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iphone case light up might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

The new savings apply to customers who opt for Verizon’s Edge monthly installment plan. Verizon subscribers who need big buckets of data can now save more money via the carrier's More Everything plan. Through the new budget-friendlier plan, customers who choose data buckets of 10GB or higher now pay an access fee of just $15 per month per smartphone line, down from the previously discounted price of $20. Verizon charges $100 a month for 10GB worth of data. So, for example, these cuts mean that a family of four people would now pay $160 each month as opposed to $180 previously.

Apple on Thursday announced that WWDC 2014 has been scheduled for June 2 to 6 and will take place where it's often been found in the past: San Francisco's Moscone West center, Tickets will be available through the WWDC Web site now through 10 a.m, PT Monday, but they'll likely be gone long before then, WWDC tickets typically are gone within the first couple hours after Apple puts them on sale, Last year, the conference sold out in iphone case light up mere minutes, Apple said that tickets will be issued through random selection and that developers will know their status by 5 p.m, PT Monday, Those selected will have to pony up $1,599 per ticket..

The company plans to have more than 1,000 of its engineers at the conference to lead hands-on labs and other events to guide attendees through the inner workings of iOS and OS X. One big question leading into this year's WWDC: will Apple introduce iOS 8, and what new features will come in that next version of the mobile operating system? Rumors have suggested changes including Mac apps coming to the iPhone and iTunes Radio being broken out as a separate app. The most recent significant update, iOS 7.1, brought CarPlay for integrating the iPhone into car dashboards, along with updates to Siri and Touch ID.

Last fall's OS X Mavericks release , meanwhile, brought some iOS features into the fold for Mac users, CNET reviewer Jason Parker considered the update "more evolutionary than revolutionary."But don't go looking for a merger of iphone case light up iOS and OS X, Apple execs have been quite clear that they consider such an effort a " waste of energy."Update 6:45 a.m, PT: This story has been expanded with additional background, The five-day conference will give Apple developers the latest lowdown on how best to build apps for Macs, iPads, and iPhones..

"Companies should have the chance to serve all of us, and this regulation makes it easier for them to do that. It's win-win."The next step is for individual European countries to review and agree on the regulation, which is expected to be finalised by the end of this year. With roaming charges packing their bags, many European networks and carriers are saying farewell, adieu and adiós to extra charges when you're abroad. British and French networks are doing away with potentially vacation-ruining fees to get on the right side of holidaymakers -- although some networks including Great Britain's EE and the US's AT&T are in a hurry to get you roaming on 4G while they can still charge extra for the privilege.

International roaming fees can still hit hard if travelling outside of Europe, "British holidaymakers still need to be extremely careful as there is relatively little protection against roaming outside the EU," warned industry expert Ernest Doku of comparison site uSwitch, "Anyone taking their mobile abroad should always check iphone case light up before they travel to find out the costs, and what they can do to reduce them."European lawmakers want to create a single telecoms market across the 'Connected Continent', allowing you to call, text and get online wherever you roam without facing an exorbitant bill when you return home..

Roaming charges are the most visible aspect of cross-border telecommunications, but the EU is also looking at standardising back-end systems, coordinating spectrum licensing for wireless broadband, and clamping down on networks and ISPs giving customers a raw deal. "Beyond the highly visible barrier of roaming we are now close to removing many other barriers so Europeans can enjoy open, seamless communications wherever they are," said Kroes. The EU is also looking to protect net neutrality across the continent, which is welcomed by consumer groups.

"Net neutrality is as close as it gets to being the issue of our times for the internet," said Guillermo Beltra of the European Consumer Organisation, "We are reassured to see MEPs say equitable internet provision must be realised, "It is in no-one's interest to see overt control of internet traffic speeds and access pass too far into the hands of Europe's handful of network operators, Net Neutrality is the buffer against such a scenario, It's also a bulwark against a future 'two-tier' Internet of consumers paying premiums to access certain services, or operators prioritising their own content while degrading the speed of competitors, Internet traffic management is like iphone case light up a good referee in football -- it's needed in minor emergencies and should otherwise go unnoticed."Of course, not everyone's happy: facing a fall in income for networks, carriers and ISPs, the telecoms industry is grumbling..