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iphone case replacement might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Ever wondered how Corning tests its super-strong Gorilla Glass? With this fiendish torture device. It's like that bit in Casino, only with phones. P2i not only waterproof the outside of your phone, but the insides too. This tissue is coated in P2i's waterproof coating, so if you try and blow your nose on it you're in for a nasty surprise. The SteelSeries Stratus is a mini Bluetooth gaming controller for playing games on your phone. Whatever will they think of next?. Aw snap! SnappGrip is clever camera lens that slides onto your iPhone so you can take snaps in an app via Bluetooth. It's coming to Android this spring.

BuzzLaucher adds a touch of class iphone case replacement to your Android phone by customising your home pages, Hmm, I wonder if they do awards for photo captions? I hope so, I'm going to enter this one, Oh mate, that is smart, The Omate TrueSmart is yet another Android smartwatch, Bear with us: WildTangent makes games like the chilled-out Polar Bowler, Dude, it's that kind of wordsmithery that caption writers live for, Chaaaaarge! Proxi makes batteries that charge wirelessly, so any AA-powered gadget -- like this toy car -- can become a wireless wonder, When you want to juice up, just dump your kit into the Proxi 3D and they'll soon be raring to go once again..

I toyed with a prototype Sunday at its debut at Mobile World Congress here, and I have to say, I'm impressed -- given the price. It's missing things like WhatsApp, its screen is small and coarse, and it's slower to scroll and launch apps than the state-of-the-art phones from the last decade. It's not something a rich kid from New Jersey or a businessman from Tokyo would be caught dead with. That's not the target market. As any number of bruised companies can attest, taking on Android and iOS head on is difficult, but Firefox OS today is geared for a much more cost-sensitive market. Mozilla, reasonably, tells those who would judge this Firefox OS model that they should compare it to a bargain-bin feature phone with a few built-in apps and a low-end camera.

"Imagine that phone in iphone case replacement your pocket is a feature phone, Imagine when you go buy one of these devices that every euro is precious to you," Mozilla leader Mitchell Baker said at a press conference here, Looking at "the richness and power we're able to offer to this market, you'll be astonished," he said, And for that market, it really works, You can install apps, load Web pages, search your contacts, and send e-mail typed with an on-screen keyboard, You can multitask and play music in the background, You can un-pinch to zoom into photos, The Spreadtrum chip that makes it all possible only works on 2.5G Edge networks, so it's slow, but in third-world countries, that's often the network that's available..

Even if Firefox OS gains a strong foothold in lower-end phones, Mozilla will face longer-term challenges as cheaper hardware brings Android down-market. Firefox OS today works in a quarter the memory that Android now requires, though, and that could mean the difference between profit and not for a super-low-end smartphone. So no, I'm not going to recommend this phone to my relatively affluent friends. But for the price of a nice bottle of wine, it's an impressive achievement. Relatively affluent people will shun this smartphone. But for people who can afford only a bargain-priced feature phone, Mozilla's prototype shows promise.

Next to it, another tissue bobs lazily on top, Push it deeper into the water and the liquid just pools, then slides off, Occasionally, some drops will get between the fibers, giving it a wet feel, but the gauzy paper fabric won't soak, This is the work of a company called P2i, which manufactures the nanocoating similar to the stuff that makes raindrops slide off treated clothing, P2i also happens to be also the company behind Motorola's splash-proof Droid and subsequent hydrophobic phones, Yes, other handsets on the market can claim the same rating and water-resistance as phones treated with P2i's proprietary polymer, but the technology and processes are a little different, There's HzO, for instance, which has a similar goal of coating a phone's internals to repel liquid, though as of CES 2014, they're still iphone case replacement shopping for a debut device..

Then there are any number of rugged phones on the market, like Kyocera's Hydro family, but these rely on internal gaskets to seal off sensitive spots, or else rubber stoppers to plug up ports. P2i says the new waterproof technology -- which is more robust than its splashproof version -- will show up in its first smartphone this year. Considering that the demo smartphone resting comfortably at the bottom of the fishbowl is a Samsung Galaxy S4, I'd hazard a guess that the lucky phone in question could be the Samsung Galaxy S5, or else the S5 Active.

Catch all the mobile news from Mobile World Congress 2014, Behind the scenes, a company called P2i has developed a new method for making phones and tablets impervious to H2O, BARCELONA, Spain -- A cell phone lies at the bottom of a fishbowl for hours, far longer than the 30 minutes that typical waterproof phones are rated to survive while fully submerged, Nobody looks worried; in fact, they're proud, On the far side of the demo table is a shallow dish full with water that's been dyed blue, In drops a sheet of tissue paper, which immediately crumples as it iphone case replacement thirstily soaks up the tinted water..