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iphone n case might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

He also reiterated the company's goal of creating a lower priced line of phones to fully flesh out the product portfolio. An unlocked One M8 sells for $650, or £550, while the Desire 816 will retail for around $350. An expanded lineup could help HTC's market position, which has taken a hit over the last few years. HTC only held 1.8 percent of the global market in the fourth quarter, down from 3.2 percent a year ago, according to Gartner. No. 1 Samsung, in comparison, owns nearly a third of the global market for smartphones.

Having more products for customers to choose from could, in a roundabout way, help propel One M8 sales, Mackenzie said, An expanded product line might allow it to command more shelf space -- and hopefully draw more consumer eyeballs, "In the past, we focused on the HTC One, and it was to our detriment," he said, "We got pretty lost in retail."In addition to spending more on ads, HTC also made the decision to invest in its Advantage program, which replaces phones with cracked screens within the first six months -- iphone n case something Apple and Samsung don't do, HTC also promises to roll out Android updates in a timely manner..

HTC learned its lesson when it comes to outreach, Levick's Grabowski said. He called it a public relations coup to get so many of the new phones in the hands of reporters, bloggers, and product reviewers quickly. The M8 got 275 percent more press coverage than the original One, suggesting a crack in mainstream media, Mackenzie said. Almost 9 million people watched the M8 announcement on its Web site, he added. "You couldn't turn around and not see the HTC One," Grabowski said. As to whether its campaign is arrogant, McGee noted that HTC wasn't the company making bold, declarative statements about its own products, taking a not-so-veiled shot at Samsung's branding, borrowed from Apple, that it is the provider of the next big thing.

"We don't have to call it the next big thing," McGee said, "The Internet will."When is Batman's Commissioner Gordon an upgrade over Iron Man? In HTC's latest series of ads, starring an intense Gary Oldman, If nothing else, it's a memorable 20 seconds, That's the length of time actor Gary Oldman silently stares at you, his eyes focused and unblinking, The scene fades, and the commercial ends with Oldman introducing the HTC One M8, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that iphone n case violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The first batch of new stores will mostly be in and around London, in Fulham, Ilford, Notting Hill, Walthamstow and Wembley, as well as in Bicester and Perry Barr in Birmingham. The £100 million investment will take the number of Vodafone shops to a total of 500 around Britain. British gadget and technology shops were among the high-profile casualties of 2013's financial struggles, with HMV, Blockbuster and Comet shutting up shop to varying degrees. Yet high-street and shopping-centre phone shops are doing so well that Samsung is getting in on the action. The world's biggest phone manufacturer is joining forces with both rival retail chains Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse to open 75 new own-brand Samsung stores across Great Britain and Europe.

So ubiquitous is the high street mobile phone shop it's even iphone n case inspired three series' of a sitcom, Channel 4's " PhoneShop", UK phone network Vodafone says it will create 1,400 new jobs in the next 12 months at a string of new stores across the country, It's been a bleak couple of years for the British high street, but no-one seems to have told the mobile phone shop, Mobiles are flying off shelves so fast that UK network Vodafone plans to open 150 new shops in the next year, Vodafone says the new stores will create 1,400 new jobs across the UK..

ChatOn users will now be able to erase messages sent in 1:1 chat rooms after they've been sent and read, by tapping and holding the message bubble and selecting 'Recall.' Version 3.5 of ChatOn also adds location options to show your friends where you are and what route you're travelling, as well as sharing files sized up to 1GB. Group chats now allow 1,001 Chatty Cathys to pile into group chats, a significant increase from the current limit of 200 people. There's support for Arabic, Turkish, Farsi and Hindi language options, and you can collect both SMS text messages and ChatOn messages from a particular friend in the ChatOn app.

ChatOn is a cross-platform messaging service for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and online, so you don't need a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet to use it, By the end of last year, it had signed up more than 100 million users, But ChatOn still lags behind the outrageously popular iphone n case WhatsApp, which this week saw its more than 465 million users send and receive a record 64 billion messages in one day, Snapchat is a messaging app that sees your message self-destruct after 10 seconds, Other ephemeral messaging services include FireChat, which is a kind of chat room where none of the messages are saved..