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The app itself is compatible with devices that run Android version 4.3 or higher and iOS 6.0 or higher. LG didn't reveal a specific availability date, but the bulb itself will sell for 35,000 Korean won (around $32.50). The Bluetooth-equipped smart bulb can talk to your mobile device so you can remotely turn it on and off, adjust the brightness, and schedule its activity. LG has unveiled a light bulb that can you can control from your smartphone. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Once we settle in for a more formal interview at the new Xiaomi office just down the street from the old one -- the construction a physical manifestation of Xiaomi's rapid growth -- a little bit of Barra's former, guarded attitude returns, He chooses his words carefully once on the record, but Barra's enjoyment of his first six months at Xiaomi shines through the formality, "Things have been fantastic," he says, "The culture here is very similar [to the culture at Google] -- this notion of having a company formed by a large number of small teams that move very quickly, have a sense of ownership, and are somewhat autonomous and independent."Asked how this Google-style corporate culture compares with general Chinese corporate iphone s case ebay culture, Barra has no direct comparison: "It's hard for me to comment on whether this is the same culture that exists in larger Chinese companies, We're not a large company but we're not a startup either, I believe that Xiaomi is ahead when it comes to establishing a culture that borrows well from Silicon Valley.""When you get a lot of people together who are intelligent or passionate, and you allow the organization to flow as it should, you end up with a lot of small teams," he adds..

And while it could still be a honeymoon period for Barra, the former Googler passionately believes Xiaomi has what it takes to to conquer the world. "We're just starting to think about building truly, truly global products. I think Xiaomi's already good at that because of the mentality of some of the senior engineers. A lot of them have worked at Google or in Silicon Valley, and we have a bunch of ex-Facebook engineers. We have people with the global mentality," he says. "In a year or two, we will have completely shifted towards building inherently global products. Whenever we think about a new feature, we try to think about it from a Chinese perspective and a global perspective."The numbers show how precipitously Xiaomi is growing. The 4-year-old company is making phones as fast as it can sell them, and it's selling a lot of phones. In 2012, the company sold 7.2 million smartphones. In 2013, Xiaomi doubled that number, selling 18.7 million handsets. Xiaomi doubled its office space in lockstep -- the new, second building looking awfully Googley inside, complete with a giant slide from the second floor down to the first. The place also features wide-open areas with meeting spots and features cheery, bright colors and paintings that feel more at home in a startup than your usual typical corporate office.

But Barra says he's not directly responsible for the similarities to the Mountain View, Calif., Google campus, He cites the Xiaomi founders, as well as other iphone s case ebay senior management hailing from well-established tech companies such as Microsoft and Google, who also want to foster a similar work environment, The culture here, Barra says, blends Silicon Valley heritage with the Chinese drive for competitiveness and penchant for working long hours (and loving it), Barra cheerfully admits he has a lot more gray hair now..

"The engineers that I deal and work with on a regular basis here are really hardworking. They might even be more hardworking than some of the engineers in the Valley.""It's the Chinese culture of revering work. People take work very seriously -- not that they don't in Silicon Valley, but it's more impressive here. I noticed that people here are extremely passionate, almost to a personal level. They take competition seriously. I certainly don't see that in the Valley as much, but you do see it from time to time," he says.

"Taking it personally, I think, makes you even more passionately involved in what you're working on, [The personal connection] helps you become more productive, more creative, It happens at the engineering level; it happens at the founder and CEO level as well." Barra, in particular, loves the way Chinese CEOs debate their industry publicly and energetically on iphone s case ebay Weibo, the Chinese social network, "Based on what I've seen at Xiaomi, the company is going to show the world its teeth in a major way over the coming decade," he says..

It is this competitive environment that Barra seems to thrive in. He's busy planning Xiaomi's expansion with its Redmi and Mi-3 handsets into other markets -- the company has already made inroads into Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, with Malaysia next on the list for a launch. An LTE handset is forthcoming, but Barra declined to reveal more details. Xiaomi is looking to the Indian market next, where Barra will be following Xiaomi's already established modus operandi with a new office and new relationships with telecoms and partners, all alongside the company's successful e-commerce portal as a platform to sell its handsets directly. According to Barra, this business model will allow Xiaomi to maintain its strategy of selling its smartphones at a really low price, almost close to cost.

But that doesn't mean Xiaomi will start at the market's low end, Barra emphasizes to me the company's core mission to produce "aggressively priced phones focused on performance and quality." He also says Xiaomi won't be making a Firefox OS or an Ubuntu handset, "We have no plans to do anything other than Android, There's no point, Android has a phenomenal ecosystem, I'm saying this from a practical perspective, If you look at other players who have attempted to build ecosystems and failed despite having great platforms, it's because it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to build an ecosystem," iphone s case ebay he explains..