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iphone case joint holder might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

"We have this secure transport, if you like, and a lot of people connected over that transport," said Sims. "So we are looking at the possibility that we might do mobile payments, person-to-person money movement, that kind of thing.""We won't do that on our own, we'll do that in conjunction with partners. Because the movement of money and banking is regulated and so you need to be working in conjunction with partners who have the appropriate licenses in countries," he said. Sims has had experience working on 'Banking the Unbanked' initiatives, such as in Bangladesh, in his previous role at SAP. He says that while only around 10 percent of the population there has a bank account, 60 percent have a mobile.

"If you look at some of the markets where BBM is very strong, some of those markets have these characteristics," said Sims, "So we think it's not just about mobile banking in a formal banking sense, it's what I call 'mobile money', Being able to move money in and out of a stored value account people can use to transact money back and forth, People can transfer money to their relatives in some distant part of the country without having to drive 50 miles to get to somebody and they can use agents to get money in and out of this system, That kind of thing.""So we'll be looking at participating in that ecosystem," said Sims, "In fact, here at the Congress we had some meetings with companies that could be possible partners.""Our focus initially had been in some of the South East Asian countries, but, other than who you work with on the banking side, there's no limitation in the technology," he continued, "It's very portable.""In India, as the government moves to the national ID system we can see opportunities to integrate that into iphone case joint holder machines in stores, identifying with fingerprints and so on to be able to use that as a security mechanism for money in and out of the system, as an example," he said, "We're thinking quite broadly about what we do there as part of our strategy around BBM and how we monetize it."BBM: APIs and SDKsSims paints a picture of healthcare professionals working remotely, checking patient records and medical imaging on their mobile devices..

"All that needs to be secure. You can't be discussing patient information and showing patient records and having that be in the clear," said Sims. "It's going to have to be in a secure environment and we think we have a strong role to play there.""We see ourselves exposing BBM as a set of SDKs or APIs to developers, so that if they want to build in secure chat into their applications they can consume it into their applications and have BBM be the chat mechanism within different apps. You'll see us do those kinds of things in partnership with people and also on our own."Sims speaks with clarity and confidence in his vision for BBM and the many ways the platform can grow and earn money in the year ahead. He made it easy to forget for a few minutes that the fate of BlackBerry's entire future is tied closely these plans.

BlackBerry BBM chief John Sims tells CNET about why there was "no choice" but to go cross platform, fixing BBM's sign-up process, and BBM's mobile banking potential, BARCELONA, Spain -- If anything can keep the good ship BlackBerry sailing, it's BBM, John Sims is the man charged with taking this slice of the BlackBerry pie and make it do two things -- grow and make money, He's been in the role just two short months, but speaking with CNET on the last day iphone case joint holder of Mobile World Congress 2014, he has a lot of big plans on both accounts..

"Clearly, in the longer term, we have to monetize that investment in BBM," said Sims. "One of the important dimensions for monetizing BBM is the enterprise. What we were hearing from enterprise customers was that they like the idea of the social chat medium, but they don't like the fact it is uncontrolled. Particularly from regulated industries. They wanted it to be secure and to be controlled so they can meet their compliance requirements."Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Chinese phone iphone case joint holder maker Huawei also threw its hat into the wearable ring, announcing the TalkBand B1, Not satisfied with being your average pedometer, the TalkBand contains a wireless Bluetooth earpiece for conducting hands-free calls, Additionally, Motorola said it has definite plans to sell a smartwatch and HTC made the same pledge, Yes, from wristbands, to eyewear, to high-tech time-telling gizmos, wearable gear was top of mind at MWC 2014, Here are some of the highlights, Smartwatches move closer to mainstreamYou know the era of the smartwatch has arrived when a massive device maker such as Samsung creates a wearable device, Two at once, however, is nothing other than a complete double-down, an all-in bet on the bright and lucrative future of wearable tech..

With Samsung putting its marketing weight behind the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, you can be sure that more consumers will be talking about smartwatches than ever before. This bold move by Samsung must have spooked its rivals. At MWC Motorola also said it would get back in the smartwatch game, not too surprising since it was one of the pioneers of the category with the Motoactv a few years ago. Add HTC's announced plans to enter the smartwatch fray with its own intention to hawk a wrist-borne product by Christmas of this year and it's easy to see that momentum is growing.

Life tracking and body sensingAnother noticeable trend was biometric and health tracking, Sony iphone case joint holder rules the roost with its new and scarily aware SmartBand, which goes way beyond standard pedometer functions, When linked to a compatible Android phone, the SmartBand and LifeLog application together record location data, camera activity, and social-media happenings in real time, The Bionym Nymi made an appearance too, showing capabilities straight out of a sci-fi flick, Measuring your individual heart rhythm, the wristband-shaped Nymi might very well be the ultimate biometric security device, Once it recognizes you, the Nymi acts as a digital vault and password holder, It will also communicate wirelessly with things like electronic door locks and cars to grant access without the need to fumbe for physical keys..