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iphone case rubber might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Sony's new SmartBand looks like a spin on fitness bands like those from Jawbone and Fitbit, with a twist: Sony's Life Log software rides along sidesaddle on your phone to extend beyond fitness tracking and keep track of everything else in your life, too..using the photos you've taken, and apps like Facebook. It arrives in March. Read our impressions here. What is a smart glove? It's part of Fujitsu's next-wave vision for the future of factories and other industrial workplaces. The glove, targeted for 2015, lets you just point at what you're looking at, while paired augmented-reality glasses show you what you need to actually be doing instead. Read more here, and watch a video, too.

What's $99, coming in April, and measures your iphone case rubber heart rate? The Mio Link, a simple, screen-free heart-rate monitor that wirelessly syncs and has a pulsating LED, Read more here, A wristband that's just made for storing passwords, PIN codes, and maybe even open password-protected car doors, A recipe for disaster, or genius? The $79 Bionym Nymi prototype was seen at MWC, Read more about the Nymi here, One of many smartglasses companies at CES, Lumus has a design that fuses traditional glasses with a side-mounted heads-up display projector, A new partnership with EyeSight at Mobile World Congress brings gesture recognition as part of the baked-in software: a clever idea for a pair of glasses, and a great way to look really weird at parties, Read more here..

Water-resistant, rugged, $149.99: well, Blueant's Bluetooth HD Sportbuds are wearable, so they're in this wearable roundup. Read our hands-on. Advanced noise-cancelling, voice commands, and NFC for quick smartphone pairing might make the $129.99 Plantronics Voyage Edge a better riff on the Bluetooth audio headset. Will it be able to beat the Jawbone Era? Read our hands-on impressions of the Voyage Edge. Sony's SmartWatch 2 is already available, but it couldn't do navigation. Now, thanks to Garmin's Xperia Edition app for Sony smartphones, the SmartWatch 2 can get maps beamed to it. Read more about the navigation addition here.

Ubuntu is coming to smartphones and tablets, Let's take a look at the software that hopes to challenge Android, It launches on new phones like this one some time this year.Here's Ubuntu for phones and tablets running on a Google Nexus 5 phone and Nexus 7 slate, ahead of the arrival of the first phones, the Meizu MX3 and BQ Aquaris, The OS was previously known as Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu is based around souped-up home screens iphone case rubber called "scopes."Some scopes look familiar, like this gallery app gathering your videos..

Here's the photo gallery. Scopes are sort of a cross between a home page, an app, and a widget, and can be themed like this soccer-celebrating World Cup scope. You can scroll through embedded carousels and tap to see more. Other possible uses include a scope made by your network or carrier to put your account profile, your bill, and useful links in one place. Here you can see your apps, with recently used apps at the top for quick access. Swipe in from the left for the app launcher, packed with your favorite shortcuts.

Swipe up from the bottom when you're in an app for the app's menu, Swipe in from the right to scroll back and forth through iphone case rubber your currently open apps with this multitasking carousel, The multitasking carousel doesn't disappear when you take your finger off the screen, so you can come back to it if you're interrupted, Swipe down from the top to see your notifications and status updates, As you swipe down, scroll sideways to see useful stuff such as recent messages or your network or battery status..

Settings are also in the pull-down tray. Here you can see how long your battery is going to last. Ubnutu is designed to be the same on phones and tablets. One unique tablet feature is this multitasking window. Pull the multitasking window in from the right and you can use the app without leaving the main app, perhaps doing a quick calculation or checking a message. Ubuntu on tablet. The first two phones to bring Ubuntu to consumers will be the Spanish-made BQ Aquaris, pictured on the left, and the Chinese Meizu MX3.

The light signal -- which looks identical to a normal light -- is picked up by a receiver, We saw the technology streaming video to a TV, and were able to freeze the picture by holding our iphone case rubber hand over the receiver, blocking the light's path, Pure LiFi has already built a 'Li-1st' device that's able to both send and receive light data (perfect for the Internet), and at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was showing off the 'Li-Flame' prototype, which knows exactly which light source it should be receiving data from..