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iphone case magnetic back might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Bear Motion's Folio Case is pretty generic, but it's very inexpensive at $10 and comes in multiple colors. A step-up model that's allegedly made of real leather is available for $15. See more info and pricing for Bear Motion Folio. Ballistic, known for its tough cases, has a full line up of cases for the GS5. I'm personally a fan of its slimmest case, the Jewel )on the far right in the picture), which comes in a few different colors, including clear.Price: $19.99. See more info and pricing for Ballistic Jewel case.

The S-View Cover for the Galaxy S5 features a rectangular peephole cut into the cover, giving you partial access to the screen.The phone can sense when the cover is closed and switches to a minimized view when new updates arrive, putting the information in a tiny iphone case magnetic back window that lines up with the cover's cutout, In this view, you can get access to information such as the time, battery status, the current music playlist, and caller ID.The list price on this case is high ($49.99), but you can find it for significantly less online..

A step-up model, the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover ($69.99) has an integrated Qi chip in the back cover for inductive charging. You have to buy a separate Wireless Charging Pad, but once you do, you can simply lay your device on the pad to juice it up. Available in black or white.Price: Around $35 (online). See more info and pricing for Samsung S-View cover. There's nothing terribly fancy about Incipio's DualPro case, which has a rigid exterior and soft interior, but it's a solid case for the money. Available in multiple colors.

Price: Around $15, See more info and pricing for Incipio DualPro case, This iphone case magnetic back is Incipio's take on the folio-style case, The Plexfolio converts into a stand for video watching and is available in a few different color options, Price: Around $25, See more pricing and info for Incipio Plexfolio, If you're looking for a simple translucent case, the iSkin Claro is clearly a good choice, It gives your S5 a naked yet protected look, Available in pink and carbon as well.Price: $24.95, See more pricing and info for iSkin Claro..

OtterBox has a full slate of cases available for the GS5, including its flagship Defender Series tough case (available in a few different color options). If you don't want a case this protective, Otterbox does offer slimmer cases and has brought out a more fashion-forward case called the Symmetry.Price: Around $35 (at Amazon.com). See more info and pricing for Otterbox Defender Series case. The Tech21 Impact Mesh is another one of my favorite cases for other phones. It comes in clear and smokey versions and Tech21 makes variations of it in other colors.

Price: $34.99, See more info and pricing for Tech21 Impact Mesh, PureGear makes a few different Galaxy S5 cases, with more on the way, If you're looking for something that's tough but not too bulky, there's the DualTek Extreme Shock case (I like iphone case magnetic back it for other phones as well), It comes in multiple colors, Price: $29.99, See more info and pricing for DualTek Extreme Shock case, I liked Cygnett's folio-style cases for the Galaxy S4, particularly the FiberFlip, Now it's got a new folio case for the GS5, the Thread Flip, which has smooth finished hard shell exterior that looks pretty stylish, Price: Around $30..

See more info and pricing for the Cygnett Thread Flip. Obliq's one of those no-name companies that you see selling cases on Amazon. They look a lot like models from Urban Armor, but cost significantly less. Knockoffs? Could be. Price: Around $12. See more pricing and info for Obliq Xtreme Pro. Skech makes several cases for the GS5, including a decent folio-style model, the Polo Book. However, I do like the pattern on its simple slim case, the Groove, which is available in multiple color options.

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