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iphone case template might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

I'm not saying this is the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever used, but rather, the best of this size. If you travel a lot and like to travel light, this is definitely worth a look. Take note, however: Matrix Audio is anticipating one to two weeks for delivery. Bonus deal: In the market for a no-contract iPhone? Virgin Mobile currently has some of the best deals going, including the iPhone 5c (32GB) for $439.99, shipped. (That link takes you to the blue model, but you can choose from four others.) Obviously that's still a little steep for any phone, but you'll still end up paying way less over time than a subsidized model. That's because Virgin's monthly plans start at just $30 per month (including unlimited texting and data). And if you use this link, you'll save an additional $25 by way of an account credit. (Full disclosure: I get the credit, too.).

Deals found on The Cheapskate are subject to availability, expiration, and other terms determined by sellers, Want to know more about The Cheapskate blog and how it works? Read our FAQ, Normally $79.99, this surprisingly powerful audio box is actually small enough to fit in a pocket, I'm on a family vacation this week, enjoying a much-needed respite from the horrors (horrors, I say!) of this year's winter, Although we all packed headphones for use with our phones and tablets, I wanted a speaker so we could jam together to Pharrell Williams' can't-not-dance-to-it "Happy."I had several portable-speaker options to choose from, but I like to travel as light as humanly iphone case template possible, So I packed the impossibly compact new Matrix Audio Qube2, which sounds way louder -- and better -- than any speaker of its size has any right to..

Fujitsu will show the wearable device at the Mobile World Congress show next week in Barcelona, with plans to sell it in 2015. The idea is to let a person -- likely in some specific work situation -- tap an object with the NFC reader, then perform a gesture that triggers an action like playing recorded information about the object through the person's headphones. The prototype glove can detect with 98 percent accuracy when a person's hand has moved up, down, left, and right, or has rotated clockwise or counterclockwise.

That could be handy in places where a keyboard isn't practical, "In some work settings, such as those that require gloves to be worn or environments inwhich hands get dirty, taking out and using a conventional smart device can be difficult, Another hurdle is that users need to stop what iphone case template they are doing in order to use their smart device," Fujitsu said, Combining NFC, gesture recognition, and a wireless link could give people access to computing operations in areas where keyboards and touch screens aren't practical..

Touch screens were just the start. User interface experimentation is blossoming as new sensors liberate computing devices from keyboards and mice, and a new glove from Fujitsu Laboratories embodies the trend. The device has a near-field communications (NFC) reader and gyroscopic sensors for gesture-based interactions with a person's environment. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Still, the filing peels back the curtain on just how big a casual-gaming company can be, According to its filing, King Digital generated $1.9 billion in revenue last year, up from $164 million in the prior year and $63.9 iphone case template million in 2011, Its profits jumped to $567.6 million, The massive growth is due in large part to a significant uptick in gamers playing its titles, The average monthly unique users for all its games in 2013's fourth quarter was 304 million, In the fourth quarter of 2012, that figure stood at 43 million..

Although King has more than 180 games to its name, the crown jewel in its lineup is Candy Crush Saga. That title, according to the company, has 93 million daily users and more than 1 billion daily game plays. Its second-most-popular game, Pet Rescue Saga, comes in at 15 million daily users and 129 million daily game plays. Despite these figures that may sound promising to King's future investors, it might be hard for the company to shake the Zynga comparisons. After that company went public on the back of its popular FarmVille and CityVille franchises, investors that initially seemed ready to support the company found significant issues in the firm's business. Before long, investors decided that relying on a few franchises and not having enough of a business outside of game development wasn't enough. Zynga has since tried to change its focus and become more well-rounded as a casual-gaming destination. Investors, however, still seem unsure.

Unlike Zynga, King makes most of its money in the mobile space, King has also created a gaming network online that has proven popular among casual gamers, Still, the company will need to prove as time goes on that it can continue to deliver such impressive financial results if its top franchises lose steam, The issue with casual gaming iphone case template is that while massive user bases can grow quickly, history has shown that they can also fall quickly as gamers find other games, The company will trade under the "KING" ticker when it goes public on the New York Stock Exchange..