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iphone case neck strap might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Though a flat wire connects the Pump's two earpieces, the headphones link to smartphones via a wireless Bluetooth network. Blueant also claims that the HD Sportsbuds offer greater range than the typical cordless stereo headset, eight hours of continuous runtime, and a generous helping of bass. Interested in scooping up a set of these fitness companions? Blueant currently sells the Pump Bluetooth HD Sportbuds directly through its website and through the Apple store in various countries including the UK, France, Canada, and Spain, just to name a few.

Check out more of iphone case neck strap CNET's MWC 2014 coverage, The third iteration of the WH-1000X is more comfortable, sounds slightly better and features., The sporty version of Jabra's already wireless earphones have a few extras that put it., With a new button that links directly to Google Assistant on your phone, Bose's otherwise., Jabra's new truly wireless earphones are superior to the AirPods in some ways and only., The V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless looks very similar to its predecessor, but it's been significantly...

At MWC 2014, Bluetooth device maker Blueant touts the water-defying and audio prowess of its PUMP Bluetooth HD Sportbuds. BARCELONA, Spain -- Bluetooth specialist Blueant hopes to tempt the fitness-minded with its new PUMP Bluetooth HD Sportbuds. Priced at $129, this rugged stereo audio device is both water-resistant and pliable to withstand the rigors of intense workouts. I was able to see the HD Sportsbuds in person at MWC 2014. The product consists of two main earloop-style earbuds linked by a flat cord designed to be tangle-free. The entire gizmo is coated in a rubbery material which Blueant says will protect the headset against liquid spills, sweat, and the odd drop onto hard surfaces.

Also included in the app are premium navigation features such as lane guidance, speed warnings, traffic tracking, and social media integration, Out in March, it's free for 30 days then $2.95 per month, The navigation all happens on your iphone case neck strap phone, with the watch effectively a dumb screen getting data over Bluetooth, You can zoom in and out, but that's about it, "Garmin Xperia Edition boasts a comprehensive navigation feature set not available from other apps," said Joern Watzke, vice president worldwide mobile business at Garmin, "The unique integration with Sony Smart Watch 2 provides users a seamless experience that extends smartphone navigation in the car to displaying pedestrian directions on the user's wrist."A Garmin rep here at Mobile World Congress told me more smartwatches -- such as Samsung's new Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, perhaps -- will be supported in due course, but didn't give any specifics..

The $200 Smart Watch 2 didn't satisfy Brian Bennett in his full CNET review, with its poor battery life and unfriendly approach to non-Xperia phones proving disappointing. Perhaps handy new features like this will help to make up for some of its shortcomings. Set yourself a walking route on Garmin's sat-nav app and, if you have Sony's smartwatch, you can follow it on your wrist. BARCELONA, Spain -- Garmin's teamed up with Sony for a killer feature so far missing from smartwatches: navigation. The Garmin Xperia Edition app for Sony smartphones has an extension for the Japanese company's Smart Watch 2. It means you can set yourself a route for a relaxing walk or an invigorating run and not have to keep looking at your phone -- just glance at your wrist.

Lenovo has taken the cover off an update to its folding Yoga tablet, The Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, as it's known, adds a Full HD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, It's due to go on sale later in the year for $349, Wider availability and prices are not yet known, The Snapdragon 400 processor is a quad-core 1.6GHz affair, Like its predecessor, the Yoga tablet has a kickstand, allowing it to be propped up, It makes it very easy to watch movies when it's stood up, You can also use the stand to prop it up to make typing on the screen iphone case neck strap more comfortable..

The kickstand can be completely folded away. When it's folded up, the bump on the back acts as a hand grip. It's a slim beast. On the edge, you'll see the chunky power button. The opposite side is where you'll find the headphone jack. An 8-megapixel camera sits on the back. The stand seems sturdy -- you can still poke and swipe at the screen without knocking it over. There are front-facing speakers on the front of the slate. The volume and power buttons are around the edge. It's available in rose gold or silver.

Look at this guy, with his sturdy Otterbox case, What a hero, From cases that clean your phone to phones you control with your eyes, check out the coolest gadgets being shown off on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2014, LostNfound is a GPS watch to look out for your favourite senior, which sends you a message if they wander off or fall down, You can play more than mind games with the Mad Catz CTRL games controller, The new McAfee iphone case neck strap Android antivirus app protects your phone from malware, and it's going to be built into all LG devices later this year..