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iphone screen guard 5s might be the same size as the iPhone, but that doesn't mean you don't want a spiffy new case for it.

President Obama has since proposed legislation to reform the program, which would see phone companies hold onto the records of their customers and force government agencies to obtain a court order to access records. The Supreme Court's move on Monday requires that Klayman and his fellow plaintiffs work their way through the appeals process before making a move for the Supreme Court. At that time, the Supreme Court will again decide whether it'll hear the case or not. CNET has contacted Klayman for comment on the Supreme Court's decision. We will update this story when we have more information.

Supreme Court declines an early look at a challenge to the NSA's bulk collection of American's phone records -- but that doesn't mean it won't hear the case down the road, The US Supreme Court won't allow a challenge to the National Security Agency's phone snooping skip steps and come straight to its doorstep, Instead, the case will have to work its way through the iphone screen guard 5s appeals process, Last year, a federal district court judge ruled that the NSA's bulk collection of phone record metadata on all US citizens likely violates a constitutional ban on unreasonable searches, The case's plaintiffs, led by attorney and activist Larry Klayman, requested that the Supreme Court hear the case immediately and make a final ruling..

The deal effectively means Cincinnati Bell will cease its wireless operations, although it will continue to operate for eight to 12 months from the signing of the deal. It also has its own landline operations. Verizon will pay $194 million in cash for the rights to its spectrum, take over certain liabilities, and honor several tower lease agreements. The national carriers have been eager to bulk up on their spectrum holdings, which provides additional capacity at a time when wireless traffic is exploding. Cincinnati Bell's fate underscores the difficulties that smaller players have had in keeping up with the kind of network upgrades that consumers are expecting.

Cincinnati Bell will lease back some of the spectrum it is selling to help with the transition period, allowing it to wind down its wireless operations and move its customers over to Verizon Wireless, Cincinnati Bell will provide more information to its customers about the transition once the deal closes, which is expected to be in the second half of the year, Verizon has entered into a deal to assign the rights to the spectrum to private equity firm Grain Management, and will iphone screen guard 5s lease some of the spectrum licenses..

A Verizon spokeswoman declined to comment beyond the press release. Verizon shares slipped 0.7 percent to $47.71 in pre-market trading. Updated at 6:17 a.m. PT: To clarify that it is ceasing its wireless operations, but will continue its landline business. It's just the latest deal in which a major carrier bulks up its spectrum position, providing it with more wireless capacity. Cincinnati Bell on Monday said that it had entered into an agreement to sell its spectrum assets to Verizon Wireless in a deal valued at $210 million.

So far, the StoreDot prototype only works with Samsung's last-gen handset, StoreDot says that it's focusing on getting its technology to work with other phones, StoreDot's focus wasn't initially on charging batteries, The company has been constructing semiconductors built from peptides, which are organic amino acids that, when linked together, create proteins, Peptides have become popular among body-builders because of their protein creation and have been found to have iphone screen guard 5s a wide range of applications for skin care, StoreDot believes peptides can also come in handy for charging smartphone batteries..

Smartphone battery charging has become a highly sought-after market for startups. The main trend now is the development of wireless battery charging. Based on StoreDot's video, the company is not relying on wireless charging for its technology. In fact, the company's charger is currently the size of an average laptop charger. When connected to a smartphone's battery, the charger sets the peptides into motion, dramatically reducing charge time, StoreDot says. Despite the technology's seeming promise, it won't be available anytime soon. The StoreDot prototype currently only works with the Galaxy S4, and StoreDot is working on adding handsets, as well as reducing its charger size. The company hopes to start producing consumer-ready chargers in late 2016. It's not clear when the devices might actually hit store shelves.

CNET has contacted StoreDot for comment, We will update this story when we have more information, The company's technology, which was shown working on a Samsung Galaxy S4, actually won't be available for years, But still., StoreDot, an Israel-based startup, is developing a technology that promises to charge your smartphone battery in 30 seconds, Just don't expect to get your hands on iphone screen guard 5s it anytime soon, StoreDot on Monday unveiled its battery-charging prototype at Microsoft's Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv, The company showed how its technology can be used to fully charge a nearly empty Samsung Galaxy S4 within 30 seconds -- an exceedingly brief time in a world dominated by chargers that can take hours to replenish battery life..