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iphone case reddit might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

It's a crisp, sharp screen with Full HD resolution. I found the X1's display to be very crisp, with sharp edges around icons and a comfortable clarity to small text in Web pages. It's bright too, countering most of the glare from the CNET office lights, once you crank the brightness up at least. I can say with certainty that it's easy to read under a grey London sky, although how it fares in the bright, midday Californian sun remains to be seen. Colours are vivid as well, and it has decent viewing angles, making it a great all-round display for watching movies and TV shows when you're lying in bed or sitting on the toilet.

The X1 arrives running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which is a disappointingly old version of Google's mobile operating system, The latest Android 4.4 KitKat has been around for a while now so there's no excuse to at least have version 4.3 on board, Huawei has customised Android on the X1 with its Emotion interface, It's quite different from the stock Android experience, so you might not immediately realise you're on older software, The major change is that there's no grid-like app list, Instead, all of your installed apps are strewn across iphone case reddit up to six homescreens..

I'm personally not keen on this change as it can be difficult to find where you've dropped an app -- going into the usual menu to see it in alphabetical order is much quicker in my experience. Emotion UI does allow for a lot of customisation though, including changing the homescreen panel transitions or applying various themes that change the colour schemes and app icons. If you like putting your own stamp on your hardware, Emotion UI might be right up your street. The promising new hardware is here now, but it’s the software to come that could advance..

There isn't much new about Apple’s newest entry-level iPad, But it’s a better value than., Updates for the new version of Microsoft's tablet are as subtle as they come, but the., The Google Pixel C is a performance monster with a sleek design and impressively solid., The Galaxy Tab S3 is an impeccably designed tablet with an impressive stylus and stunning., The Good Its skinny metal body looks and feels luxurious, it has a bright and bold display, decent battery life and iphone case reddit its camera can snap some good pictures too, Pop in a 4G LTE SIM card and you can use the tablet exactly as you would use a phone..

The Bad It's running on an outdated version of Android and Huawei's Emotion interface makes the tablet often rather sluggish and irritating to navigate. The Bottom Line Although the MediaPad X1's software is unquestionably clunky, it still has a lot going for it. If you're struggling to decide between buying a new phone or a new tablet, the X1's 4G LTE capabilities make it a fair compromise. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The MozStumbler project is an Android app that sniffs the ether for radio signals, couples it with your location as measured by GPS, and sends the data to Mozilla, It's a critical component of Mozilla Location Service, a publicly available interface that tells a computer or mobile device its location based on that wireless network data, It may sound like a small thing, but it's the kind of thing that's important to the success of Firefox OS, the smartphone operating system with which Mozilla hopes bring the openness of the Web to mobile ecosystems, iphone case reddit Location services are fundamental to modern smartphones, and right now Mozilla relies on Qualcomm's proprietary service for Firefox OS and on Google for Firefox on PCs..

Mozilla has successfully tapped into its enthusiastic user base before, most notably when it embraced open-source software and open standards to counter the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Now it's trying to marshal its fan base to take on a new bête noire: the closed ecosystem. These collections of hardware, software, services, and content make it hard for people to do things like move from iOS to Android without losing all their rights to downloaded movies and apps they've paid for.

For someone like Mozilla to lower those barriers, "You have to have services," newly named Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich told CNET this week, It's not clear how broad Mozilla's services ambition is, but the non-profit organization is also working on an open payment system integrated with the Firefox Marketplace, And it's working hard on identity issues, too, since Firefox and Firefox OS users need an account iphone case reddit to synchronize browsing history, passwords, and other data, Mozilla Location Services and MozStumbler are very Mozilla-flavored projects: open-source software that relies on the collective efforts of many individuals and that produces a freely usable result..