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iphone case you can put a picture in might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

Stories differ as to everything that might have truly transpired. Moreover, the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday that Slocum was once accused of recording her neighbors surreptitiously with her cell phone. Still, I fancy that those who want to see a veritable coven of Glass doing their worst will be tempted to the Stanford with the idea of mockery or worse. We should all be glad to live in such exciting technological times. I can currently find no evidence that, if the promotion is a success, the hotel intends to rename its bar The Glasshole In The Wall.

San Francisco's Stanford Court Hotel wants to attract the techie crowd, So Google Glass wearers get a free drink, iphone case you can put a picture in There must be a catch, right? Well, a small one, Being seen in public wearing Google Glass is a statement, Some, though, see it as a statement that you are tone-deaf, socially blind, and congenitally self-righteous, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The Post said it withheld, at the request of US officials, the identity of the targeted nation and other nations where the program's use was envisioned. The revelation is just the latest to emerge from a trove of confidential documents leaked to the media by Snowden, detailing the NSA's controversial surveillance programs. Previous revelations showed how the NSA collected metadata associated with phone calls; this program reportedly extends surveillance to the content of conversations. Earlier reports have indicated that the NSA has the ability to record nearly all domestic and international phone calls. Wired magazine disclosed in 2012 that the NSA has established "listening posts" that allow the agency to collect and sift through billions of phone calls through a massive new data center in Utah, "whether they originate within the country or overseas."The NSA declined to discuss the existence of the MYSTIC recording program but insisted that all of the agency's operations strictly adhere to the rule of law.

"NSA does not conduct signals intelligence collection in any country, or anywhere in the world, unless it is necessary to advance US national security and foreign policy interests and to protect its citizens and the citizens of its allies and partners from harm," NSA spokesperson Vanee iphone case you can put a picture in Vines said in an email, Civil libertarians said the revelation raised fresh concerns over the NSA's surveillance capabilities, "This is a truly chilling revelation, and it's one that underscores how high the stakes are in the debate we're now having about bulk surveillance," Jameel Jaffer, American Civil Liberties Union deputy legal director, said in a statement, "The NSA has always wanted to record everything, and now it has the capacity to do so."Surveillance system has the capability to store recordings of billions of calls for up to 30 days, according to confidential documents obtained by The Washington Post..

The National Security Agency has the capability to record "100 percent" of the telephone calls placed in a foreign country and play them back up to a month later, according to a report Tuesday by The Washington Post. Known as MYSTIC, the surveillance system dates back to 2009, according to documents supplied to the newspaper by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The program, which wasn't fully operational until 2011, intercepts and records and stores billions of calls for 30 days on a rolling buffer that purges the oldest recordings as new ones arrive, according to one classified summary cited by the newspaper.

Apple has not made the lower-capacity handset available to all markets, with Australia joining the UK, France, Germany and China in receiving the 8GB iPhone 5c, The release of the 8GB model makes it the cheapest Apple handset with 4G LTE, but it is not the best value proposition compared iphone case you can put a picture in to the other versions, For only AU$60 more you can buy the 16GB version which doubles internal flash storage, Considering that an iOS update can require around 3GB of storage for the installation process (it drops once the install is complete) 8GB of storage could be eaten up very quickly..

Apple continues to sell the unlocked 8GB variant of the iPhone 4s directly from its store at AU$529. As well as the 8GB iPhone 5c, Apple has also reintroduced the Retina display iPad 4 to its tablet range. The iPad 2 has been discontinued and superseded by the Retina iPad as the cheapest model in Apple's tablet range. Pricing starts from AU$449 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. The iPhone 5c now comes in a lower-capacity 8GB model in Australia, China, the UK, France and Germany. If you were looking for a slightly cheaper entry point into the world of iPhone, Apple has just made the iPhone 5c available in an 8GB variant.

For now, all we have is a glitzy promotional video filled with a variety of bouncy, well-scrubbed -- and obviously well-heeled - folks living the bright future envisioned by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (particularly), No coincidence that Google's video clip showed a lot of bouncy athletic people as if they were plucked away from a Frisbee game on a tech campus in Northern California, The talking points heralding Android Wear -- "useful information when you need it most, straight answers to spoken questions, the ability to better monitor your health and fitness, and your key to a multiscreen world" -- iphone case you can put a picture in are just the sort of technocratic prescriptions you'd expect from Silicon Valley, Okay, they seem nice to have, Nowhere in the verbiage, though, is anything to convince the rest of us why an Android Wear-able would be a must-have item..