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iphone case that covers camera might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Instead, it will stick to using Qualcomm and MediaTek processors for its upcoming 4G smartphones that are due in the next quarter, when Taiwan rolls out its LTE network. Acer also declined to reveal details on why the company has not chosen to further its partnership with the chip giant. Meanwhile, Asus has chosen to launch its range of Intel-powered smartphones, the ZenFone series, in Asia. Intel's upcoming Merrifield Atom chip will support LTE, but this is using a separate LTE radio instead of being integrated into a single package like Qualcomm's offerings.

An integrated solution is not expected until the end of 2014, which could also be the reason why Acer is choosing iphone case that covers camera to use other chipsets for now, (Via Taipei Times), The Taiwanese company will be launching a 4G handset in Taiwan in the next quarter, but will be using chips from MediaTek and Qualcomm instead, Despite Acer's partnership with chipmaker Intel for its Liquid smartphones for emerging markets in Asia, the Taiwanese company does not have plans to use Intel chips for its upcoming 4G handsets..

Now, the company appears to be hiring for two new senior electronic payments positions, according to Re/code. Citing anonymous sources, Re/code writes that Apple is looking to fill positions for head of product and head of business development. "Their ambitions are very, very serious," one of the sources told Re/code. Apple already lets hundreds of millions of users buy music, books, and apps through an iTunes account linked to their credit cards. So, expanding this payment process into a digital wallet, or some other sort of mobile payment service, could be a feasible shift for the company.

In January, it was rumored that Apple was exploring a move beyond the digital realm into letting users pay for physical goods and services -- such as clothes or a taxi ride -- with an iTunes iphone case that covers camera account, Reportedly, Apple has been conducting on-going meetings with industry executives to discuss the topic, Expanding into a mobile-payments business could put the company in direct competition with services like Stripe and eBay's PayPal, According to Re/code, there's the possibility that Apple could even partner with PayPal in some sort of joint payment system..

CNET contacted Apple for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information. The tech giant is reportedly looking to hire some senior executives to head its rumored electronic payments business. Several clues have surfaced over the past few months that point to Apple working on its own mobile payments business. We've seen patent filings, rumors of secret meetings, and analyst predictions. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

This means that Samsung is attempting to trademark the words as they pertain to technology, The application to trademark "plot" and "citron", for example, will cover use on, Computer software applications, downloadable; computer programs (downloadable software); computer application software for mobile phones, smart phones, tablet computers, portable media players and iphone case that covers camera handheld computers; computer software for managing and organising various digital reading contents, namely, digital electronic-books, digital electronic-newspapers, thesis and digital electronic-magazines; mobile phones, smart phones; digital cameras; portable media players; MP3 players; MP4 players; portable computers; wireless headsets for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers; rechargeable batteries; battery chargers; leather cases for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers; flip covers for mobile phones, smart phones and tablet computers; tablet computers; television receivers; audio electronic components, namely surround sound systems; digital set-top boxes; DVD players; Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays; monitors; 3D eye glasses; computers; printers for computers; semiconductors; downloadable electronic publications; downloadable electronic books..

That's rather broad, but there seems to be a focus on ebooks and other reading material. None of the terms seem to have been trademarked in other countries, or even in use by Samsung previously, (with the exception of "App Connect") which indicates that they are likely to be applied to new products. It could also mean that the company plans to apply for trademarks in other regions, using the Australian trademarks — should they be granted — as precedent. The applications have not yet been approved by IP Australia. You can read more about the filings on TMWatch.

Samsung has filed for six trademarks in Australia, including five words and a new logo, Samsung has filed for six trademarks in Australia, including five words and a new logo, Samsung has applied for several trademarks in Australia, including a number of words and a new logo iphone case that covers camera for its UHD curved TV, As reported by trademark blog TMWatch, the company has filed applications to trademark the words "Plot", "App Connect", "DTOC", "Citron" and "Diffuser" under Class 9 of the goods and services trademark classifications..