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iphone case vans might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Many online scammers use Craigslist to perpetrate their crimes. The Craigslist's Avoiding Scams page has links to many fraud-reporting agencies as well as advice for spotting a scam, including examples of phishing e-mails. Perhaps the most important caveat for Craigslist denizens is right at the top of the page, in bold and highlighted: Deal locally with folks you can meet in person. I would add that you meet them in a very public place, such as the lobby of your local police station to avoid being strong-armed at your designated rendezvous location.

The FindLaw site's Computer Scams FAQ page links to information for finding a consumer-protection agency in your area, The site also explains the exceptions to the general rule that once you've lost your money, you can't get it back, Principal among these exceptions are disputing a fraudulent credit or debit charge, fighting bogus charges on your telephone bill, and asking your online auction site whether its insurance covers fraudulent transactions -- a long shot, perhaps, but worth a try, Among the recent targets of Web criminals are students, renters, and romance-seekers; iphone case vans everyone is at risk though, so keep your defenses up, up, up..

Details, as is to be expected, are sparse: Allegedly, the device will be a "lightweight" version of the LG G2. Specific hardware that a phone like this might use is anyone's guess. For what it's worth, rumors point to a Quad HD (1,440x2,560 pixels) display, a 64-bit processor, and a 16-megapixel rear camera. Google and LG have become quite cozy over the last few years, resulting in the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and a Google Play Edition LG G Pad 8.3. Based on this history, and factoring in the new report, it sounds as if LG is the front-runner for the next Nexus.

As to when we'll actually see this new device is yet another mystery, Google's Sundar Pichai was recently quoted (translate) as saying the so-called Nexus 6 would not iphone case vans arrive before the third quarter, Keep in mind that the annual Google I/O conference takes place in late June this year, Maybe we'll see the Nexus handset shown off at this developer conference with promises of availability in the ensuing weeks, New report out of Germany alleges Google will partner with LG on its third consecutive Nexus smartphone..

Alex is one of a growing population of "privacy ambivalent" users. He keeps his Social Security number close to his chest, and rarely gives out his personal e-mail address unless he has to. But he isn't clued up on the latest Facebook privacy options, and doesn't particularly mind who reads his tweets. Because Alex is -- like myself -- a British expat, he and I chat now and then about the differences between life in the UK and here in the US. Last month, we fell into conversation about the "backward approach" of online banking security in America.

Both of our iphone case vans US banks require an alarmingly vague offering of details to access our bank accounts over the phone, such as our home addresses, our dates of birth, and now and then the last four digits of our Social Security numbers, In contrast, British banks rarely ask for anything less than username, password, three-digit, variable drop-down boxes of codes, memorable names, iris scans, fingerprints, the exact weight of your first-born child, and the name of your dog that you always forget even though he was your "best friend" growing up in the suburban bliss of outer London..

Sharing personal anecdotes of how lax US banks appear to be with our life savings compared to British banks left us both a little shaken. He asked me: "Wouldn't it be interesting to see how much information there was on me out there? Like, what you can find out from the Internet and try to get on the phone with my bank?"Yes, Alex. Yes, it would. Based on just his name and his employer, would that be enough to steal his identity and take over his life?. The bet was laid and the plan we formulated was simple enough: to gather enough intelligence about Alex to convince his call center operator at his bank that I was him. Like something out of a "Mission: Impossible" film, I would have to bypass the automated phone system, steer through the security questions, and -- armed with a fictional and empathy-driven sob story -- socially engineer my way into his bank account.

And then, out of nowhere and in a chilling moment of awkwardness, I forgot his surname -- despite the fact we'd met before and shared a pint in the pub over the road, I was mortified, But, being British and all, one doesn't beat about the bush, On the iphone case vans verge of asking him, I stumbled over my words -- I admitted I didn't know, but also didn't want to know -- stopping him as he was about to mutter, "Oh, it's.."Because the less I knew, the better, I took him up on his offer, and we agreed on a strict set of rules..