.

In addition to being just plain fun, Zamborlin says he'd like to see Mogees help with music education through the development of additional apps that iphone case incipio could teach students "music and the science of sound in radically new ways."The campaign is seeking to raise 50,000 pounds (about $83,500) by March 19, If the product gets funded, you just might have to get used to seeing people playing fence posts and mailboxes every time you walk down the street, Kickstarter project Mogees lets you compose music from a table, toaster, tricycle, or virtually any other object, like a modern-day Mozart..

Do you like to tap your spoon on your coffee mug at breakfast? Drum on the steering wheel on your way to work? Thrum your fingers on your desk? If so, you might want to check out a new Kickstarter project from UK-based computer music researcher Bruno Zamborlin that could just turn your random taps into compositions. "About two years ago, my colleagues and I had this idea about transforming everyday objects around us into unique musical instruments," Zamborlin says in his Kickstarter introductory video. That led him to create Mogees, an app paired with a special contact microphone that affixes to practically any surface to make an object "playable." The result is that tapping on the glass wall of a bus shelter gives you a sound akin to an Indonesian gamelan. Sliding coins on a table sounds like ringing a bicycle bell. Even tapping on a car becomes a musical endeavor -- somewhere between twanging guitar strings and steel drum.

Like the company's flagship Opera Web browser, the Opera Max application is designed to compress data help save users from spilling their precious, allotted megabytes, Instead of only helping out with Web sites, however, Max promises to do the same across many of your data-driven apps, This means you can iphone case incipio potentially slim down the data load required by Instagram, Vine, and Google Drive, to name a few, As of today, the pre-registration public beta is available to Android users in the US and Western Europe, Looking ahead, Opera plans to incorporate Eastern Europe into the Opera Max fold as well, If you'd like to sign up, head over to the Google Play Store, download the app, and you'll be automatically placed on the waiting list..

Opera will be attending Mobile World Congress next week. We'll likely hear much more about Opera Max at the show. Available as a public beta client, Opera compresses data in most of your Android apps. Android users looking to save on their data plans may want to get in line for Opera's latest beta app, Opera Max. Initially announced in December, the app has spent the better part of two months in a private beta. On Tuesday, Opera is expanding the Opera Max beta to the public, albeit with a waiting list.

The waterproof iphone case incipio design also makes it capable of going into the water, In swimming mode, it tracks the number of leg strokes you make, The FlyFit is going for a $99 pledge, The project is nearly halfway to its $90,000 goal with 34 days left to go, Wrist-mounted fitness trackers don't meet everyone's needs, It seems like FlyFit could forge a viable path with its focus on leg movements and real-time data, The early funding push appears to be going strong, What do you think? Do you have room for a new fitness gadget on your ankle?..