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That's why it's so troubling to see people looking at the music industry so linearly. The music industry isn't dying, music isn't dying. Artists aren't disappearing, everything's in a constant state of flux. We would do better to actually look at what is changing and respond to it in a positive way, rather than running around like chickens with our heads cut off, saying, it's changed, it's changed, holy f--- it's changed. What does that mean, to respond to things in a positive way? Palmer: The biggest overarching thing that's changed is the fall of the middleman. If I was a teenager, if I wanted to get my music out to the masses, I had to work through somebody else. That somebody else wasn't an ISP, it was a music-industry gate, a music-specific gate. We still have bizarre middlemen, gatekeepers, in the forms of Google and YouTube and etcetera. One thing that's really ironic is that when people think that they're totally free. It's not f---ing free! If you're logging on to the Internet and downloading it, paying a service provider and using bandwidth that you don't control, it's not f---ing free -- there's still somebody out there controlling the airwaves. It's just not the way you're used to.

And this is what worries me, Especially with the younger artists, They're just like, I'm totally free! I can do whatever I want, If you don't protect the freedom that you think you have, you're going to be f---ed, Somebody is still running the traffic, it's just not who your parents are used to, What should younger artists do? Palmer: Tour, Meet their fans, Suffer, Should an amazing artist, who just can't deal iphone case tech 21 with the road, suffer?Palmer: If you're not willing to go play the music for the people who are willing to [pay for it,] your options are severely limited, There are other options, but they're not easy..

Why do you make art? Palmer: Honestly, I've been struggling with that question since I married a rich guy. I've had to really face having done 10 years of hustling, hustling, hustling and my band has to make money or I'm f---ed, to all of a sudden I'm married to a rich guy and I have a safety net. That's been very f---ed up for me. First-world problem, fine, but that has changed and confused my approach to things. I did [made art] because I loved making music and I loved being on stage, and I didn't want another job. I didn't want to have to keep working at the coffee shop, because it was boring. I wanted to do my band. I didn't want to have a s---ty job. The obvious thing to do was to make money writing songs for the band.

I would get confused and irritated when journalists would ask, "why do you make music?" I dunno, Why are you a journalist? I dunno, Something happens, and then now this, Having a safety net, whether that safety net is that my husband is a rich author or my fan base is so iphone case tech 21 fanatic that I actually feel like I could make totally experimental piano music without merits that I feel I could totally survive, That question, it never stops, I don't have an answer, I'm glad I don't have an answer, If I had one specific answer, and that answer stayed static, that'd suck, It would be boring..

Getting back to the social capital or being with people, I look back at the 12-year-old Amanda who wanted to be a rock star and wanted to write songs and wanted to play piano because looking at Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, that was, like, that was the best job, it was because I wanted to find a community of people that I liked being with, because I didn't like where I was, I wanted to go there, wherever "there" was..[I]f I strip everything down, take the money away, take the Internet away, take everything away, I want to be with people that I like and that I can talk to and that don't judge me.

It's probably the same for most musicians that I know, iphone case tech 21 Zoe Boekbinder pointed out that many reporters don't want to talk about how good a musician may be at her music, but that they want to talk about how good she is at the Internet, Palmer: I suffered that greatly in the last year, I haven't done an interview in the last year that wasn't 90 percent about the Internet and Kickstarter and crowdfunding, And my album, which I thought was great, suffered a deep death at the hands of the Internet, Do people recording shows on their smartphones change how you perform? Palmer: Being at shows has its own educational learning curve, I have learned to accept it, I still get irritated at it, I just did a year-and-change-long tour where I crowd-surfed every night, And often, I crowd-surfed into a sea of people, who didn't seem conscious of the fact that I needed their hands to hold my body up, because they were all so fascinated by the image on their phones..

And I started taking their phones, and I think we're all like gaga right now about technology because it's exciting, it's cool, it's exciting that on your phone you can take a really decent picture and share it. But do we need 150 s---ty, blurry pictures of a singer on stage in a badly lit nightclub?. ..[W]e know how much social capital and help it provides for a fan in the front row to take a great photo and send it back to us so that we can put it on our blog. That has value, and you don't want to just shut everyone down. A lot of my viral YouTube clips, most of them have been from fans, not some person I hired for $500.

So you want to appreciate it, but at the same time you don't want everybody's experience to be minimized, What about "community supported music," where fans pay to get a song per month or something similar? Palmer: I have to [play] devil's advocate, One of the things that musicians don't like, artists don't like, is the idea that they are production machines, and that the way art works is that we put out a thing every month, Artists don't necessarily work that way, They can, but do you want to be the kind of patron that insists that your artist works in a sort of weird capitalist structure where they have to put out a product like iphone case tech 21 a factory every two weeks to your liking or you're going to take away the money?..